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Beyond Application

Writing theory in the world of education scholarship is not easy.  There are demands to make my writing “useful” and “practical” for those in the field like teachers and administrators (see… 265 more words


Why is sex still a taboo?

This question has been bothering me subconsciously for years right after I lost my virginity and got outcasted in my school. A few days back, after seeing a Facebook post by a friend saying sex is good made me do a bit of reading about this. 485 more words


After a while....Still going on!

Life has changed…Maybe for better. I have learnt to manage immediate problems. I know most of the times what needs to be done at this point of time in this day.

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Be Practical

I don’t know what to major in.

Well, what are you most interested in? What’s your passion?

Hmm… I like reading and writing. Literature is something I’ve always enjoyed. 618 more words


Getting ready for the move

As of right now, we still have four months until his move to Taiwan. This is very exciting because it means that our remaining time with one another in person, isn’t over just yet. 343 more words


Day 24: Material Possessions

Hey all,

Today I’d like to talk about a topic that many of us can relate to: material possessions. All of us own some thing of material value, whether it’d be cars, shoes, electronics, and etc. 1,010 more words


The Balance of the Signs and the Elements for October 31

The Balance of the Signs and the Elements for October 31st

Nurturing, protective, tenacious, emotional sensitive, watery, strong roots. Can be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid, reclusive. 130 more words

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