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8 Costly things I wish my father had taught me

  1. The diesel is in the isolated pump and the nozzle is large. It is also labeled diesel. Its also usually green.

    The gas is in the rest of the pumps.
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developing my own pattern for use.

As I plan on progressing onto a fashion technology course at mmu I want to learn how to produce my own patterns from scratch, and this is the first step in me doing so. 111 more words

Riot long sleeved t-shirts.

The long sleeved t-shirts I produced took inspiration fromthe constructivist El lissitzky, The heavy fabric appliques were produced in my second year of art & design FMP but only ever stayed as samples. 381 more words

School, What is it Good For?

There’s a serious problem with our education system, and it is the way it doesn’t value practical, useful skills.  That, more than anything else, really needs to be at the core of what our education system is doing. 276 more words

What does the 3rd Kepler's law say?

today I want to do a short post about the 3rd Kepler’s law. I kind of really like it because it has very simple explanation but lot of uses at the same time. 374 more words


Right ascension and declination

in the last post I explained what is celestial equator and what is ecliptic, check it out if you did not read it.

Today I want to look upon right ascension and declination which is the system that lets you describe where stuff is on the sky and it does not matter where you are on Earth. 185 more words


Exhibition Complete

Overall I was very pleased with the turnout of the exhibition show case, and I was very pleased with the work that I have completed this year. 112 more words

Practical Skills