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I climb higher and higher.

Today was such a great day, start to finish. That’s not to say every moment was perfect. They certainly weren’t. I just navigated the day with such ease. 127 more words

Coaching Tip #56

 “Look first”

Coaches are programmed to try to get the most out of every practice.  There can be no wasted moments in that quest.  If one ball is out of play, then the next one must enter immediately, in order that no valuable time is lost. 235 more words


Writing to Practice

One of the things we always hear growing up is that “practice makes perfect,” yet applying that wisdom to writing can be difficult. As writers, we often just want to get this story out… 456 more words

How to Practice Ballroom Dance as a Beginner

If you’ve been dancing ballroom for awhile and especially if you’re a competitor, then you have a decent-sized library of routines and drills that you can use in your solo practice. 997 more words


Daily planner for a meaningful life

“If you do not go within, you will go without.”

This is a truth by which I intent live my life. In order to take your power back and create a happy and fulfilling life, you have to be clear on what a happy life means to you.

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Yahoooooo!!!! - MA - Animating, Jump Cycle, Learning Agreement

I’m getting back into animating!!!

I thought before I get into the nitty gritty of my research project, I thought I would do some practice not only to brush off my skills, but also when I finished I can add it to my portfolio. 117 more words

Islam: A Quest to be faithful to the Transcendent, directly and through social engagement


Say: We believe in God and what was revealed unto us,

And what was revealed unto Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob

And the tribes, and what Moses and Jesus received, 457 more words