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What does it mean to understand statistics?

It is possible to get a passing grade in a statistics paper by putting numbers into formulas and words into memorised phrases. In fact I suspect that this is a popular way for students to make their way through a required and often unwanted subject. 602 more words


Passion Versus Practicality

It’s late afternoon and I am sat at my computer. I am halfway through the year of a college course I dislike working on yet another essay. 673 more words


Christmas Getaway

In early November I started to have this thought that I wanted to take a trip for Christmas.¬† Reason argued with me that I should not spend money like that; it wasn’t practical and did not fit my long term goals. 114 more words

Thanks for the Super Power

My teenager son has a t-shirt —

Common sense – so rare it’s like a super power

He’s right, of course. There’s an amazing shortage of common sense in our modern world.

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The foolish man

I wanted to argue about the stupidity of mankind and by that I wouldn’t exclude myself. On this, I would like put a scenario based on my personal experience. 1,263 more words


Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury the planet ruling over the intellect and communications will be in the sign of Capricorn  starting today December 9 until January 1.

Capricorn being an earth sign gives us the practical methods to reach a goal. 118 more words