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Unity in Diversity through Sports

Having stronger camaraderie and international relations through sports was an exciting experience for me.

Everyone has opportunity to show off their identity from their home country.

Practice Teaching

In Retrospection

It’s not enough for me to just read or see different places on the internet. It is not enough to just see and analyze educational systems in other countries and do some research without immersing on it. 192 more words

Practice Teaching

Ninth day of teaching

My lesson was about lines and angles, specifically position of lines and parallel lines cut by a transversal.

I used board markers and carton as my instructional materials. 288 more words

Practice Teaching

Making of Insructional Materials

The main thing one must consider when making the instructional material is how you will teach the lesson and how to let your students engage on your lesson. 86 more words

Practice Teaching

Eighth day of Teaching

Lack of resources should not be a barrier for the students to learn optimally. Sometimes, the teacher must need to improvise. It may not be as effective as the original materials but it can also help the students to learn. 106 more words

Practice Teaching

Fifth day of teaching

I was teaching on how to get the distance of internal and external tangent. Instead of directly giving the formula, I asked series of questions until they discover the formula. 50 more words

Practice Teaching

Third day of teaching

Grade 8B was having their block examination. While taking their exams, they were asking questions to the teacher. Unlike in the Philippines, the students were not allowed to talk when taking their exams. 161 more words

Practice Teaching