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Gratitude Catch-Up, July 20 Thru 23rd

Feeling scattered and shattered today. Suddenly life is both full and empty.  The last three days were very hectic.  I’ve not had/made time for yoga since Monday and am full of bodily aches and groans as a result.   680 more words




Theories and beliefs are only as true as their success in practical application.

A theory is cool, and a belief is cool, but if the theory that you’re the smartest person in the room is proven wrong through testing the multidisciplinary knowledge of you and everyone else in that room, then your theory isn’t true because it wasn’t successful once applied to practical reality. 182 more words

Black Tarzan

I go with the flow..

‘I go with the flow. Whatever music you’ play for me I’ll dance’ is a quote from Mexican film producer Gael García Bernal. He is said to have started acting at the tender age of one year and by his teens he was acting in telenovelas. 79 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Machen: To Make Faith Merely Practical Is To Make it a Pathology

“Faith is the opinion that some person will do something for you. If that person really will do that thing for you, then the faith is true. 71 more words

One Difficulty Of Being A Songwriter And A Whole Person

A long time ago I heard a theory that stuck with me, someone was talking about how singers who are former addicts stop writing good music (which is true) and this person figured it was because once you’ve recovered from the massive highs and lows of addiction it’s scary to feel anything that deeply again, so the songwriting gets tame. 347 more words



I’m not a fan of the fact that I’m a roiling cauldron of hatred. Just under the surface and all the way to my core. I wrote about forgiveness a long time ago and how it’s not a choice. 368 more words


Gratitude 19 July

Today I am very grateful that sometimes the White Knight wins! One of my sons has been in a two week battle at work, fighting for an employee being railroaded by a manager who rules by dishonest, nasty, cheating, lying ways. 85 more words