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Keepin' it real

In the previous post, Suhaib Riaz posed an important question, “how critically aware are we that finance is also on a mission to socialize us?” The post demonstrates an earnest effort at self-reflection.   619 more words


Students ≠ Kids?

As noted many times on this blog, I work within the philosophic tradition known as American Pragmatism. William James proposed this tradition’s core principle—the pragmatic method– as a way to resolve seemingly intractable “metaphysical questions.” In short, it holds that to know an object, we should examine that object’s… 736 more words

Higher Ed.

May the real Charles Sanders Peirce please stand up? Part 1

For Richard Rorty, Peirce did nothing important for pragmatism but giving it its name. He writes:

His contribution to pragmatism was merely to have given it a name, and to have…

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My Five Problems With Prayer

I used to pray, but I don’t any more.  For nearly 40 years I prayed in the mornings and evenings; I sometimes prayed when driving alone;  I prayed privately and in public;  I prayed silently and out loud.   941 more words


Gun beats sword – the pragmatic world of Deus Ex

To coincide with the release today of Deus Ex: Mankind divided, Squareblind will be taking a look this week at some of the previous games in the series.   996 more words


Is There an Application in this Text?


Or at least, if what we mean by “application” is “something practical,” then the answer is often, “no, not immediately so.”

I was listening to the radio this morning and there was an ad for some kind of art foundation. 283 more words


Richard Rorty and the pragmatic theory of truth

For Rorty pragmatism is most and for all a theory of truth. The picture that the mind can represent things outside of it, is for Rorty the reason for all the philosophical trouble we had. 363 more words