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The Complete Legal Writer Productivity Life Hack

Did you know that it is REALLY hard to stop checking your phone or social apps on your computer when you’re trying to work, or do anything else basically? 281 more words

Practical Skills

Bucket List Destination: Faroe Islands, Denmark

Sailing is a budding interest of mine.  Just over a year ago, I discovered YouTube channels featuring people who spend their lives sailing the world and/or restoring sailboats.   702 more words


Gardening with a Preschooler: Strawberries

An update on our three-year-old and his gardening project:

We wanted our preschooler to take more ownership of our family garden this year, and as he is in a big “all by myself” phase, we decided that he needed a gardening project that would be his own. 196 more words

My Expensive Hobby

Over the past year, I’ve developed a rather expensive hobby.  I’ve been building guitars.  Not for sale or profit, just for personal use.  I decided it would be really cool to be able to do, on my own, all the things that people usually pay a guitar tech to do.   829 more words


Preschool in the Kitchen: Hummus

My three-year-old loves to help out in the kitchen.  He’s now at a point where if I get out my mini-chopper, he runs over and asks me what we’re making.   141 more words

If You Don't Have It, Make It: Woodshop Edition

While we are a far cry from homesteaders, we would like to instill in our children some sense of self-reliance.  Rather than run out to the store and buy every little thing, if it’s at all possible for us to MacGyver it on our own, we like to at least try. 147 more words

School Term Assignment

The Class 3 learners have a ‘hands-on’ project learning about building in this term’s assignment:  House – Home.

For the children to experience it firsthand, the teacher organised a Saturday when parents and children learned to make bricks. 42 more words