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There’s the inevitable question, “What are you going to do now that you’re finished with school?”  This question is never unaccompanied; there’s the questions about what you studied, your relationship status, and of course, your reproductive outlook.  915 more words

Believe In Yourself

Being practical....

I’ve had a delightful morning sorting.  I know that sorting isn’t to everyone’s tastes but a combination of a three weeks of crazy, with my offspring being all over the place, and the fact that I am an intensely practical person means that organisation makes me content.   109 more words

Saving What Is Useful

  When my mother and I went to Russia in 1991 among the places we visited was the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It was very impressive. 503 more words


Practicality And Creativity - A Ramble

In a way, practicality shapes everything. This often happens in fairly indirect and/or subtle ways. Although I could list countless modern and old examples of this, I’ll be focusing exclusively on how practicality can affect the kinds of art that we make, the kinds of stories we tell, the kinds of comics we produce etc… And whether this is a good thing or not. 849 more words


The English Language: Practicality Over Literature

Earlier this month, I was asked: “Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?”  The benefit of learning the English language… 571 more words

Strutting With the Ostrich Totem

Ostrich Totem Messages and Guidance

“Let’s get one thing clear. We ostriches do NOT bury our head in the sand when frightened. What a ludicrous idea! 375 more words

Totem Messages

My Minimalist Purse

When I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was intrigued by her routine of completely emptying her purse each time she returns home for the day.   514 more words