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Why suffering is bad

“I’m not going to spend time working out why suffering is bad.

It just is.

I’d rather spend my time trying to end it.”

She spoke very fast.   858 more words


Why You Should Stop Sending Short-Term

Over 2 million Americans go on a short-term missions trip each year. So with more than 4,000 unreached people groups, why not keep sending as many short-termers as possible? 40 more words


How to practice in your sleep

There’s a maneuver in nunchucking known as infinites. They look like this. Jay and I had both practiced and we we’re getting sloppy versions of them occasionally just out of luck but something was completely missing. 593 more words


The opposite of a fair weather friend

I have a lingering reputation for being a downer.

Which I’ve never aspired to be, of course. Very rarely do I want to take away from the achievement of anyone, let alone a friend. 593 more words



I’m about to go for my third float in a flotation pod at Float Life on Saturday.

I drafted some of a post after I left my first session just to try and capture the feeling. 629 more words


It's one thing

One of my favourite things about my friendship with Jason Connolly is he will quote me back to myself.

I’d casually said It’s One Thing… 688 more words


Journal #188 - I care about things maybe a little too much

I’m someone who feels deeply and get upset when things aren’t at their ideal. I am quite opinionated when it comes to certain things in life or in society as a whole. 973 more words

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