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Know Why Life Insurance Is An Integral Part Of Planning Your Life Well

‘Planning’ is an essential skill we need to learn early in our lives. It requires us to look back at the things we’ve done in the past, assess the things we’re currently doing, and accordingly chart a path for things we’re going to do in the future. 702 more words

Practical Tips

Let Contingencies Do The Work!

I have previously written how you can make exposures fun and use rewards to help your child engage in treatment with greater motivation. Now I want to write a brief follow-up about something I touched upon in those articles. 968 more words

Practical Tips

This past holiday, I flew solo with three kids under age 5. On purpose. Twice. Am I crazy or do I just like to party in the back of the plane? 2,035 more words

Practical Tips

karma boosting

People   are still talking about  new year  suppose   it is still  early on   i am of  but   the  view  of  the  usual   roller coast of a   but a lot of it      is through  choice   we decide  what   path    to follow    someone  may offer  a slice of   choc cake  and we  may  decline and  then  accept    it   and then  b lame the   person offering the  cake   instead  of our selves  !! 561 more words

79 Affirmations that will Transform Your Reality

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Do you currently use affirmations as part of your daily routine? For the first 46 years of my life, I thought affirmations were kind of corny, but that changed last year (1) when I finally gave them a chance — and WOW, I can’t believe the results it had in my life! 2,139 more words

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The Gift of Nice Normalcy: What Internationals REALLY Want From You

When I was a foreigner living in East Africa, the people who helped me most were locals who treated me like a person who happened to be American, not as an *AMERICAN* (person). 939 more words


Tips for Business Networking in a Co-working Space

Co-working is great when it comes to boosting productivity. A coworking office space in one of the business centres in India offers great ambience, comfort and the perfect infrastructure for you to concentrate and meet deadlines. 442 more words

Practical Tips