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give hope: day sixteen

“Take whatever fears and insecurities you have, your internal questions and doubts and turn them into words that inspire. Don’t give up. And don’t let others give up. 663 more words

just three words

A practicing success today: Opie reviewed the notes from yesterday’s lesson before playing each piece. But we kind of cheated in how it was done. 392 more words

Music With Kids

tell us about your day: day thirteen

“Save this assignment for the evening–or write about yesterday. This is, basically, a journal entry but with a twist: make your day sound interesting. Write a page from your own autobiography, and make it worth reading. 659 more words

Attitude on a Dragon Boat: How Your Mindset Can Help or Hinder Your Team

Have you ever wondered what role attitude plays on a dragon boat? How a paddler’s attitudeĀ can contribute to or impede the success of a team? 836 more words


lie: day twelve

“Not like in a dirty and deceptive way, but in a way that invokes imagination. Just for this, it’s okay to stretch the truth a little. 554 more words

Persuade me: day eleven

This is literally the prompt that the entire world thinks they’ve received and the one I literally never want receive. I hate having to use persuasion on people. 759 more words

write about writing: day ten

“What do you love about the craft? What do you hate? What’re you struggling with, when it comes to this challenge? Write about it, all of it. 741 more words