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How should I be handling my current challenges?

Today I tried to concentrate on a specific question. My mind tends to wander these days, even if I’m attempting strong concentration. It’s one of the many reasons why I want to improve my practice in mindfulness, with the aid of tarot’s tools. 868 more words


The Big Taboo

As the campaign against UKIP has shown, it is still impossible to raise questions about immigration without being accused of racism. ‘Capping immigration’ is willingly misheard as ‘banning immigration’. 345 more words


My life As Society's Hobbit. Dispell The Word Evil

Hobbit: Small people shorter then average with the ability to sneak by trouble quiet as a mouse. Let us dispell the delusion of genes. We all know that the genetic change of height is due to the generations of nutrition in mostly dairy and milk products accumulated throughout generations of life and their daily activity throughout life. 732 more words



It works, it sort of works, and it doesn’t work. The first is great, the second is good and can be made better, and the last you should admit and try something else. 6 more words

Barry Aulis

The Heart's Voice

Today’s Offerings

Lots of stretching going on. Getting outside my comfort zone. Coming up against resistance, acknowledging it for what it is, then moving past it. 145 more words

You've Only Got 7 minutes to Workout. You Want to Burn Some Fat. Do This

There’s no point spending hours upon hours searching for the world’s hottest, most effective fat loss program if you don’t have the time nor the will to get it done. 520 more words


Two Dollars

I traded my two dollars I kept from long ago, Six years since the ink has faded from my ticket stubs, I know it’s time to go. 70 more words