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CR/Gaelic Polytheist Community Boost

If you are interested in Celtic Reconstructionist paths, a Gaelic Polytheist or interested in the Irish/Scottish outsider warrior paths, and you don’t know the work of  Saigh Kym Lambert, you should. 172 more words

Opportunities for Practice

Sometimes it seems as though the Wildest One (you might call her God, or the Universe, or Love) is actively meddling in the affairs of mortals, like I am given a thing to learn, and then immediately after am handed the situations necessary for practice and integration. 525 more words


The Thing, I

I am heralded as The Thing of my time. My veins flow with the sickest beats; my complexion is as glossy as a  bead of water stringing down gossamer; when I walk the skin of others shrivel into raisin-rutted bits. 141 more words


Contemplation on the unity of opposites

Structuring vs. De-structuring Forces
Good vs. Evil
Right vs. Wrong
Positive vs. Negative
Day vs. Night
Solid vs. Emptiness
Something vs. Nothing
White vs. Black… 27 more words


UNIVOTEC FIT Sem 1 Software Development Practices Lectures By Mis.N.W.K.D.V.P. Opatha

Lesson – 1 –  Introduction Software & Software Engineering >>>> Download

Lesson – 2 – Software Process >>>> Download

Lesson – 3 – Software Process >>>> … 54 more words


So-called friends

I see a lot of people around me who call each other “friends” but are afraid to be straight forward with each other. Who are afraid to tel what they really think. 476 more words