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The Best Way To Make More Appointments Over The Phone

Without confidence and assertiveness your ability to convert new patient enquiries into appointments over the phone is greatly reduced. Most dentists when they are looking for a star team member to answer their phones, tend to FOCUS only on the friendly, polite and cheerful person. 435 more words

On Urgent Care Centers and Retail Medical Clinics


And the Convenient Care Association

The Convenient Care Association is comprised of companies, medical providers and healthcare systems that provide patients and consumers with accessible, , affordable and quality healthcare in retail-based locations. 353 more words

Practice Management

May 2015 dinner - Lyn Honan, Maurice Blackburn, changes to Costs Disclosure

Our next dinner will be held on 28 May 2015 at Brooklands of Mornington.

Our guest speaker will be Lyn Honan of Maurice Blackburn on changes to the costs disclosure requirements from 1 July.  39 more words

Practice Management

Atticus Finch in the 21st Century: The Soul of Lawyering in a Landscape of Change

How can today’s attorneys preserve the civility and professionalism of the fictional Atticus Finch? 451 more words

Practice Management

Do You Know That Case Acceptance STARTS On The Phone?

Most of the time when the Phone rings at the Dental Office, the caller has a Dental Issue they are concerned about.

With the correct sequence of questions and information, the patient will begin their Treatment Acceptance while they make their appointment. 273 more words

Fatigue and its Effect on Doctor’s & Prescriptions

Fatigue Matters 

First we had slow medicine, then fast medicine, and now it’s … fatigued medicine.

According to Aaron Carroll MD; fatigue matters even when it comes to doctors … especially when it comes to doctors. 172 more words

Practice Management