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Young People Have It Backwards

Over much of this primary season, if there’s one constant I’ve seen from various self-identified young people (under 30), it’s that the Democratic Party needs to reach out to… 692 more words


The King in Preaching

James Montgomery Boice affirms, “Preaching is the primary means of growth for the local church. There is a great deal of debate about this in our day, but 1,201 more words

Preaching And Teaching

Why business people should be honest

In my years of teaching ethics to business students, I must have heard it all when it comes to justifying deception and lying in business. The excuses go something like this: “Everybody does it; I would lose business if I didn’t. 735 more words


An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Chapel: Part II

In Part I of “An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Chapel,” I offered up three keys that make my marriage work despite the fact that I am a Christian and my husband is an atheist. 1,960 more words

Pragmatism versus ideology

In Political Week Stuff looks at the trend towards political pragmatism and away from ideology. This was prompted by a week of political liaisons that bridge supposed ideologies. 32 more words


Policing ourselves

The term ‘vegan police’ floats around in cyberspace, bubbling and simmering in the broth of thoughts, opinions, facts and seething emotion that always surround the topic of other species and our individual and collective view of them. 1,277 more words


And Prose - Twenty Three

The moon is in the phase we celebrate as “full” tonight. We link household routines to the timing of the moon because it is easier to recall to do them.   505 more words