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Training your instinct (podcast)

We are born fully conscious of our instinct but for most of us, it’s lost through education which trains us to think logically. Yet, instinct is the best ‘sat nav’ we have in life. 161 more words

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Narrating your life (podcast)

Contrary to popular belief, you are not bonkers if you talk to yourself! I have been doing it for years. Narrating your life experience helps you notice what you think about yourself, especially through your reaction to people and situations. 84 more words

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Not Only My landing Page But My Collections Web Page Too

The only advantage WP has over blogger (at least for me) is the ability to create attractive collections. Which means this landing page will over time become my collections web page. 8 more words

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Know When To Change The Game Plan

A long life teaches many valuable lessons.  One of which is to be able to spot a losing hand. Blogging on this site doesn’t work. 62 more words


Learn 3 simple steps to increase your intuition

From a young age, I knew that I was able to see and feel things that not everybody else could. That ‘knowing‘ that a person wasn’t a very nice person would cause me to back away from them and cry if I was told that I had to be around them. 955 more words

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The power of thought (podcast)

I am in the process of making audio versions of the ‘spiritual musings’ videos that are in the Vlog section, for those who prefer to listen rather than watch. 140 more words

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M.A.D. Is The Ultimate Human Stupidity

Mutually Assured Destruction

Telling someone that if they become aggressive that you can and will kill yourself while you attempt to stop them from killing you is really really stupid. 40 more words

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