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When Did This Happen?

I turned 65 earlier this week.


Even when I write the number instead of entering digits the surreal feelings don’t change.

I remember when I turned 30, (just the other day), and I felt as if I wasn’t young anymore. 648 more words


If That's True . . .

Sometimes, I’m gullible.   Okay, truth be told, I’m horribly gullible!  It made life interesting during my 32-year teaching career, especially the thirteen years I spent teaching high school.   821 more words

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Things Kids Say Thursdays: Pranks

Earlier this week, Little Man told me he wanted to play a prank on Sam’s mother. His mom is fun to mess with since she believes pretty much everything and her reaction is hilarious. 193 more words


Bananas Sure Are Talkative...

Ruby: My banana is trying to communicate.

Ginger: …when did we switch bodies?

Ruby: When my banana began trying to communicate.

Ginger: What is it saying? 212 more words


GOOD CHEMISTRY (Guest Post by Paul Curran)


I had occasion to cast my thoughts back to my first degree in Chemistry this week while commenting on Behind the White Coat, and I realized there were some amusing, if not frightening things that happened there – when you give teenage boys access to large, fully stocked Chemistry Labs. 1,420 more words

That's Life

About my new underwear...

I think it’s fair to say most people would state that I indulge my grandsons a little….okay, so maybe I indulge them a lot. And because of this tendency to indulge them, I may have been the victim of a vicious prank by my children. 606 more words

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