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The Tale of Two Cornets.

I began serving in the “President’s Own” in 2015. Before then, I had never played much cornet. Since then, the cornet has become a large part of my work; and not just with the band. 1,075 more words

Rediscovering Leisure

The first week or two after the end of the spring semester might be my favorite time of each academic year. While it is true that I only teach full time about eight months of the year, those eight months are so packed with activity (60+ hour weeks are not uncommon in November and April particularly) that the 15-30 hours per week I typically work the rest of the year (musicians rarely get days that are completely “off”) seem positively restful. 661 more words

Teaching Low Brass

Getting Better.

The quest to get better is never ending. A teacher once told me that trumpet playing is like a house. This house needs constant maintenance. And the more you add to the house the more maintenance that goes along with it. 600 more words

Time is all the luck you need.

Sometimes I remember to take space to acknowledge how far I’ve come. I stop for a moment and reflect on my evolution as a human being. 74 more words

My First Day as a Buddhist

I have almost completed my first full day as a Buddhist, here I am going to reflect on the fact that Buddhism is not an easy option. 521 more words


Effort and Time

I was thinking that drawing like anything else one wants to be good at takes practice which means time and effort given to it. I don’t want to forget this as I continue to learn and practice. 63 more words

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