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“So how did your family and friends react? Are they supportive?”

It’s not that I don’t understand why others want to ask questions like this, but that doesn’t make it less frustrating to experience, and it doesn’t make it a sensitive question to ask someone who isn’t a close friend. 69 more words

The Unexpected Rewards of Reducing Our Electric Consumption

The third day of March is coming to an end..this means that the hottest days of summer is almost upon us. It also means that everyone would have to endure the interminable power outages, the scorching heat of the sun, and everything else that goes with it. 570 more words


Seeds in the Winds of Change

I look at the seed catalogues piled up on the little table next to the chaise. They have been piled there since December and I have not been interested. 198 more words


How to Evaluate a Cupcake

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. There’s no denying their popularity. But are all cupcakes the same? How can you tell? There are 3 basic criteria for evaluating a cupcake: 426 more words


Headache Rant

Today I took my time to prepare myself for work.

My transport has been forty-five minutes late the last few days, so I decided this time to take advantage of the extra time. 433 more words


Because everything seems to be about "practicality"

I can nearly envisage a future
where things of the truest pleasure
are reluctantly forgone so that we may
pursue what is more relevant to this day… 153 more words


Oh boy!

Valentine’s day is soon approaching. Just when you think you are done with the social mayhem of December, February sneaks up on us. The pressure! 177 more words