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Workshop Evaluation

I was really pleased with how the workshop went on the day and thatĀ all the preparation I had done had paid off. I was really apprehensive beforehand as I had put the whole workshop together on my own and because we had run out of time for me to explain my ideas and delegate jobs and roles for each of the other cast members prior to the day of the performance, it meant that I would have to take full responsibility in leading the workshop and organising the children, which was a massive challenge for my confidence and leadership skills. 2,155 more words

Daily Logs

Thursday 23rd February 2017- Characterisation

In Lynns lesson we looked at characterisation and we started with us all walking around the room. We then had to start noticing the way we walked and then emphosise the characteristics of that walk. 231 more words

Practical Skills

TIE Performance Evaluation

The performance of ‘The Mysterious Case of the Missing Triangle’ took place on the morning of the 21st February 2017 at Culford Pre Prep school. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were sightly delayed in leaving to get to the school (due to the other group locking themselves out of their car) and therefore arrived slightly later than we would have hoped, consequently meaning we were slightly later starting our performance. 3,327 more words

Daily Logs

TIE Risk Assessment

Workshop and performance Risk AssessmentĀ 

Daily Logs

Day 101 (Friday 24/02/17)

Going back to the past to dance a really nice folk dance! At least this time I already knew how to dance it so I could easily pick up. 40 more words

Practical Skills

Day 100 (Thursday 23/02/17)

Kakhi Devil trip with Bent boys to check out our uniforms! That was a great preview of how the run with costumes is going to be. 121 more words


Photography to develop design.



I am interested in natural forms and how they are created. I am looking at bees and their hives and I find the production of honey a really interesting process. 301 more words