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Why waiting can be productive: 3 tips

You are graduating! Yes!

I’ve graduated from college twice and the feeling is one the best you will ever have. Enjoy the moment, it only happens once or twice. 309 more words

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A fan following like Star Wars: take notes

SW fans around the world, like myself, are watching the live stream of Star Wars Celebration in California. It’s Comic-Con on steroids. The new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens was premiered and broke the internet. 371 more words

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Media Monday: PR Lessons from "Thank You For Smoking (2005)"

By: Aron Harris

The Movie:

Based on the 1994 satirical novel, Thank You For Smoking follows the professional life of Nick Naylor, a charismatic spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies whose main priority is not to prove he is right, but to prove you’re wrong. 453 more words

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How to use a release and a pitch simultaneously

There is an argument that releases are dead. Nobody reads them. Releases are too long. It goes on.
Pitches, arguably, have been found to be more effective. 89 more words

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Personal Branding

As a PR major, I studied personal branding all throughout college. As a post-grad and intern, I am still learning the importance of establishing a strong and professional personal brand. 335 more words

PR Primer: No Press Release Needed

A few weeks ago, a one-line email sent goosebumps cascading down both of my arms.  The email was from someone within the Arizona Cardinals organization.  It was everything I had hoped to hear and everything I didn’t expect to hear. 422 more words

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Garth Brooks: 5 PR Lessons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently (or trying to hide under one to escape the repetitive news stories) you’ll know that there’s a “Garth Brooks Fiasco” making waves across Ireland, and further beyond. 997 more words