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It's All In The Game: Eco, Fascism & Wittgenstein

In Umberto Eco’s piece on fascism for the New York Review of Books, he uses Wittgenstein’s idea of family resemblance and example of games to understand the “structured confusion” of fascism: 238 more words

Star-Shucking: An Exercise in Soul Retrieval

Many branches of shamanistic paganism hold an idea of damage to the human psyche – they call it “soul loss” or words to that effect. I think it serves a purpose to consider what they mean; any metaphor that is adequate description of a broken human dimension might suggest a solution, don’t you think? 529 more words


Arthur Schopenhauer. Part 1. Introduction

 Arthur Schopenhauer could see the worst in any situation. Witness these snippets, published in 1851:

Politeness is a tacit agreement that we shall mutually ignore and refrain from reproaching one another’s miserable defects, both moral and intellectual. 2,330 more words

Searching For GSOT

Tomorrow is dessert

There are two ways
to give your baby a brownie.

The first is to wait for them clear their plate
without making a mess, and then…

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The Power to Choose

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”, (Malcom X. n.d.)

We cling to the future as if education is the last strand of hope left to humanity towards progress. 500 more words


Introduction: Why Another Blog?

Why a blog?  Let me acknowledge that perhaps the world does not need another blog, so in some regards this exercise is to satisfy my own ego.   625 more words