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Practicing at night

I became  a little bit tired last night while I was practicing with this old house. In the end the whole thing was  much darker than planned and although I thought I had found a way to work with this Canson paper it did not really work out. 72 more words

Carsten Wieland

Practice for Performance

Too often the guitarist practices with dreams of grandeur clouding their ability to accept and achieve real progress. Have you ever caught yourself fixating on the tiniest of details on one specific lick for hours, finding that after weeks of practicing, you still can’t make it through the rest of the song? 515 more words


6 Tips on How to Practice in the New Age of Technology

Let’s face it. Technology is part of our daily lives – from smartphones, laptops, voice recognition systems, streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), and the list just keeps growing with more innovative ideas from tech-savvy geniuses. 551 more words

Classical Music

Practicing Good Foot Posture for an Upright Life

Most of us don’t think of our feet when we hear “good posture.” But your feet are critical to a balanced, healthy body.

It Will Take You At Least Six Months To Learn That Song...

I’ll never forget those words. “It will take you six months, maybe a year, to learn that song.”

The song? “Somewhere In Time” – and, yes, the arrangement was difficult for my level of harping experience at the time. 306 more words

36 Strings Of Joy

Practice Makes You BETTER

The title of this post may sound like common sense to most readers of this blog, but I believe it is a statement that needs unpacking. 456 more words


The Psychology of Practicing: Effective Practice Habits

So you’ve decided to learn guitar, or you’ve decided to improve on your abilities. You know practice is important because practice makes you better, but you aren’t satisfied with the results you are seeing from following your instructional DVDs or sitting on the edge of your bed playing the same hard rock riff over and over. 440 more words