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Science: Light along the Path

Short and sweet. Enjoy it and pass it on, and join me in the upcoming online five-week course.

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Magic Messages from Frog

I had a visit from Frog friend in the garden tonight. Frog brings magic messages about prosperity and abundance, transformation or transition, luck… 227 more words

Everyday Magic

Awake, Aware and Able in a Crazy-ass World: Part 3 Shielding

A very large part of being Awake, Aware and Able is understanding, at a minimum, the very basics, of “energy” within at least our own anatomy and the way it is… 1,441 more words

Everyday Magic

Intuitive Coaching 101: Disappointment from Not Tuning into Your Soul

Often times events or people let us down. But I ask, why did we give our power away in the first place? We all do that. 584 more words


Awake, Aware and Able in a Crazy-ass World: Part 2 Self-Care

Part 2, Self-Care

“It is better to give than receive” is an old saying that is by its nature, completely unsustainable, yet so many of us fall into the trap of it. 3,538 more words

Everyday Magic

Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives-Pt. 2

Spiritual Lessons from the Apostles

Part One of this series gave us an overview of the Apostles and discussed the lessons we can learn from Simon Peter in particular. 1,721 more words


A Very Good Man 

Br Dunstan + died to this world yesterday within hours of being transferred to hospice. Those with him at the time said he seemed to be at peace; unquestionably the fruits of having lived a life of peace. 76 more words

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