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Time tell you things. Things that matter. It makes you practical and cruel and selfish, all the same time. That’s when people call you mature. 363 more words


Using a Tablet as a Monitor for the Lumix G7 - Part 1

Is it practical to use a tablet like an Android Nexus 7 as a video monitor for the Panasonic Lumix G7. In part one to find out, the WiFi in the G7 is put to the test in latency, range, and practicality tests.

Teen encumbrance

April 17, 2016.

Where do I stand?

For a minute, people tell me to act maturely like a twenty-five year young adult and then all of a sudden, they break me down to crumbs to a five year old kid asking to obey. 556 more words

Pocket Diary

Episode 17: "Meant To Be" vs. Practicality... Which Do You Believe In?

Do you believe in signs, horoscopes, or maybe even a higher power? Or are you a more practical in your approach towards life? What about love? 159 more words


Creativity vs. Practicality Part 2

If we wait for the perfect moment to begin creating, we will likely be waiting a very long time — possibly our whole lives. The key to a successful creative life has nothing to do with waiting, and everything to do with action. 59 more words

The standards of debut feature films

Hai guys ♥

Last Tuesday evening, I was lucky enough to hear John Maclean talk about his debut feature Slow West (2015). Maclean has set a standard for debut feature films – a standard I wish to meet with  449 more words


Creativity vs. Practicality Part 1

For most of my life I didn’t realize that I was a creative person, although I spent plenty of time doing creative things. When I discovered a talent for music it was like a whole new world opened up to me — and I understood myself better than I had before. 57 more words