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I decided I wanted to shoot the same place at different points in the day, in order to test out this method I placed my camera on the window sill in my room and took several photos of the view from my window, I tried to take a photo with hour intervals between around 5 and 9 o’clock. 239 more words

Practical Skills

Tuesday 24/04/18

In today lesson I continued to work on the concept ideas, from possible headline ideas as well as product ideas.

In terms of headlines I feel the ones I have made are to a good standard, but I need to look at which one I can work around best with. 39 more words

Planning And Production

Reflection 24th April

Today I wanted to start my storyboards to help me out in future for when I’m not sure on what to do.

I managed to do up to 24 frames for the story board which consists of the temple, a map, traveling the world. 80 more words

Planning And Production

Researching Lichen, Fungus and Textures.

The fungus and lichen illustrations are going to be the main detail in my final outcome. People will first see the bold black lines of the maps and then be drawn to the intricate marks and details of the drawings, therefore I need to develop a repertoire of marks and texture skills to enhance the drawings. 304 more words

Problem Solving

Rope experiementing

With experimenting a bit with the rope I have found that the more similar colour of rope to the garment, the better it looks for example the black rope on the black blazer. 68 more words

Practical Skills

Designing my logo

Here shows the development of designing my logo. I drew some thumbnail sketches similar to these and then went on to digitally develop these on the Mac. 275 more words

Planning And Production