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Dance Card Full - Magical and Mundane

Yesterday was a day most people would call an emotional rollercoaster. I think that phrase is inadequate, though it does remind me of recent news footage of people trapped ON rollercoasters that were in some manner fucked up, with cars dangling on high.   616 more words


Life as theater or as investigation

I saw a quote that said something like life is theater, why focus on being who you really are when you could be whoever you want? 634 more words


18th of June 2018 - Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey 15:10

If you are looking for the entry in the morning, it is here.

I am not feeling that well. I have the “burnout syndrome,” the highly famous syndrome which happens to every Dutch worker when they received their permanent contract. 707 more words


We need another reformation

to be honest, i don’t know how long more i want to remain in this church.

just came back from this year’s camp and a bittersweet taste lingers in my mouth. 1,257 more words

I'd Rather Trust My Readers Than Write A Successful Blog

Lately I’ve been reading a blog about blogging. As far as I know, the writers don’t profess to be Christians, but the point of their blog has nothing to do with religion anyway. 438 more words


New Moon - Condensing Peace

The last several weeks since I finally lost my temper a the phobic and unhappy “bride” living in my converted garage have been very uncomfortable. Potent nasty silences have been common and gifts given to her over the last year here have covertly been returned, wordlessly, to the household.   575 more words

Pagan Life

Here's what I know so far: Losing Fat

The first thing I learned about losing weight is that weight doesn’t matter. If you start working out you burn fat and build muscle and your weight won’t really change. 941 more words