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Origami Clothing

The main themes of my stupid unintended design week are of course convenience, portability, and “why are you so obsessed with travel gear, you never go anywhere”, the latter of which is a question revolving to a certain degree around a permanent fear of homelessness. 794 more words

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High Heels Suck (so, so good)

High heels break my heart.  High heels are always beyond beautiful to me, and all the shoes I see and like tend to have ridiculously high heels.  575 more words

no more ghosts

Most of us know Jim Carrey as the Grinch, Truman, Ace Ventura or Bruce Almighty. He’s the funny guy whose movie lines get quoted regularly between friends–the goofball behind many comedies watched by my generation. 660 more words

Musings of the day: Half-baked thoughts!

We often see love as a grand scheme of things. Like romance. Some larger-than-life gesture. I mean gestures; one too many. After all, it can’t stop with just one, can it? 603 more words


the struggle for the dreamer

As a dreamer existing in a “real-based” world, I find myself constantly up against the struggle of my imagination with reality. I’ve gone from completely rejecting reality to reside inside my mind, only to find that it increased my misery and disappointment… to now, where I am super practical about making decisions. 715 more words


Bible Journal: Proverbs 6

This chapter is the beginning of the practical warnings for which Proverbs is so famous (and it ends with another long exposition on adultery, like I discussed yesterday). 254 more words

Bible Journal

What Do You Do With a B.A. in English? Academic Elitism vs. Practicality

By Victoria Morrell

As a liberal arts student, my world was filled with academia and the pursuit of knowledge but was devoid of tangible, real world advice. 702 more words