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Day 80 (Thursday 19/01/17)

Practical – Lynn

The first thing we did today was play a game that I remember well and have played before during the improvisation show. Having played this before I didn’t want other people to miss out on this opportunity so I didn’t offer myself to play it. 279 more words


Wednesday 18th January-Directing

In Garys lesson we got introduced to a new task where the girls will be directing the boys in a scene they will be performing next week. 164 more words

Practical Skills

TIE Progress Sharing Evaluation

On Monday the 16th our group shared our Theatre in Education piece so far to Erica and all the other Year 2 students. While the other groups simply read their updated scripts so they could be reviewed by Erica, as our group were slightly further ahead in terms of reworking and editing versions of the script, as I had been taking notes on board and editing and perfecting the writing as I went along. 723 more words


Drama Centre London

I had heard lots of things about the Drama Centre audition being extremely brutal and difficult and so I was very hesitant and reluctant to attend my audition for the school, especially after receiving so many knock backs recently, however I pulled myself together and went regardless of how defeated I felt. 1,821 more words


Margolis and Murray on "Information Literacy"

One can argue whether technology is evolving faster now than it did five years ago, or ten, or twenty. What we do know is that technology is evolving—that’s what technology does. 680 more words

Practical Skills

Tuesday 10th January 2017-Commission Pieces Handed Out

We started today by singing a new song in choir. It was ‘Rainbow Connection’ from the Muppets and it will be something that the year ones will be singing as a group, as a part of the inspired by film commission. 392 more words

Practical Skills

Commission and Technique - Thur 12th Jan 2017

9:30 – Jazz – ‘Disco Dance’ – Sarah

We started with the morning with the disco dance and extended what we already had. the dance itself is coming along nicely and it is one of the dances I most enjoy doing as it is up beat and you can go over the top with the facial expressions and the had gestures. 303 more words