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Chinese New Year 2015 in Review: Attack of the Baijiu Zombies

Chinese New Year is a lazy drug reference away from being compared to Christmas. Basically it’s really good. It suffers from the same excitement/work fatigue/stupidity that precedes Christmas where everyone stops giving a fuck about anything 36 hours before their leave from work actually begins. 743 more words


How Do We Approach Religious Historical Study?

In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Michael Roth, president of Wesleyan University, wrote an essay about the difficultly teaching religious history in his humanities class. He begins the piece saying that his students will easily answer any historical question about the Protestant Reformation. 373 more words

Department of Philosophy--University of Texas at Austin

UT College of Liberal Arts Department of Philosophy.

Click the link above.  Please read the three questions poised under the category of “Welcome.”  Do you have… 124 more words

Beyond Classroom

Manual Therapy: What Is It Good For?

These days there is quite the battle raging over what those in the physical/physiotherapy biz call manual therapy. It’s a pretty broad term that covers many different techniques and viewpoints. 717 more words

Physical Therapy

Faith and Fatalism

Americans like explanations. It’s an important part of our pragmatic culture.

I often notice that when we don’t know the reason why we often spit out some sort of fatalistic explanation. 496 more words

What Measure is a Human?

I recently started reading Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar, the first book in a trilogy called The Aryavarta Chronicles. The book is yet another retelling of our great epic Mahabharat, albeit with a different touch. 1,849 more words


Relativity Taken Seriously

I ended my last blog with a question and I am starting a new one with another: So what could be wrong with pragmatism?

In a nutshell, pragmatism is a theory stating that “truth can be known only through its practical consequences and is thus an individual or a social matter rather than an absolute.” In a debate, under the basic premise of pragmatism, no one comes home a loser. 643 more words

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