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[Education] Ideals don't make kitchens clean and safe

First published in The Octant, a Yale-NUS student newspaper.

Illustration by Tong Xueyin.

Yale-NUS College is preparing for our move to the new campus. As such, there is a renewed urgency to discuss sustainable solutions that address the slew of problems threatening the habitability of our environment. 790 more words


Time and Events

I just came across Massimo Pigliucci’s interesting review of Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin’s book The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time. There are more than a few Whiteheadian themes explored throughout the review, including Unger and Smolin’s (U&S) view that time should be read as an abstraction from events and that the “laws” of the universe are better conceptualized as habits or contingent causal connections secured by the ongoingness of those events rather than as eternal, abstract formalisms. 941 more words


A Fairytale...

Once upon a time, Pragmatism, Process and Common-sense jointly ruled the realm. Pragmatism led, Common-sense gave advice, and Process made sure everything happened once decisions had been made. 232 more words


Tangled Terms

For those interested in how persons choose to justify their claims to truth, goodness, or beauty, conversations prove as rich in meaning as poetry, though perhaps more elegy than ode. 4,360 more words

Engaging Pragmatism in Buddhism

by Wayne Ren-Cheng

Three ethical ideals are the foundation of an Engaged Buddhist practice. They are pragmatism that arises from the Pragmatic Buddhist tradition of my teacher, the Venerable Shi Yong Xiang, and his teacher, the Venerable Shi Shen Long; pluralism as it arises from its value in connecting with others in a respectful and productive way; and in a commitment to practice as practice is the only way to experience the teachings of the Buddha as they can be positively applied to contemporary life. 1,190 more words

Meditation And Practice

Lee Kuan Yew Quotes 1 to 25

  1. It is part of their history (USA). They went into an empty continent and made the best of it – killed the Red Indians and took over the land and the buffaloes.
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