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How to Practice the Piano: The Warm-Up, Part II—Etudes and Scales . . .by Andrea R Huelsenbeck  

Today’s post is a continuation of Tuesday’s on warming up for your piano practice session. To read an article on how beneficial practicing an instrument is, click… 770 more words

Low level joinery

I’m not much of a carpenter – no training and not much experience – so I’ve been testing how best to join beams for a project planned for the near future. 22 more words


How To Practice When it's Not Your Full Time Job Anymore

A friend recently said on her social media page that she loves the cello but hates practicing, and asked how others manage to stay motivated to practice when it’s not their full time gig. 1,051 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

About to escape

I’ve been aware of this technique of thirds with a blurry bokeh background for maybe a year or two, and I’ve been working on it.  148 more words


How to Clean a Permanent Stain (part 6)

In the meantime, Kayl seemed chirpier. He showed up at my house smiling, laughed off most of my unwarranted snark, and, at one point, brought sugar free Oreos so we could attempt to beat our previous record. 1,105 more words


sketch book sketches.

hello, these are some updates in my sketch book, more to come ;)