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Yeah, Leave It Here - Ep 3: Practical Magic

Welcome to Episode 3 of “Yeah, Leave It Here.” Today’s movie is 1998’s Practical Magic. Hear us talk about witches and curses and tequila and Dianne Wiest and why Queta loves this movie so. 30 more words


Who's Driving This Thing!?

In judging others, folks will work overtime for no pay.

– Charles Edwin Carruthers

Everyone’s a critic. Everyone has something to say about just about everything I think, say, or do.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Practical Magic (1998)

Running Time: 104 minutes
Classification: M
Rating: 5/5
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, Goran Visnjic, Aiden Quinn, Evan Rachel Wood

This is my all time favourite movie, I can watch this five times in a day and never get sick of it. 563 more words


What I do know

  1. I know that Netflix always accepts me, and is there whenever I turn it on. Unless there’s a power outage.
  2. That I’m horrible at walking in high heels, but I am working on it.
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The Phone Tree

Maybe I’m dating myself a bit by referencing a “phone tree” because I’m sure we can all just text each other now, but if you grew up with me, you knew what a phone tree did. 687 more words

Noises Off

We live in a home that a Realtor would call, “cozy,” but I generously call, “compact.” You can hear everything from one room to the next, and sounds travel like ghosts through closet walls and air vents. 558 more words


Practical Magic

For two hundred years the Owens women have been talked about and their unusual powers that are part of them. It had been said that any Owens woman who falls in love will only be with that man until he meets an untimely death.

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