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I Love the Unattainable

This quote below. (Today’s Happiness Project quote// Gretchen Rubin.) What do you think?

“The greatest of all human delusions is that there is a tangible goal, and not just direction towards an ideal aim. 451 more words


Drumming: The Fear of F#cking up

If you are a performing drummer, chances are you might have experienced discomfort or even anxiety in certain playing situations, or as I call it, “The fear of f#cking up.” 569 more words


The Art of Practicing

EDU 6526 Week 5 Blog

This week I was impressed by Dean et. al’s (2012) breaking down of the elements of practice (Loc. 1822-1910). This is because, as a special education teacher, practice is essential to my classroom. 707 more words

A Playing Cat

Whether or not you believe that some periods of music can be superior to others (of course, it often seems like the superior period is usually the one you came of age in!), it is undeniable that American music hit some sort of pinnacle sometime in the mid twentieth century based on the hold it still has on us in 2015. 1,944 more words

Practicing the Mindful Way through Depression

Depression is a serious health threat that affects millions of people all over the world. There are some who are lucky enough to get treatment right from the start while others remain clueless that they are suffering from a depressive state. 7 more words

The Top 10 Ways that Paddling Leads to Personal Success | How Your Involvement in Dragon Boating Helps You in All Aspects of Life

Whether you have been a lifelong athlete, or have recently found yourself getting sporty, you have likely discovered that paddling has helped improve your life in countless ways. 789 more words


Shifting Music Practice from Work to Play; 10 Tips.

As with so many things in life, perspective makes all the difference. Suzuki practice with your child should be enjoyable and a special time of bonding, not a power struggle or a set of orders to work out. 1,338 more words