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Funny Bug Story

Ran into a funny bug and I thought that others would see the humor with it. We have multiple QA environments set up: QA1.domain.com, QA2.domain.com, etc. 657 more words


About being good for something

The title of this post, was at first: “About being worthless”, but I changed it, for a few particular reasons, that I will elaborate on in the following paragraphs of the article. 1,082 more words


Thinking Being 10

Thinking Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of the State:

The first two paragraphs of An Introduction to Metaphysics, by Martin Heidegger, translated by Ralph Manheim (Yale, 1959): 840 more words


Friday's Sloppy Solace _ Let Me Eat Cake

Tomorrow my day will be eaten in what I have decided is my final stint of civic duty as a Democratic voter of Washington State – the Congressional District Caucus** is tomorrow. 684 more words


That's a lot to put on a drummer

I used that phrase when talking about the band lately with Jay. We were sitting by the river drinking tequila. He asked what the ultimate goal was for me and I said I know what I truly want from a band is a surrogate family, a sense of belonging, mutual investment in one another because I had a typically awful childhood with a neglectful home and bullies at school, both among the students and faculty. 783 more words


Full Churches And Empty Souls

A friend I knew back when both of us lived in California posted the following quote on Facebook a couple years ago:

“Some argue that the church should soften its stance on so-called controversial issues.

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Sovereinty Of God

A Worthy Trend

I have been noticing this trend more or less over the past few years. My observation may be due to simply paying attention more, and the trend is not new at all. 970 more words

Matrix Warrior