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Chapter Four

Bright red rays of the rising sun pierced Heart’s eyes as he woke squinting at the light of the day. After Mind had left last night he stayed back on the deck looking out at the horizon, where Practicality met the infinite sky, trying to reconcile his unwilling consciousness with his sense of duty, in the same way. 1,275 more words


Fare Guaranteed

It’s no where to be found.



My friend and I sat for hours at a coffee shop today.

While discussing life and work and more life… 68 more words

Life Chatter

My Daughter Isn’t In Dresses, So What?

Emily looks gorgeous in dresses, but no she doesn’t wear them all the time. This seems to be a problem for some people, not naming names, that I don’t dress her in dresses because I want her to just have fun. 386 more words

Baby Baby

Chapter Three

After the meeting Heart had left in a hurry without giving Mind a chance to speak to him. But they needed to be in comfort with each other for the job to be successful. 811 more words


Practical Cynicism

“If there’s a God out there, than I would hope he has more important things to attend to than my drinking scotch or eating pork.” 425 more words


Chapter Two

“Like every year, the Dreamers are observing their festival at the first day of the next month, which marks the beginning of their new year. Its been several years since the last attempt was made. 804 more words


Statistical software for worried students

Statistical software for worried students: Appearances matter

Let’s be honest. Most students of statistics are taking statistics because they have to. I asked my class of 100 business students who choose to take the quantitative methods course if they did not have to. 1,586 more words