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The honest mistake: On being a pronoun beginner

Recently, I Tweeted this little two-part message:

When a #transgender person corrects you about their #pronoun, it can be a sign that we want to keep hanging out.

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BEAST (비스트): Practicing (연습 중)

Doojoon | Junhyung | Yoseob | Gikwang | Dongwoon

waenji moreuge jakku nega singyeongi sseuyeo oh
nado moreuge jakku neowa nuni majuchyeo oh oh
meonjeo dagagalkka neoui jubyeoneul maemdoljiman… 256 more words


WORKSHEETS: Present Continuous

Aquí van algunas fichas para practicar el “Present Continuous” o “Presente Continuo”. Más adelante encontraréis una breve explicación clave para comprender mejor este tiempo verbal. 116 more words


WORKSHEETS: Present Simple

El “present simple” o presente simple en español es el equivalente al presente de indicativo. Tiene diversas formas, usas y expresiones comunes que se tratarán a continuación: 349 more words


WORKSHEETS: Have to / Has to

HAVE TO” o “HAS TO” es un modal que significa “tener que“. La diferencia entre ambos es que “have to” siempre acompaña a los pronombres “I“, “you“, “we” o “they“. 70 more words


Smart Practice is Simple Practice

Note: This post was originally published on my other site, “Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist.”

Greetings! I’ve disappeared off the face of the internet for a bit, but hoping to be back soon (along with a shiny, new e-book). 243 more words