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Yoga at the Gym (Pro vs Con)

I find that many people in the Yoga community look down upon yoga classes that are taught in gyms. As someone who is about to begin teaching at a LA Fitness here is my Pro and Con list. 371 more words


My first blog post

Well hello there!  I will eventually have something terribly poignant to say, but for now I’m just practicing.  I’m a slow learner when it comes to technology, so come visit again in a month or two.   6 more words

Day 236 - Did I learn anything from the Inquiry Challenge?

I did learn something, even if I don’t feel I improved my live Inquiry skills.

Most importantly: Although focusing more specifically on Inquiry did not help me use the formal structure in conversations, it did help me recognize sooner when I was judging someone and shutting down, which enabled me to open up again to practice at least the mindset of Inquiry and curiosity. 157 more words


Motivation for practice

With my last entry being a few weeks ago and not keeping up to my personal promise, I found it quite disappointing that I have not practice nor wrote blogs of any kind. 225 more words


this and that

Wet on wet

color thrown about like random thoughts

little here and little there

a bit of this and that.

Salt falls on puddles random like rain… 135 more words


This Grateful Dancer

Well, the week started out busy and stressful, and tested my faith, but the last couple days were inspiring! Even though the pro-am journey can feel very lonely, I was reminded that I still have amazing support around me. 774 more words