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How to tell if you are an alcoholic

article by Sarah Hepola from http://www.BuzzFeed.com

My twentysomething social life was one long drink special. Margaritas with a crust of salt on the rim, a frosty pint spilling foam, and the always regrettable “Who wants shots?” 2,724 more words

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Nostalgia = old pain

Thank you to Fiona swan for the article at the end and for letting me know that ”Nostalgia comes from Greek for”old pain”. Do you really want that back??? 1,639 more words

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Nervous about your new job? How to Ace Your Criminal Background Check, Even With a CWOF or a Filing!

So you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts and you’ve got a CWOF or a Filing, just like a lot of other people.  You want that new job.  1,522 more words


An important difference between different genres of books

Last year, I read more books cover-to-cover than I ever did before. This year, my goal is to read even more than before, and I’ve signed up for a reading challenge pledging 80 books in 2015. 488 more words

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The Ultimate Guide to eBaying

Going travelling? Want some extra cash? Then eBay is a great way to make some mullah by selling your old clothes… let’s face it we’ve all got a lot. 1,074 more words

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How Alcohol Impacts Your Hormones

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Women retain fluids longer than men, and metabolize the chemicals in alcohol at a slower rate. That means that in general, the impact of alcohol is… 351 more words