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Purifying the Home

Purification rites have been employed for thousands of years. Keeping physical and spiritual pollution at bay is paramount to good magical and religious practice, as any lingering… 470 more words


Lemon Balm/Melissa

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinalis –  (Also known as Melissa, balm, Bee balm) is of the mint family and has oval leaves with slightly scalloped edges and crinkly surface that, when rubbed, have a strong citronella or lemony mint fragrance. 384 more words

Practical Magic

Full Moon Magic: 10 Basic Steps and Preparations with Prosperity and Peace Spell Example

Utilizing the full moon to amplify magic isn’t new. Historically, Witches, Druids and other magically minded people have always done magic under the full and new moons. 3,687 more words

Practical Magic

An Introduction

Dear Reader,

My mother taught me there is magic everywhere.

She saw magic in the simplest of places and could usher it in where surely none had been before. 446 more words

Alice Hoffman