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I had such a nice Friday evening with my husband, Glenn, and our dogs, Peanut and Stitch. Our downtown hosted a showing of The Secret Life of Pets… 274 more words

Don't Hate the Crossover

I recently read an article in a leading car magazine where the author derided performance car makers for joining the crossover (CUV) vehicle craze.  He decried the proliferation of style-free mass-market ‘blobs’, made from common components.   865 more words


Social Media Mythbuster: Hashtags

Hashtags have become a staple for social media marketing. The first hashtag was coined by Chris Messina in 2007 where he proposed an idea that Twitter should start using hashtags to create groups online. 1,349 more words


A Human Interface?

One of my greatest pet peeves in the personal computer industry is software design, specifically, how well the software interface meshes with our human understanding and appreciation of aesthetics, ease of use, simplicity, non-cluttered, and intuitive. 583 more words



Weddings are always a costly affair and after all is said and done, the couple definitely looks forward to a lovely day and then to opening up the gifts from their guests. 456 more words

Dreams To Reality

Minimalism should not promote impracticalities.

For those of you who are really attracted to minimalism – we are so excited for you because that is a start to a wonderful journey ahead! 492 more words


Being practical....

I’ve had a delightful morning sorting.  I know that sorting isn’t to everyone’s tastes but a combination of a three weeks of crazy, with my offspring being all over the place, and the fact that I am an intensely practical person means that organisation makes me content.   109 more words