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The Princess with the Pea Leaves Her Pea-Brained Husband

It was yet another sleepless night for the princess, made worse by the fact that every toss and turn she made was answered by a lusty snore from her husband, the prince. 914 more words

Fairy Tales

An alphabet of thanks "N"

(In case you’re doing the math, these posts are one day off. This should really be posting on the 14th. But “D” and “E” posted the same day because I didn’t wait for one of those posts to update before I turned off my computer, and I didn’t catch it till the next day. 337 more words

60. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, October 30th, 6:00pm
Drommen (and Edward)

Drommen sits by the window. He gestures to Edward to sit beside him.

Edward: What do you want? 211 more words


You will never look at a wine glass the same

Ok, if you have ever been in the military you will know what this is. I also wonder who among you may be able to look at a wine glass the same ever again. 1,581 more words

Practical Joker

A day late and a dollar short (what exactly does that even mean?), I’m writing this.

It’s funny I ran across this prompt, because just this morning, as I was still peeling my eyelids open (my typo originally said PEEING! 440 more words



When I was nine years old, my parents, who were German immigrants and still had relatives there, took my baby brother and me to Germany on vacation. 220 more words


Dark humour: Google reveals Saskatchewan's top joke searches for International Tell a Joke Day

According to search trends revealed by Google Canada in celebration of International Tell a Joke Day, Saskatchewan’s favourite kind of humour is dark humour.

Google’s data, released ahead of the unofficial Aug. 367 more words

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