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Civics 100: You Have To Know How It Works To Fix It

Back in my IT days, one of the banes of my existence was “the friend who knows something about computers.”   Hearing that phrase meant that I was in for a long, involved effort to repair not just the original problem, which would have been a quick fix, but to repair what the helpful friend had done.   1,310 more words


Food is not Waste

My parents brought me up with a strong ecological sense of never wasting food, by filling my sensitive mind with images of starving Russian kids. Russia was a much more understandable context rather than Ethiopia or another developing country of which I certainly had never heard of as a young kid. 678 more words


Plan B if God is Busy

When browsing through Facebook this morning, I started reading a story a friend had re-posted, about a poor boy trying to sell rambutans to earn money for an operation he urgently needed. 467 more words


"Mere Fantasy": Pragmatism, Idealism, and the 2016 Election

In a recent column for the New York Times, the staunchly pro-Hillary columnist Charles M. Blow dismissed Bernie Sanders’ proposal for universal healthcare as “mere fantasy.” He went on to deploy the familiar tropes of the pragmatic politician (Clinton) and the dewy-eyed idealist (Sanders). 708 more words

Passion for Doing Good

There are times when it’s just that much easier to believe our planet might have a bright future after all.

I had an extremely inspirational call today at work with a young-ish social entrepreneur from Indonesia. 326 more words


You Can't Always Get What You Want or Can You?

And no, you can’t always get what you want
No, you can’t always get what you want
Well, no, you can’t always get what you want… 1,009 more words


Why the ‘pragmatist vs. idealist’ framing is so cynical in the Democratic primary

On Monday the first official leg of the presidential nomination process took place in the Iowa caucuses. As results came in throughout the night, the Democratic race was as close of a nail-biter as can be imagined. 758 more words