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Thursday Tarot - Moving Right Along

Yesterday was a long day, so my Wear the Tarot choice seemed odd to me as the day began.  The High Priestess?  Really?  Well, yes, every card drawn from a declining stack will eventually come up.   630 more words

Pagan Life

Four Thoughts For This Year ... And Beyond

This year is a mid-term election year, when we are going to be electing members of the House of Representatives, a number of Senators, state legislators, and many governors. 794 more words


Sunday Are We Still/Again/More at War Tarot

How do you write of small ordinary things like tarot navel gazing, when you lie awake at night wondering just how far afield ego and mania might take your country while your eyes are closed?   863 more words

Pagan Life

The American Pragmatists by Cheryl Misak

This is an entry in a series called The Oxford History of Philosophy, written by an expert on the philosophical school known as “pragmatism”. Here’s how Oxford University Press describes the book: 605 more words


Fitness Friday: If I Could Start Again From Scratch

Fitness, as I see it, is a broad, catch-all term for not feeling like a piece of shit.

So for me fitness started with vitamins. I started taking vitamin D in the winter four, maybe five, years ago and felt better so I never stopped. 725 more words


It Came From The Other Side (Digimon Tamers- Episode 4)

(Check out the previous episode review HERE. To go back to the beginning of this series, click HERE)

The battle against Renamon is over. 1,486 more words


Using Pragmatism to Reconcile Religion and Science

This was written over several days and finished up in a coffee shop with a blonde roast at my side, and Antonio Vivaldi classical sets in my ear. 4,009 more words