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Family (and friends)-Putting family first

What is the key to running a successful company? Of course it’s love. And where can you get more love than from your family and friends? 311 more words

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Practitioner Study - Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty 

Bobby Doherty is a widely recognised American Photographer, described as Vivid and Humorous(Liberation®, 2015). He started out for New York Magazine as their in house still life photographer. 123 more words


Lakwena-The power of girl

Who wouldn’t want to design for big brands like ADIDAS? Lakwena London based artist had a chance to do so with her unique designs. 

Her art is so colorful that it hurts your eyes but it  puts a smile on my face.  189 more words

Level 4

Dan Dawson- Grand Visual

Listening to people who work in the industry is always refreshing and important as you need to be aware of what is going on out there. 216 more words

Level 4

Alistair Hall

I have looked into Alistair Hall’s work for an inspiration to do my photographs for my assessment. Photography is the discipline which I have least practiced with and recently gained more interest in. 135 more words

Level 4

Dieter Rams

Have you ever used Braun products like shavers, radios etc? We all have but we never give a second thought about the person that is behind the design. 235 more words

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In the shape

The featured image is exactly what Camille Walala is doing. I love the fact that she is keen on changing her surrounding by adding colours to it and positivity. 143 more words

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