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Pragmatic Free Will for Individuals and Groups

If 5 rules for GSOT apply, then free will pragmatically works. It sounds right, but does the conclusion follow?

The 5 rules are as follows: 1,236 more words

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Sometimes, even a nice liberal, humanistic pagan lady like myself just hits the mental brakes.  Mind you, I am plenty capable of thinking some folks label “fuzzy”. 341 more words


Truth again...

What do we learn from pragmatists about the notion of truth? Actually, the theory that truth is an epistemic notion cannnot be right, at least so I think. 303 more words


Rule #5: Get Back to the Rules

Reality is elusive. Truth hides beyond our reach. Break-these-rules makes it clear that we simply are looking for GSOT, not truth. Let’s not make the mistake of those who tried too hard to grasp reality. 2,074 more words

Searching For GSOT

Telling better stories: middles

A few weeks ago I helped someone with a writing project and having to explain things that I understand intuitively opened my eyes to a lot of things about the way we communicate. 502 more words

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Pragmatism, September 21st 2016

If you breathe for me
Then spell my name in mist
Or else let me go and let me drift.

If your fingers tremble for me… 40 more words


So much to say, so much to say... A Reply

I want to begin by thanking Karen, Anthony, Kirsten and Elke for their comments on the book–and a special thanks to Elke for organising. 5,368 more words

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