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#NoEstimates - Questions, Answers, and Credibility

#NoEstimates #LegoSeriousPlay http://t.co/429Z3MenB1

Mikael Helldén (@MikaelHellden) June 10, 2015

@MikaelHellden So cute. So frighteningly cute. What a tangled web we weave when first we introduce estimates to manage software development.

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And That Squirrel is Nuts!

As I said in my last post, witchcraft often teaches through paradox.  Perhaps the most current controversial example of this is “All gods are one.”  (Let me say this before going any further: many witches do not subscribe to this philosophy.   717 more words


Framing the Debate and Winning The General Election

After taking some time for contemplation about the result of the General Election, I have begun to understand things with more clarity. For any follower of politics it is important to understand what has unfolded and decide what the best course of action should be next. 558 more words

British Politics

Something to Consider: Part One

A direct result of working for Centre For Inquiry Canada has been a re-start of a long-forgotten interest in philosophy, literature and intellectual exploration.  In other words, I’d gotten so busy with life that I’d forgotten to keep up my reading!  784 more words


Truth: A Squirrely Subject

All philosophers, regardless of their spiritual leanings (or lack of spiritual leanings), their theoretical allegiances, or their personal biases, are concerned with truth.  So, it only seems fitting that as a freelance philosopher on this crooked path we call witchcraft that I would begin with a focus on uncovering a viable method for getting at the truth from a witch’s spiritual perspective. 448 more words


The danger of big animal rights organisations

I think Mercy for Animals is one of the most impactful animal rights organisations in the US. In just a couple of years, they have grown out to be a group that very regularly gets… 477 more words

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Antiwork – a radical shift in how we view “jobs”

by Brian Dean

Antiwork is a moral alternative to the obsession with “jobs” that has plagued our society for too long. It’s a project to radically reframe work and leisure. 2,081 more words