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Sapporo Getaway

I was kind of anxious about disappearing off on a trip mid-semester to go to Sapporo. I went for 5 days, and 3 of those were class days, so it felt a bit bad. 1,305 more words

The Elusive Mango

We have been here almost three months and we still have neither a house nor a car. It is like one of those Greek myths that our Latin teacher would indulge us with on a Friday afternoon when we had had enough of Latin verbs and grammar. 1,436 more words

Settling In

Universal Studios Japan

I’ve recently had a revelation: theme park tickets in the UK are so much cheaper than in the rest of the world!

I used to think that paying £20-30 for entrance to Thorpe Park or Alton Towers was expensive, which I used to do at least every year through my teens. 676 more words

All Our Worldly Goods

Let me start by saying that it is not our fault – at least not entirely. Whether by nature or nurture, or most likely a combination of both, the Handsome Dutchman and I both like stuff, particularly beautifully designed stuff, and once we have something, we like to hold on to it. 1,021 more words

Settling In

R&R in Europe

Castaway and the Handsome Dutchman have made a brief return to Europe to resolve our visa (and a number of other administrative) issues and to catch up with the PlayStation Junkie and the… 692 more words

Settling In

Biking with kids in Brussels : the 'bakfiets' Urban Arrow

The bakfiets (cargo bike) is hype in Brussels – at least among families in the Dansaert area.
So we needed one.
You bet we did. It is a fantastic way to bike with kids in the city.
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Career Orientation; Take One

I am starting a little series on career orientation to gather a few ideas on how to approach this fuzzy topic. The first part is about career fairs and I am planning one on “In-house days” and on the hunt for internships. 464 more words

Practical Stuff