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The universe, or the goldfish bowl?

After writing my previous remarks, I checked out the Wikipedia article on “forest.” It opens with a brief discussion of accepted scientific understandings of the term, with some reference to the uses made for it in global policy-making. 497 more words


A biblical case for senior pastors?: Two questions

Most evangelical churches today have a senior or lead pastor. Can we make a solid, biblical case to establish this practice? For those who are part of a church that has both elders and a senior/lead pastor, here are two questions I invite you to answer: 198 more words


Exercising Pragmatism

Pragmatism is something we need to exercise if we are to be productive in different situations. The basic prima materia of pragmatism is for personal gain in some way towards a goal. 442 more words

While driving today

I realized that people will have a difficult time spelling mitigatious. Perhaps I should have just revived inisit.com. In Is It was meant to be the opposite, kinda sorta of Tune in, turn on, drop out. 42 more words


Conformity: Cultural Behaviours in Colombia

Conformity is an essential part of human life. We feel at ease if we aren’t standing out in a crowd or putting ourselves on the line: essentially, we feel safe. 1,367 more words


What Killed Smalltalk?

I’ve been thinking about designing my own programming language for a long time. I’ve actually been keeping a lot of notes, and even throwing together some code when I can find time. 840 more words