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Is Brexit a big PR stunt...?

Okay, go with me for a moment. Brexit; what the world is talking about, apparently. It’s in the newspapers in every corner of the world. It’s risky and somewhat outrageous to many. 864 more words


The Monsanto Story

The Public relations practitioners always used to tell me: “There is no such thing as bad PR”. And I agreed, as I always believed that being noticed or recognized is good enough PR. 764 more words


The Five Parties of America

This post was prompted by an graphic by The Economist examining if the United States had a parliament with Proportional Representation. By examining the platforms and support bases of five major presidential candidates, it was able to divide the US government into five major “parties:” 454 more words


Bands Addressing Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment and assault in the music scene is unfortunately not something new or rare. Over the past few years in the pop punk/alternative rock music community, a lot of bands have been accused of harassment and assault. 459 more words


Peak Fitness

After twenty years of chasing my career and raising kids, I began to redevelop my personal hobbies again in my upper 40s.  Probably true for many as your kids became independent and you began to realize some me time.   208 more words