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Day 131 (Monday 24/01/17)

We had a talk with Lynn about things that we should be writing down in our WordPress, and the standardisation of work. From the start I got an idea that I can use at my rehearsals which is to work on voice and see if I can hear my colleague and vice-versa from afar. 371 more words


Monday 24th April 2017 - 'Come to a party' rehearsal

Tom and I met up this morning to rehearse ‘come to a party’ and attempt to make a start that rewriting some of the lyrics together to fit our characters and make it more British. 722 more words


Monday 24th April 2017 - Trailer mock-umentary plans

We held another meeting with the tech team today where we discussed Leah’s idea of creating another trailer that is more indepth than the initial teaser. 319 more words


Knowing the future, brain twist?

two weeks back I wrote about the movie Arrival. I did not really get into the problems that arise when somebody knows the future, I will try to settle this today. 789 more words

Production - Felt Cloak

Monday 10th April

More Felting

Continuing with the process of felting I successfully managed to produce more sheets in a shorter amount of time because I used hotter water. 67 more words

Planning And Production

Further Results from Experiment 4

Monday 10th April

From the final experiment, I held to find to out which was the most suitable solution, we realised that the watered-down acrylic, wallpaper paste was the most milk like. 150 more words

Planning And Production

Local Dairy Farm Milk Bottle

Sunday 8th April

Being a family that have always purchased milk from local farms, we have always seen, used and washed out milk bottle ready to return to the company who delivers the milk to our door. 231 more words

Planning And Production