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Practically Magic

The movie Practical Magic released into theaters in 1998. I never saw the film in theaters, but I would be unable to count the number of times I’ve watched it in my, and my mother’s, home. 516 more words

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St. Joan of Arc Oil by Coastside Conjure

I recently received an oil devoted to St Joan of arc from Coastside Conjure. I was very excited due to my choosing her for confirmation name many years ago. 279 more words

Practical magic tip

We all live super busy lives. While I do enjoy an in-depth spell, ceremony, or a novena we don't all have time for it everyday. So I'm going to do a section on hoodoo and witchy tips and tricks to make your work more organized and practical. 405 more words


There’s a difference between Magic and magical thinking: Another take on “magic”

Do you believe in magic? Be careful how you answer that. I have written much poetry, prose, and nonfiction musings about Magic though few readers imagine most of it as anything other than fantasy or madness*. 944 more words

Sunday Sum-Up

So this week was up and down. It marked my last pottery class. We spent most of our time glazing or otherwise decorating our pots and cups in between playing with a cute dog (one of the students brought her dog because her neighbors were going nuts with the fireworks, and the poor pup was terrified) and eating cookies. 638 more words


Between Midsummer and Autumn - Or The Ripening

It’s July. Things are heating up all over. Nights are sultry and steamy. The full (Hay, Blessing, Buck and Thunder) moon is around the corner. 826 more words

Practical Magic

Review- Practical Magic

Practical Magic
by Alice Hoffman
286 pages
Published 1995

From Goodreads: “[A] delicious fantasy of witchcraft and love in a world where gardens smell of lemon verbena and happy endings are possible.”—Cosmopolitan… 958 more words