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How To Avoid Scams, Fakes & Frauds (Designing An Experiment)

Now I am a trained scientist but in all my years of training I was never once taught how to properly design an experiment. It’s not that I was given a bad education, indeed I received a vast body of knowledge about the natural world to set me up for a career in the natural sciences, it’s just that once you have been taught the basics of having a hypothesis and testing it with a control group you are sort of left to absorb the rest by osmosis when participating in experiments designed by lectures and by reading papers written by other scientists on the experiments they did. 1,686 more words

Practical Skills


As part of my process and looking into Gary Hume I decided to try and produce work that was inspired by his but with my own twist, keeping the idea of line and vague silhouettes. 52 more words

Planning And Production

Finished Garments

Here are my finished garments, all hemmed and fasteners put in, although all that is left is for the garments to be pressed. I wanted to create a collection of garments that showcased my skills and that were interchangeable with one another so as to be worn in a ‘ready-to-wear’ style. 1,308 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Decision Making

Location – The location I chose to film in originally was at my sisters house. I wanted it to fit the mise én scene, my characters being two young adults in their first home and my sisters house being her first home  thought for props and scene it would fit perfectly. 611 more words

Planning And Production

Production Process / Editing process - Solving problems

Initial Idea


Filming Location 


First Vision 

Reviewing the footage

First Outcome 


Review of footage

Idea develop 

Planning And Production

Dr Doom Painting 2: Latveria

For my final painting I had to change my initial idea of producing a Roman styled Dr. Doom piece based on some concepts I created. I created two graphic compositions based on my photographs and drawn concepts in order to see which of the two compositions I would paint. 710 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Final Piece Painting 4 - Mark

After my other three paintings were ready I turned to my last painting even though it is finished and I am happy with them as a set individually I am not as pleased as I could be if time allowed i could look into it and try to tweak things slightly however they do not. 60 more words

Evaluation And Reflection