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I was just reading a book about clutter reduction which actually had some extremely helpful advice. But then the author advocated a certain way of folding one’s clothes because she says that when clothes are in a drawer, they are resting, and it’s impossible to rest if you’re all wadded up. 411 more words


Street Style

When heading out on a street style mission, it is imperative to choose a location where you’re guaranteed to find some quirky, kooky and confident individuals representing emerging trends. 132 more words


The New Macbook Pros: Trading Practicality for Innovation

I ve Always Been an Apple Fan But not for the New Macbook Pros I have been an avid Apple supporter for a couple of decades. 69 more words

Day 329: Towards Self Diligence

Day 329: Towards Self Diligence


The context here being an extension of recent posts (start 316) exploring how I had designed into my life a sort of alienation to Diligence, not seeing the hidden contents of it till I began to write it out. 648 more words

Emotionally Practical: That Dragon Cancer

There exists in this game a clear, apparent purpose by the authors/developers to ensure that those of whom are playing this game are given the ability to feel and to express emotion. 442 more words

Not True? Or Not?

I’m learning to ‘accept the reality,’

The so-called one they say will happen anyway.

‘Discard your emotions. Its no use,

The faster you accept, lesser your hurt’ 103 more words


Data Structures: a rant

(If you’re curious, the textbook from this class–and the source of the explanatory links I’m using in this post–is available online free here: http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/pythonds/index.html) 1,650 more words