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Wisdom of Carnegie

My student, R, asked a question which I had filed away. Then this evening I read a passage in a book which reminded me of his question. 396 more words


Active surveillance in Oz: a situation report

An interesting article published a couple of week’s ago in the Medical Journal of Australia reports on “real world issues” related to the implementation of active surveillance (AS) in Oz. 739 more words


Secret of Finger Power

On the first lesson with my student, R, I showed him my hand. I compared it to his hand where the knuckles are darker from the few years he learned Muay Thai. 207 more words



This is mostly watercolor, and partly washable pencil. I’m pleased with it, mostly, but next time my darks need to be darker, I think.

Shodo Harada

‘When the clear mind is realized, when these feelings of love and compassion come forth truly, naturally, and spontaneously out of a clear mind, then they are not something that is chosen. 140 more words


Difficult Inconvenient Truths #003 – part 1 “salt”

For those of us who have the passion to read our Bible every day …

From time to time we read very difficult passages.

They are difficult for us because they demand firm decision making and sacrifices on our part to fully agree with what… 1,173 more words


reasons not to

  • i asked followers and friends to tell me why they’re alive. why they stay. this is what happened.

    • the world is beautiful, like, breathtakingly, stunningly, dashingly, spectacularly, exasperatingly beautiful. 

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