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Writing Alphabets activitites

Recently, my cousin run a school in India, had posted an activity on FaceBook. I wanted Ishaan to do it. He enjoyed doing it. Writing alphabets is fun. 194 more words


15 hobbies highly successful people practice in their spare time

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The most successful people know there is more to life than simply eating, sleeping, and working.

Everyone needs to enjoy some downtime every now and then, and making the most of your free time by taking up a hobby… 1,095 more words



“… and we took of like cats from a cage! Should ‘a seen us. Damned birds. Gonna be shyin’ from the critters fer weeks!”

Eruviel blinked out of her thoughts, lifting her head from where it rested on her knee to look to the young weapon smith. 468 more words


Great Skoolie Paint Scheme

As many of you may know, I bought a school bus to convert to an RV. These conversions are known as ‘skoolies.’ Well, of course, it has to be painted, and here’s a great idea! 8 more words


So You Want to Be A Zumba Instructor

Congratulations on deciding to become a part of a huge community of fun loving fitness instructors that are working in part to make the world a healthier and a happier place! 650 more words


A Composing Checklist

In my last post, I talked about trying to compose purposely unfinished music, to stimulate players into completing it in performance using their improvisational spark and their knowledge of traditions such as jazz (or reggae, funk etc.). 907 more words


nimm's doch persönlich! 마음에 담아 둘 것!

Es war eine spannende Woche im Büro, zumindest für mich war’s so. Ich konnte erst am Dienstag zur Arbeit kommen, da Toni wieder mit Fieber zuhause geblieben war. 409 more words