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Intuitive Coach 101: Indigos--Time for You to Shine

First of all, I agree with many spiritual teachers that it’s time to move beyond labels. And I find it dangerous to overidentify with any particular group or label because this can easily turn into an exclusive situation. 646 more words


The result of thinking a lifetime of SELF IMAGE PROBLEMS does not find a solution to the problem, It keeps the problem and determines what that self becomes. – Kate Anderson


Intuitive Coaching 101--Beware of Greed and Selfishness

Often energy and themes tilt one way or another until it regains balance. Many people of equating self-love and self-worth with greed and selfishness. They have become an… 586 more words

Whole Astrology--Sailing the Pisces-Virgo Polarity (September's Moons)

Like many of you, I’m enduring a huge life transition. I never thought I would be relocating to a new town (after moving to Bellingham). But once again, I’m on the move. 46 more words

Intuitive Coaching 101: 5 Toxic Communication Styles

In the past year, I encountered toxic communication styles. Actually, I encountered them my entire life but grew more aware of them in the past year. 509 more words

Try This Contemplation Pt. 2

Acknowledging God’s Omnipresent Perfection All Day Long

You’ve read the previous post, and you’ve contemplated the suggested idea for seven days. In this post, we are going to take that same idea, as promised, out of your seat and into the streets. 414 more words


Intuitive Coaching 101: When the Law of Attraction Does Not Work

For several years, I watched and rewatched various Law of Attraction videos on YouTube. I read books by the most famous proponents of LoA, I joined webinars, I engaged with rampages of good feeling thoughts and I did the work. 759 more words

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