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Accredited Workshop-Course

Two Day Workshop: ‘Soul Embodiment & Quantum Field ReCalibration’. Become a Certified ‘Quantum Practitioner – Energy Healer’. IPHM Accredited.

Source: Accredited Workshop-Course

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Using Infographics In Your Content Marketing

Knowing how to interpret big data in the simplest form has been an issue for many practitioners. When your organization is out to market itself, explain what issues they are focusing on, show their achievements so far, their 3 to 5 year strategies, etc. 654 more words

Thriving in the Public Relations (PR) Industry

The end of 2016 is fast approaching. The practice of PR is also shifting with each new day. More people are coming out and setting up spaces in the industry for themselves; speaking out on a variety of issues, they are opening new channels of communication, everything is evolving! 1,634 more words

Chrome Extensions That Would Make SEO Process More Efficient

Most of us might not agree at first but it is true that Google Chrome can actually help in making the SEO process easier and efficient. 467 more words


Creating an inclusive environment

Working with children is an important role that should be taken seriously. Children put their trust in the adults who work with them so its vital adults create environments for children to thrive and succeed in. 496 more words


Children and play

Play is exciting, fun, stimulating and children love it! Play enables children to learn and this can be encouraged in different ways. In the UK play is seen as a valuable tool in developing children’s different abilities and is included in the early years curriculum. 540 more words


Some senior (watchman1938) must be truthful - no matter the cost!!

(no posting anywhere on this site should be construed as medical advice – consult with a health professional you have learned to put your trust in) 274 more words