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Father's Day 2018

“It might come in handy one day” was my father’s motto. A child of the Depression, he abhorred wastefulness of every sort. One of his favorite recreations was to go to a farm auction on a Saturday and buy the boxes of junk that sell at the end for a quarter or fifty cents, then root through them at home to see what kind of useful tidbits could be uncovered. 140 more words


Emotional or Practical: Clearing the Myth.

Its quite difficult for anyone to keep their emotions in-tact, control them or to monitor them. It seems daunting to control emotions but you and I: we have to control emotions. 550 more words


Chapter Eleven

Heart knew the guards were not used to fighting, because they never had to. None of the realms attacked them, none feels threatened by them. Only Practicality, somehow could never be at peace with Dream. 1,030 more words


Men's inspired pt.2

Heeey ! Hope you are doing good , Happy June. It’s also worldwide repeat day, most of you now have the Kansol’s song Bamblas in your head( I know I do) , but it’s more of repeat reading this post and any others you might have missed :) 113 more words


Chapter Ten

“What did you do?”asked the Head of the Council in his gravelly voice, his stony face belying his even tone. Usually, no matter how bad the situation was, it was handled by the Chief Administrator, albeit orders from the Head. 1,362 more words


Why We Need Practical Education.

Do you remember going to school and learning all these tough theories like calculus and the Venn diagram and thinking if I can’t do this, I won’t survive in life? 289 more words


Chapter Nine

“The Council has called for an emergency meeting, we have to report to the temple, right now”. Mind said breathlessly and flopped down in the small bench by the wall. 401 more words