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What’s Required to Have an Effective Mercy Ministry? - Part 2

Last time, I laid out the idea that we have to be compassionate in order to have an effective mercy ministry. While it’s important for us to be compassionate, compassion left unchecked can, at times, do more harm than good.  908 more words


Practicable Theology

A seminary friend and I have recently been lamenting the current state of theological education. As Paul David Tripp notes in Dangerous Calling (which I am currently reading but should have been required in seminary), the seminary has gone much the way of the university and the rest of the academy: discrete specializations all fighting for academic (and thus financial) priority. 665 more words

Public Theology

On Being Catholic: Consideration of Others

Recently, I was having a talk with a friend of mine about practicing shooting guns and shooting people as a form of self-defense. My friend was of the mindset that it is necessary to practice shooting a gun at a silhouette so that you can be prepared in the case of an invader in your house, and in that case, you would shoot to kill. 884 more words


Pin Hem

On placement currently at Dragana Perisic in London. Very proud of the development of my skills, including this beautiful pin hem!


The Second Book on your Vegan Bookshelf

If first book on your vegan bookshelf convinces you to go vegan, the second one should tackle the practical problem of making veganism healthy and approachable. 854 more words


What’s Required to Have an Effective Mercy Ministry? - Part 1

As a pastor, I often interact with those looking to the church to provide them with assistance. Which means I have often found myself having to make a decision on how the church should respond to their need. 1,154 more words


Why the World is Such a Mess

By David Ettinger

A Terrible Place to Live
In 1970, Scottish band Marmalade hit big on the pop charts with a song called “Reflections of My Life.” Unlike the trite and empty melodious ditties offered today, the lyrics for “Reflections” were deep, contemplative, and thought-provoking. 727 more words