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“When a tree fell in the forest of Nessy’s imagination, she didn’t ponder what sounds it might or might not make. She just set about chopping it into firewood.” 6 more words


Engaging students in learning statistics using The Islands.

Three Problems and a Solution

Modern teaching methods for statistics have gone beyond the mathematical calculation of trivial problems. Computers can enable large size studies, bringing reality to the subject, but this is not without its own problems. 1,109 more words


Avoiding Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Can Make You Truly Rich

Hooray for the pay day!

Rewarding yourself from those stressful work days is the best way you can have, for the least, a time to relax and enjoy sometime— the clothes you really wanted to buy since the first glimpse at the department store; a spa treatment together with your friends; and a pizza fest weekend in a well-known pizzeria with your co-workers. 514 more words


Stuff I Know 6: My Degree Won't Impress Editors

You shouldn’t major in creative writing. Maybe minor in it while you major in something useful like computer science, engineering, pre-med, teaching, law, whatever. Or skip our bloated for-profit college system and get into a trade. 128 more words

Stuff I Know

Finding creativity in your practicality...

This week my wife’s grandmother died. She was 92 years old, and I had the luxury of getting to know her over the last 16 years. 1,362 more words


Vaccination Wars: A Partial Win in California

It is pleasing to see that Governor Jerry Brown has succeeded in getting a bill passed to mandate vaccinations.

From the NY Times Website: 222 more words


Spectrums; A way to weed out terrible ideas from good ones. Domesticating God for practicality.

Is it wrong to humanize, tame and domesticate the idea of God in a way where it is suitable for consumption and inheritance of what Godliness means? 890 more words