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I will explain the editing process shot by shot, I will try my best to do it in the completed order (but some shots might not be in the correct order, as I might move them around towards the end). 541 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Production day 2.

The set up of the camera equipment, and the way we were seated.

An example of me sticking to the medium close up shot I’ve discussed multiple times now, as I feel it helps in engaging the audience, and gives a sense that the intervieewe is addressing them directly in a sense. 49 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Production day 1.

These are the main streets of Blackburn that are known to be segregated, because my audience will be Blackburn centric, I will use these shots for a way for them to connect and be intriqued by what’s coming up, because I remember when Iet Richard Starky earlier this year and he emphasised the need to engage the audience within the first 20 seconds. 441 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Displaying my work

My work is no longer in frames as our Course tutor found a new way to show the large pieces in the exhibition buy mounting them on to a large piece of foam board then getting them cut to the appropriate size of the print when this was first done we didn’t really know how to hang the images because we didn’t want to ruin the print its self. 299 more words

Planning And Production

Crits - Discussing the tape

I told everyone in the crit that originally the tape wasn’t meant to be part of┬ámy final piece. I used it because my first painting was only supposed to be a tester and it was a quick and easy way to get straight lines. 130 more words

Evaluation And Reflection


As all my painting where the same size they looked good lined up all together. I have been asked why I didn’t put maybe one separate or do a big one to go with them. 59 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Crits - Discussing the size

During my crit I was asked why I decided to do them small. I explained that because I have always preferred working in sketchbook that I have developed a personal connection to small pieces of work. 85 more words

Evaluation And Reflection