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That time the Runic Talisman worked!

I just wanted to write a short post about something that happened to me recently. It could have been coincidence but I’m not so sure. Since I finished my travels, I have been staying with a friend while I searched for a job. 359 more words


Pumpkin Painting

Standing in line waiting to purchase cleaning supplies and storage boxes, I met a little lady with her adults buying pumpkin painting supplies. The conversation that ensued during our checkout line wait touched upon how last year the pumpkin painting colors all smooshed into a gray mass. 223 more words


Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish All-in-One | Learn Spanish

Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish All-in-One Posted on December 10, 2016 by jpm View on Amazon Add to cart Rating:  Amazon Price: $37.00 $20.15 You save: $16.85 (46%). 118 more words

In Sickness or Health

Well everyone, I am ill. Usually I can push through, take some Echinacea, and in a day or so feel brand new. But whatever is going around has definitely decided to take its toll. 157 more words


Pose of the Week: Firefly

Model: Lacey Grillos 



“It is through the body that your realize you are a spark of divinity.”

~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Pose Benefits:

on the danger of delusion + co-signing craziness

Requiem: Prelude, Coda, Encore 

This. Again — a million hoodies, a million hearts: metta behind the movement for trayvon martin

I didn’t know where to physically place this section in the body of this writing. 1,128 more words

All Of Life Is Yoga

Wine Talk ~ Grupo de conversação para a prática do idioma inglês, regado a vinho.

Propomos um encontro descontraído, divido em três momentos para o melhor aproveitamento da experiência:

– breve introdução para o desenvolvimento da tema escolhido, com abordagem de vocabulário, expressões, etc., 81 more words