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Knobbed Cylinders

After done some readings, knowing that knobbed cylinders actually works well to prepare children for writing, and other Math activities later on. Hence, had get a small version of it due to budget (as the actual version is very costly). 36 more words


English Magic

Recently I made my way through the BBC drama series Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell; a story about two magicians and their attempt to restore magic to England set at the time of the Napoleonic war. 1,662 more words


A Basic Day Course on the Principles of Bushcraft

OK, so I know that reviewing your own course isn’t really the done thing, but I’m probably my harshest critic, and I figured on my own blog page it would be acceptable.. 1,380 more words

Practical Skills


I will explain the editing process shot by shot, I will try my best to do it in the completed order (but some shots might not be in the correct order, as I might move them around towards the end). 541 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Production day 2.

The set up of the camera equipment, and the way we were seated.

An example of me sticking to the medium close up shot I’ve discussed multiple times now, as I feel it helps in engaging the audience, and gives a sense that the intervieewe is addressing them directly in a sense. 49 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Production day 1.

These are the main streets of Blackburn that are known to be segregated, because my audience will be Blackburn centric, I will use these shots for a way for them to connect and be intriqued by what’s coming up, because I remember when Iet Richard Starky earlier this year and he emphasised the need to engage the audience within the first 20 seconds. 441 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Practical Life

Learning on dry pouring activities. V managed to empty the macaroni from a cup to another.