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From Why to How!!

Whenever you come across the question,” Why it is happening with me?”

Just remove this word “Why” from this statement. And the statement becomes, “It is happening with me”. 180 more words

Special Zodiac Forecast for 2018 (via Oracle and Tarot cards)

As a special holiday gift for followers of Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living and my YouTube channel, Astrologer, Patricia, I pulled a card for each of the Zodiac Signs. 13 more words

The Importance of Personal Altars

891 words // 12 min. read

Back in the day – and by that I mean like, 5,000 years ago – humans placed great emphasis on their shrines. 878 more words


Intuitive Coaching 101--10 Practices for Challening Times

We all face challenges from time to time, from losing a home, a job, or a loved one, to dealing with narcissistic drama kings and queens. 751 more words

Spiritual Essay--A Higher Dimension of Socialism

With the Saturn-Neptune square playing in the background, soon to be grabbing our attention in the foreground (this summer), we’re all swimming in ideologies. And isn’t it interesting that ideologie… 1,219 more words

Moon 101: Why and how you can work with the energy of La Luna 

Today is the final Full Moon of 2017 and falls in the sign of Gemini, at the same time as Mercury goes retro. It’s also a super full moon so the energy and build up has been intense. 1,084 more words

Law Of Attraction

TRUTH: On "Facts" vs. Resonance

626 words // 10 min. read

Writing today about a concept that surfaced when speaking with a dear friend of mine who’s weighted intellectually – I love entering into conversations with him because he has such a wide breadth of knowledge, in addition to many more years on this planet than me, which gives him a glorious mind-ocean to explore. 716 more words

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