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Intuitive Coaching 101--Launch into Spring

I apologize for anyone reading this who resides in the Southern Hemisphere. Since I reside in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m unable to wrap my mind around fall. 582 more words

Intuitive Coaching

What Are You Desiring?

A beautiful poem by 13th century poet Matchild of Magdeburg inspired me to question myself. I will post the poem in here as well.

What am I desiring? 830 more words

Practical Spirituality

Seven Tools for Spiritual Homesteading

Vegetable gardening starts in February here in Western Oregon. This week, my friend A. was telling me about what she’s planting: kale, spinach, and some tomato starts indoors. 846 more words


Intuitive Coaching 101--Getting Our Shift Together

We are on a huge learning curve, especially those of us with big hearts and expanded souls. We want to love everyone on this Unity Consciousness ship. 690 more words

New Age

Intuitive Coaching 101--Things to do Around People with Toxic Behaviors

A year ago, I didn’t know much about narcissists. And three years ago, I had no idea that the reason I suffered from depression and low self-esteem was due to narcissists who circled my life like vultures. 543 more words

New Age

Dudley ... January 26th, 2017

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Practical Spirituality

The spirituality of money

I recently connected with a childhood friend who also became a monk. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about, and lots in common. 380 more words

Practical Spirituality