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Celebrating Business Women - Because They're Awesome

Yesterday was National American Business Women’s Day and we went crazy. As businesswomen who love to hustle, we support and admire other women who are the same. 337 more words

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Media Room Anatomy: What to Include in Brand Newsrooms

The online brand newsroom is evolving.

Once a place on company websites where press releases were merely posted and archived for years on end, successful brand media rooms now showcase multimedia, highlight earned media mentions and give journalists a helping hand. 985 more words

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How Do Superhero Movies Teach PR?

It is given by definition that superheroes are saints because they bring safety to us by fighting injustice. We should appreciate them because they defend us without any expectation compensation. 1,154 more words

Can PR use Carl Jung’s Personality Types As A Marketing Tool?

As an ENFP (the Champion, according Jung), I am always making connections and seeing patterns between totally unrelated concepts in order to find better ways to do things. 834 more words

Note to PR Professionals: Get That Crisis Communications Plan Together

In the wake of the #LochteMess that arose during the 2016 Olympics, it is important for PR professionals to take the time to reflect on their crisis communications plan. 306 more words

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How Amazon Uses Brand Storytelling to Inspire Investment

Communicating brand value to executives and investors isn’t about splashy websites or luxurious launch events. Instead, it is about storytelling, using a narrative to add value to existing perceptions that can either be backed up by your current product or supported by your prospective plans. 869 more words

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How to Manage Media Relations at a High-Profile Event

Conventions, conferences, and trade shows offer excellent earned media opportunities for organizations. However, they also pose unique challenges for the media relations and marketing teams looking to connect with journalists and influencers. 1,237 more words

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