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John 18:38

I am haunted by truth—not by any fact in particular, but the truth as such. As Augustine said of time, if no one asks me, I know what it is; yet if I wish to explain it to whoever asks, I do not know.  1,008 more words


Forests, Signs, and the 'weird' Peirce

I like it when new and unread books are standing on my desk, waiting for me to read them. In my student days in the eighties of the last century, when course programs where published in a booklet in the summer, I used to get the new prescribed half meter of books as soon as possible and put them there in front of me – creating the excitement of anticipation for the next year of study. 872 more words

Standardized tests, and why I hate them

I know I’m not alone in despising standardized tests. I’m sure for the person reading this the term standardized test has just made the shoulders hunch, a shudder run down the spine, and there’s the temporary possibility of vomiting. 515 more words


Fr. 629

In philosophy, answers to “what” questions of this sort most often seek to isolate formal characteristics common to all instances of the entity to be defined. 460 more words


Now is not a good time

As someone who has recenlty emigrated, I am often asked what made me decide to move abroad, and how I like it. Even though most have never lived outside their own country, it seems that most people would love to pack their bags and see a different part of the world one day.  273 more words



Pragmatism stands opposed to all Utopias. In place of aspirations for something better and other dreams of human progress, it offers and breeds its own Pragmatic Dream. 946 more words


Value of integrity--and some (reverse) lessons from politics

Integrity is being trumped by pragmatism, both in business and in politics. Yet, being rationally principled—having integrity—is a crucial requirement of human success, and pragmatism—discarding principles for expediency—leads to failure in the long term. 711 more words