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Limits made easy and slope

today I am going to explain to you very basic concept called the slope. This is going to be important for the basic understanding of derivation. 260 more words


7 Tips for Google's Expanded Text Ads

A new text ad format of google, “expanded text ads”, was announced in Google Ads & Analytics Innovation Keynote in May 2016.

The size of the expanded text ads will be double of the standard text ads. 309 more words


The Men of tomorrow have No practical life skills

Americans aren’t raised with proper table manners anymore.   American society has trained their people to believe that children shouldn’t be given knives to cut their food, and as a result, American people no longer eat holding the knife in the right-hand, and fork always in the left-hand.     426 more words

How to Make Audience-Friendly and Well-Structured Slides

Having a consistent, clean and clear slide style is important for an impressive presentation. I will give you some general tips to make well-structured slides: 386 more words

Practical Skills

8 Costly things I wish I had had a father to teach me

  1. The diesel is in the isolated pump and the nozzle is large. It is also labeled diesel. It is also usually green.

    The gas is in the rest of the pumps.
  2. 468 more words

developing my own pattern for use.

As I plan on progressing onto a fashion technology course at mmu I want to learn how to produce my own patterns from scratch, and this is the first step in me doing so. 111 more words

Riot long sleeved t-shirts.

The long sleeved t-shirts I produced took inspiration fromthe constructivist El lissitzky, The heavy fabric appliques were produced in my second year of art & design FMP but only ever stayed as samples. 381 more words