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The Mysterious deaths of Jet and Frances

The circumstances surrounding the death of the aunts was a mysterious thing indeed. It was no secret that all Owens sisters, going back generations were exceptionally close. 372 more words


Misconceptions on Cursing and its Historical Precedent in Witchcraft

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Instead of just posting the usual pros and cons of cursing, I figured something more in-depth and fact-based might be helpful. 1,119 more words

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Review: "Practical Magic" (Film)

Given that I’m absolutely fascinated by the 1990s and that comedy horror is one of my favourite genres, I’m genuinely surprised that it took me as long as it did to discover a film from 1998 called “Practical Magic”. 1,473 more words


Measurable Results and Money Spells in Witchcraft

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If you’ve read How to Start Practicing Witchcraft, you should have a better idea now of how to approach your first spell and develop your craft from there. 644 more words

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Practical Magic

I recently traveled to the beautiful city of Detroit, MI for a Setian Gathering over a long weekend. After a fantastic three days of magical Exchange with a wonderful group of people, exploring a new city, I returned home eager to integrate what I had learned and experienced into my daily life. 1,277 more words

I am officially

First aid trained.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been doing a first aid at work course. It was a three day course spread over two weeks, which, although slightly confusing, was a good course to attend. 324 more words


How to start practicing magic

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Step 1: Pick a spell. Any spell.
Seriously, it doesn’t matter. Well… okay, maybe don’t try to conjure Baphomet into your living room or something, but pick any random spell that you feel like doing. 866 more words

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