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You Don't Have a PR Person Telling You What to Say

For years after the success of Pygmalion, his play later adapted into the more famous musical My Fair Lady, George Bernard Shaw spilled a lot of ink arguing that Eliza would not marry Higgins. 866 more words



By Alan Goldfarb

So, Mr. Doclawyer, I’ll be conducting this interview so that we can tease out your winery’s story so that we’ll be able to entice some poor schnook of a wine writer out there to pay attention to your wines, even though there are a million others out there like you and yours. 738 more words


Sell your books

With thousands of books being published every day in the USA alone, and approx one billion books on Amazon, it’s a wonder any self-publishing authors sell a handful of books, never mind covering costs and making a profit. 791 more words


Our unique PRofession

I’ve been asked to reflect on PR as a profession these last few weeks. First, a half-dozen students–four from Hofstra and two from other schools–interviewed me about my career in public relations as part of their class projects. 317 more words

Election 2015: What difference would proportional representation have made?

Courtesy of the BBC:

UKIP, the Lib Dems and Greens would have benefited from proportional representation
“The time has come for real, genuine, radical political reform,” Nigel Farage said after losing his bid to take Thanet South from the Conservatives. 287 more words


Public Relations to Advance Your Business

Technology Tycoon Bill Gates famously once said: “If I had $1 left, I’d spend it on PR”. For start-ups, it can be difficult to decide how best to re-invest the little revue your business is making. 438 more words


Nothing to play for

The end of the football season is always a very strange time – it manages to produce unexpected results, surprising comebacks and even more surprising defeats. 384 more words

Greg Canty