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Quickie #19 Overnight Optimal Optical

PROMPT: If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that everything in life was now free, what is the first thing you would do? 

This is a matter of practicality VS. 460 more words


The Central Limit Theorem - with Dragons

To quote Willy Wonka, “A little magic now and then is relished by the best of men .” Any frequent reader of this blog will know that I am of a pragmatic nature when it comes to using statistics. 1,427 more words


This Week on Triogenius: Free Stuff For Students

Some sources that provide freebies for students, college and otherwise… Could you use free admission to an orchestra performance? (Think credit for that Music class) How about a place to meet? 10 more words


Passion Vs. Practicality

  • You can’t give if you don’t have anything to give.
    • Mix passion with practicality.  You can’t be a rich beggar
  • Never give up what you want most…
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3 Tips to Save Money 2018 Edition

One of the things that I want to watch over this year is our finances. Last year, buying personal stuff was a priority (my daughter had growth spurt last year that almost all of her clothes did not fit anymore, I bought 2 pairs of rubber shoes because our company finally allowed us to wear it even on weekdays, the husband owned another motorcycle etc.) My family also enjoyed our travel ( 1,086 more words

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Top 5 sources to find a part-time job in Toronto

Getting a part-time job in Toronto is not as hard as a full-time one, but still, it may keep you awake at night when you have bills to pay and your income is a big fat zero. 381 more words