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Flash Fiction: Only Joking!

Geraud knew who was to blame when he found his car on the roof of a bus stop, it was Fabio. He barely knew Fabio at the time, they were colleagues working in IT in a large anonymous firm where boredom kept the workers itchy and restless. 299 more words

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A Hot Pink Squeeze Chute, and That Ain’t No Bull

A few years ago, I was on the phone with Megan, a vet tech at the clinic. She made mention of being on the backroads and saw (wait for it) a pink….squeeze….chute. 164 more words


An Elaborate Hoax

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Long, long ago, before blogging was a thing, before the existence of Google, even before the internet, the cutting edge of industrial technology (not yet available in schools) was the photocopier. 700 more words


Book review: Unschooled, by Allan Woodrow

Woodrow, Allan. Unschooled. Scholastic Press, 2017. ISBN 978-1-338-11688-5. $16.99. 278 pages.  Ages 9+. Q7P8

This story is set in a modern day elementary school where all the 5th grade classes compete through school spirit and unity for an undisclosed prize.  197 more words

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Doll Adventure: Fool's Easter

Hey Doll Lovers!

My dolls thought it was very funny how April Fool’s Day and Easter where on the same day this year, which means there was bound to be some sort of trickery… 513 more words


April Fool’s. Not.

Another update from the Jungle…

April Fool’s Day was three days ago, but some idiots are still pulling pranks. Danny showed up early on Monday with nylon fishing line which he used as a tether for a stuffed mouse he bought at a pet store. 455 more words


Happy to be April Fools

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Growing up with two other brothers and a sister in Cleveland, Ohio, practical jokes were part of my family’s daily existence. 1,565 more words