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Richard Dawkins' Inconsistent Reliance On Pragmatism

A very popular video on YouTube featuring Richard Dawkins is titled ‘Science Works, Bitches.’ It periodically makes the rounds on social media; as it does, Dawkins acolytes–in the video and on social media–applaud him as he ‘smacks down’ a questioner who inquires into the ‘justification’ for the scientific method. 545 more words


e-Key: Security Infrastructure

A new piece from The Conversation about security infrastructure investigating security options, including going back to the physical key as an alternative to password overload… 21 more words

On Frank Underwood, Zen and philosophical pragmatism

In Season 2 of House of Cards, our Congressman and anti-hero Frank Underwood pulls into his office Jackie Sharp, an ambitious younger representative. On his computer, he pulls up the opposition research he has on every other member of Congress–including her. 1,066 more words


Some Problems with Incompatibalism

by E. John Winner

Social determinism and compatibilism

I gave up worrying about the “free will vs. determinism” debate back around 1990.  At that time, I was studying Pragmatism, especially (in the present context) that of Dewey [1], George Herbert Mead [2], and the little known but nonetheless important… 3,106 more words


A Kingdom Graceful for Love

By Greg Forster: part nine of a series.

“Making it easy to find and follow Jesus.”

This is the slogan my accommodation paradigm church used for several years to summarize its mission. 1,195 more words

Future Of The Movement

March 14, 2017 Resources: Evangelism; Pragmatism; The Spiral of Interpretation

Since it is impossible to come to the Bible without any preconceived notions or ideas (i.e. as a truly blank slate), how ought we to read the Bible in light of those ideas? 81 more words


The Pragmatist in the Lion's Den

I’m slowly working my way through Living By The Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible by Howard Hendricks and his son, William.  The book, originally published in 1991, had a second revised edition released in 2007.  544 more words

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