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Experimentation of Manmade Materials

Using pieces of ‘tablecloth fabric’ and PVC I began trying to make samples that created interesting shapes and volume. Using a sewing machine and many circular pieces of the materials I folded the plastic and stitched it to create lots of little ruffle pieces, which have then been glued together. 388 more words

Practical Skills

Sketchbook Work

I like to work with a range of techniques in my sketchbook, using it as a place to note down my thoughts and any ideas that come to mind, as well as putting research and references in it, and developing design sketches using drawing and collage. 60 more words

Practical Skills

Mark making

Based on the textile sheet I saw at the Harris museum, I created a some mark making designs using some of the colours that were in the work. 157 more words

Problem Solving

Thursday 23rd March 2017 - Logo and blurb ideas

Proposed designs and blurb ideas 

While my group were discussing the structure of the show and the concept of what kind of club we wanted to set our narrative in, the other group of people went off to brainstorm ideas of potential designs of logos and a synopsis to help marketing and promoting the show. 1,579 more words


Thursday 23rd March 2017 - FMP -Sorting through ideas (post it note wall)

The MT group decided to use their lesson to revisit the post it notes of ideas that us year 2 actors started sorting through the day before, to ensure that they also had some input on the decisions and conclusions we had made  and make sure that they were also in agreement. 168 more words