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God's Peace

Some years ago, a friend confided that she had a lot of trouble praying and meditating in her house, because her husband had retired and was home much of the time. 1,326 more words


Setbacks and Getting Stuck - Thoughts on Friction and Traction

Life stinks. Not always –  but once in a while every one of us gets a slap in the face from the universe, whether we deserve it or not. 584 more words

Practical Philosophy

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

L.D. Turner

Have you ever been to a modern zoo, the type where the animals are not caged? Instead, they usually are separated from zoo patrons by large ditches, small canals, or non-descript fencing. 1,446 more words


How to Succeed in Faith without Really Trying

Doubt is an integral part of our human condition. No one escapes it, not even the greatest saints and spiritual masters. So how do we deal with times of doubt? 1,320 more words


Spiritual Health Check

Arrived in Sweden yesterday. The silence is deafening, the stillness makes me restless, but it’s the ideal setting to hear the unheard. Though we live in times of chronic movement, we must pause for thought, reflect, and carefully examine our desires and motivations. 433 more words

Practical Spirituality

Balancing Addition with Subtraction - Effecting Meaningful Change

Part of the purpose of this whole blog exercise is to effect change within my own life. Documenting the the thought process creates a feedback loop of sorts, the same way vocalizing an issue to someone helps you work through a problem, or voicing an intention aloud solidifies it in your mind. 944 more words

Practical Spirituality


If you pursue happiness on earth, it eludes you. If you do what you feel compelled to do with your life, and it is the right thing for you, happiness will follow. 198 more words