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Praise be to Ianus,
gatekeeper who stands at the turn of old and new;
May we use the past as lessons learned,
and move to the future, unflinching. 81 more words

For several years now I’ve felt a pull to worship the gods of my ancestors…but I don’t know who my ancestors are or where they came from. 69 more words

Practice And Praxis

Probably a sign of some sort.

I must confess that it’s been quite some time since I’ve made any offerings to the gods while indoors. I was just getting ready to get out some incense, which I keep in a small cupboard type shelf in the middle of my dresser, along with my candles, devotional bowls, my copy of the… 101 more words


Neos Adonis

Gentle Adonis is dying, O Cythera, what shall we do?
Beat your breasts, O maidens, and rend your garments

Cover the shrines and bow your heads, for Antinous has drowned in the Nile.

Practice And Praxis

Αφροδιτη Κυπρια

Since Aphrodite has become the primary focus of my religious devotions, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to Cyprus. I’ve been doing some light reading on the history of Cyprus and am trying to get a sense of the gods who were worshipped there. 157 more words


How I Worship

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? I’m renewing my dedication to Aphrodite and thought it would be a good time to talk a little bit about how I worship. 568 more words