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What That Coffee Can Buy You Around The World

Let me first level with you by saying that I have never, ever bought a coffee in my entire life. This is because I hate coffee – seriously, I’ve tried it about three times and the last time I had a sip it made me feel violently ill for DAYS. 525 more words


4 Tips to Make Long-Haul Flights Less Boring

If you’re going to be travelling, backpacking or just taking a trip to some far an distant land (lucky you) chances are you’ll be going by plane… I dread to think how long it would take to visit somewhere tropical by water, road or train. 398 more words

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Timeboxing as a Way of Making Steady Progress

We’re all overloaded. We’re all short on time. Too much to do, too little time.

This seems to be a common complaint in today’s information age. 688 more words

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I function, so what's the problem?

Things that told me I was addicted to alcohol despite holding down a job (sometimes three at once), home, family relationships, managing money and staying ‘healthy’ through the gym, running and eating well – in other words despite functioning in life were: 594 more words

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Moving-in tips - furniture

I am a third year student at Leiden University College (LUC) in The Hague. Although the process of moving and finding apartments is an experience in itself – one which deserves its own blog post – this is to suggest where to start in order to get furniture and to decorate your room. 327 more words

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Bref, ma fille ira à l'école en flamand.

Pas facile, le choix d’une école.
Encore moins à Bruxelles.
Encore moins pour un couple bilingue (belgo-belge j’entends, les autres se prennent moins la tête). 652 more words


7 useful travel items

In the midst of a series of summer trips around Europe, I have quickly learnt what items I now class as essentials in my handbag (or day bag). 409 more words