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Visit Astrologer Patricia on Facebook

I’m setting the challenge of getting 50+ likes or shares per day on Facebook. And after this happens, I will offer one free card reading or one free astrology question response every Saturday morning (Pacific Standard Time). 27 more words


Intuitive Coaching 101--Your Time is Now Lightworkers, Star-Seeds and Indigo-Crystals

More than ever, it’s important that we unplug from the Matrix. This involves a sacrifice of conveniences we hold dear. We also must polish our integrity so that we walk our talk, a phrase I haven’t heard much these days. 316 more words


God Wants Me to Love Donald Trump?

Another quick practical post, because the election is coming in just a few days and this is something the Lord just impressed on me.

No matter your stance on politics and your opinion on Donald Trump’s political policies, I think we all can agree that he┬áhas said and done some pretty awful things. 497 more words


The 40 Day Practice: Shifts in Consciousness

The first thing I did when I completed my forty day practice earlier this month was to commit myself to another 40 day practice. Why? Because I want to build a habitual devotion to a practice that transforms human consciousness. 368 more words

Yoga As Medicine

good things for estate churches

Just to catch up on a few things that are well worth reading or attending if you are involved in estate churches.

Malcolm Brown has written a… 283 more words


The summer Trump rose to the epicenter of political spectacle, the garden grew thick with tomatoes ripening late into September, and I decided I wanted to have a baby. 973 more words