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Caught in the

Silken threads of

Life’s cobweb

Wishing, wanting;

Grieving, worrying;

Clinging and clutching.

Mind, Oh! Mind,

Are you ever satisfied?

When in company… 73 more words

Practical Spirituality

Yoni Shakti

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop on Womb Yoga recently with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and was inspired to write a post about it.

The Book… 571 more words

Self Care

How Aware Are You of Your Breathing?

Deep, Shallow

In & Out

Expand, Contract

Gentle or Harsh

As it goes in giving life, breath is one common thing that all living creatures have regardless of species, gender, color, caste and creed. 508 more words

Practical Spirituality

Intuitive Coaching 101--5 Practices for Manifestations

First off, we are always manifesting. We could not live on the Earth and function without manifesting some kind of reality around us. The way others react to us, the way we react to others, and all the structures around us come from ours and the collective manifestation process. 938 more words

New Age

Intuitive Coaching 101--Launch into Spring

I apologize for anyone reading this who resides in the Southern Hemisphere. Since I reside in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m unable to wrap my mind around fall. 582 more words

Intuitive Coaching

What Are You Desiring?

A beautiful poem by 13th century poet Matchild of Magdeburg inspired me to question myself. I will post the poem in here as well.

What am I desiring? 830 more words

Practical Spirituality

Seven Tools for Spiritual Homesteading

Vegetable gardening starts in February here in Western Oregon. This week, my friend A. was telling me about what she’s planting: kale, spinach, and some tomato starts indoors. 846 more words