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3 days in Seoul (and the DMZ)

I started out my spring holidays with a bang – by travelling to South Korea for a few days.

All these months I’ve been hearing a lot about a cheap airline many people living in Japan use. 1,184 more words

Best of 2016

As is the tradition of many technologists, I am writing about some of the best things that I discovered or did in 2016. This post is a little bit late, but I discovered a lot of great things in 2016 that I believe deserve to be shared. 383 more words


February - a 30-day challenge made 11% easier

“Life is habit,” says Samuel Beckett. Habits are our most productive and un-productive traits. Luckily, we can change them.

Scholarly studies and self-help clickbait agree that new habits can be formed in a month. 606 more words

Student Life

Guns N' Roses in Osaka

It was a Thursday morning, and I was sitting in class, trying not to doze off. I was flicking through my planner and noticed a note I left for myself ages ago: Guns N’ Roses were gonna be here in Kansai, on January 21st and 22nd. 983 more words

How My Bullet Journal Makes Me a Better Student?

I am one of those people who usually spend hours and hours looking for the perfect new calendar for the coming year. Yes, I know it might sound silly since in some countries people hardly rely on calendars. 685 more words

Practical Stuff

Structure and Spontaenuity.

As I mentioned in the last post, Husband led our Theophany ritual last week. It was an…interesting experience for me. When I’m in charge of a ritual, I write a set prayer, with lines for each of us to say, try and find some appropriate music, figure out a good offering, and then have an order in which we’re supposed to do everything. 302 more words

Practical Stuff

Greeting the New Year in Tokyo (Part 1)

I’ve been obsessed with all things Japanese since I was about 10, and Tokyo of course was at the forefront of that obsession. I remember when I got to visit New York a few years ago, and it was a little underwhelming, because at that point I hardly cared about America – I was still spending my time watching and reading about Japan. 1,054 more words