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Be careful while practicing and exercising in the heat

There is a lot of buzz about the start of football season on all levels, whether pro, college, high school or other. But the excitement over a new football season — or even the start of a new outdoor workout routine — shouldn’t overshadow the fact that it’s hot outside. 201 more words

South Carolina

Thoughts on Practice, Productivity and Procrastination

My first ever blog post comes on a day that has been full of procrastination and severely lacking in productivity. Today I’ve literally procrastinated about starting a blog about procrastination. 400 more words


Motivation Is A Question Of "Why" Not "How"

Today I want to talk about a technique for understanding and focusing motivation but first…

The Obligatory Update

I have been remiss in posting here.  As I write this I’m taking a break from prep for a back to back recording session coming up on the 15th with… 1,147 more words

Personal Development

Practicing Healthiness & Happiness

At A Personal Level

Do you practice what really works or serves your whole, well being for the better?

Be selective when it comes to opening yourself up and inviting in the possibilities and opportunities! 324 more words


The Importance of Practicing Self-Care

To practice self-care starting today, take a close look at your calendar and rearrange it so that sleep, exercise, and relaxation become a part of your life

Square one: An Introduction to Sight Singing

By accident, I joined my high school choir program, after listing choir as my 3rd option on my preference sheet for electives. On the first day of choir I remember singing… 976 more words