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Brand Seen as Mutual Friend: The Power of Podcasts

A few weeks ago my roommate was packing her things in a duffle bag as she was about to road trip home from Milwaukee to Mankato, Minnesota. 377 more words


The great return!

Ta da!  I have decided to reactivate this old student blog after a long period of silence.

The transition between university and the professional world is actually a bit tricky to me. 123 more words

From Suburban Lawyer to Jibaro Hotelier

The fantasy of packing up everything and moving to a tropical island is a common story that many of us can relate to. Leaving behind all the stress, the traffic, the bills, and especially the snow and the ice to lie down on a beach somewhere has a certain appeal. 1,073 more words

Puerto Rico

PROV in Press

Cliff Colmer was our guest earlier this year and kindly wrote this article for the RADAR magazine. Roger Whitcomb lent his photography expertise. As for PROV she did what she does best…

So happy to be back!

So happy to have been able to work out today, I really missed it! Also happy to have nearly kicked this cold. I know it was only 3 days but part of me was worried about losing strength (crazy, I know.) 120 more words


Allen Lund Company Director of HR Pam Stumbaugh Discusses Career Opportunities with the Growing Company

“Our biggest opportunities are in our branch offices. It’s really interesting because our industry is such that you can create your own career path based on your own skill-set, because there are so many opportunities out there,” Pam Stumbaugh, Director of Human Resources, tells me as we discuss the opportunities and culture that set the company apart from others in the segment, and the industry in general. 26 more words

Allen Lund Company