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Early birds and worms: Why engaging with your comms team at the start of your project really is the tastiest option

“I’m not psychic!” is the clarion call of many an in-house comms pro. And, oh, if we were – wouldn’t the world be a better place? 677 more words


When PR and Legal Teams Are Out of Sync

Public relations concerns the court of public opinion and often that opinion is shaped by news media, social media and just general water cooler and kitchen table conversations.  675 more words

Ripped From The Headlines

Fifty Shades of PR

The film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey dominated this weekend’s Box Office in a perfect storm of steamy eroticism and Valentine’s Day, which, by the way, is the one day of the year when guys collectively bend to the wills of their better halves – if only as payback for their lavish Super Bowl parties two weeks earlier. 518 more words

Pr Tips

Wham! Email pitch subject lines should pack a punch

A lot of attention is paid to press releases and how to write them just so in hopes of getting a journalist to cover your news. 782 more words


Why and How to Market Your Firm’s Brand Integrity

As the limitations of a virtual marketplace continue to reduce most B2B firms to commodities, it’s become increasingly important to communicate not just what your company does, but to generate interest in what your enterprise stands for. 613 more words

7 ways PR can drive new sales for brands

Move over sales jockeys and marketing mavens, PR can teach you a thing or two about how to drive new sales. Just because it’s a challenge to measure and doesn’t have a lead gen quota attached to it, doesn’t mean PR isn’t softening up the market and delivering some ripe leads into the sales funnel. 677 more words


The Super Bowl's super PR opportunity

The Super Bowl is a lot of things. Equal parts sport and spectacle. Advertising’s time to score or take a sack. A halftime show populated by music icons. 925 more words