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How did I get from drinking 60 units a week to four years sober?

by Sue S

When I started on my road to recovery I got referred to the local drug and alcohol support service where I was living at the time. 521 more words

Practical Stuff

Evolving GTD: A life design system that takes you into account

GTD is incredible and the best thing I’ve done to increase my knowledge-work efficiency over the past 2 years. In this essay I analyse it from a cognitive function point of view and find a crucial limitation. 930 more words

Lived Experience

embrace the disruption

There will be some people reading this who have relapsed back into drinking recently – you may in the middle of a relapse right now. You are of course, not alone, not that this knowledge often helps. 482 more words


If I am bouncing back, why do I feel so low?

Many people quitting alcohol expect to bounce back with a vengeance, and then doubt their decision when it seems they feel even lower than they did as a drinker. 373 more words

Practical Stuff

Packing for 8 weeks

This is a topic often blogged about, but I’ll give my two cents in case it might be a help to someone planning a similar trip. 491 more words


Call me, beep me.

Hi friends,

I’ve been asked a lot about how people will be able to communicate with me while I’m “in my mud hut.” So this post will be dedicated to the myriad ways in which we can stay in touch while I’m hangin’ out in the southern hemisphere. 360 more words