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As these few weeks are focused on exploring the concepts associated with structure I also chose to capture the essence of shadows, as they stand alone as well as their correlation to the objects they are formed from. 193 more words


Sleep app

As Kim and Jo suggested, I tried using a sleep app. It supposedly records how good my sleep was that night judging by my level of movement. 20 more words

Times in what position

To work out where I needed to dig into the mattress the deepest I used the film to work out how long I remained in that position for. 16 more words

Sleeping positions

These stills show all of the main movements during the filming. Having looked at works by Bruce Mclean I really love the way he presents the different movements in the images and the very simple use of black and white.   30 more words

Sleeping film

The camera died after about 2 and a half hours of filming, but still gave me enough footage for what I needed. I shortened the film down so that I could post it on my blog so this video shows all of the main movements over this time. 323 more words

Filming myself sleeping

I spoke to Brian and we discussed what I was trying to achieve and what I needed. He lent me a tripod and video camera. He put it onto the infrared/nightvisiion setting which we tried out in a dark room in college but the image was just black so he said I would need some light to make it work. 233 more words