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Ethics of being mean

A few people have confronted me lately about my attitude.

It’s interesting right now because we just had our annual sexual harassment training  and we had just been talking about sensitivity and people’s comfort so I have to think about my ethics. 484 more words



The importance of writing is not in being read. It’s in the action of writing. It doesn’t depend on any outside eye or ear to see or hear it. 575 more words


Hope is But an Illusion...

As scary as life is, what with so-called catastrophic political upheavals, degenerative memes, and downright just plain ol’ stupid stuff, there are still people whose optimism tries to spread like Ebola, or the Bubonic Plague. 473 more words

Mental Health

"The Competition Is Doing It" vs. "Not Invented Here Syndrome"

These are two errors people make in all types of organizations.  They seem to be complete opposites, but in fact they stem from the same failure in logic. 398 more words

My Opinion

The Discomfort Zone - Are We Recycling Selves in Shame?

I’ve been struggling for a good while now with certain trends in society. I’ve fought racism and sexism all my life — I started taking hits for doing this as early as fifth grade for the first, and my junior year in high school for the latter.   1,380 more words


Epistemological Question

Wanted: help with contemporary epistemology!

I think that the popular “correspondence” theory of truth has been more or less abandoned in thoughtful circles these days, replaced by things like “coherence” theories, assessed by criteria like “comprehensiveness.” I think I understand that, although I’m no expert. 141 more words


Sinners, you're in luck..

“I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners”, said Jesus (Mark 2:17). And how fortunate that is for all of us. Most of our lives are spent chasing some combination of fame, fortune and glory only to have it come to naught. 290 more words