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Structure and Spontaenuity.

As I mentioned in the last post, Husband led our Theophany ritual last week. It was an…interesting experience for me. When I’m in charge of a ritual, I write a set prayer, with lines for each of us to say, try and find some appropriate music, figure out a good offering, and then have an order in which we’re supposed to do everything. 302 more words

Practical Stuff

Greeting the New Year in Tokyo (Part 1)

I’ve been obsessed with all things Japanese since I was about 10, and Tokyo of course was at the forefront of that obsession. I remember when I got to visit New York a few years ago, and it was a little underwhelming, because at that point I hardly cared about America – I was still spending my time watching and reading about Japan. 1,054 more words

Packing Tips for Study Abroad

Packing is difficult, especially when you are trying to limit everything you might need in the next few months down to 30 kilos. Here are some tips to make things easier! 365 more words


A student survival guide: December (I)

I get up in the morning and it is dark. Then, before I know it, the sun has set and it is not even 5pm…. by dinnertime, I feel like it is already past midnight. 521 more words

Living In Holland

Just a bit of self-care advise for the stressed and anxious.

Perhaps you are still reeling from the results of the US presidential election. Or you’re just reeling from the cold. Maybe you’re feeling blue, you’re home sick and want to barricade yourself in your room and sip all the wine. 535 more words

Practical Stuff

Brick by Boring Brick.

So…wow. I did not mean to leave it so long before writing again. Sorry.

This has been a pretty rough year for us. We both got really ill, and a lot of things have changed in our lives – some things because we’ve been ill, and some things completely unrelated. 826 more words

Practical Stuff

Staying in NL longer than a year? Do these things:

1.  Try to learn Dutch:

Dutch is notoriously difficult to grasp. Its grammar is complicated and its expressions are subtle. It has a unique beauty, but let’s face it, the language is unnecessary for the majority of your day to day interactions. 720 more words

Living In Holland