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Foggy Bottom

(Harbert, Michigan) So, it would seem March is going to creep out on tender cat’s paws, after roaring in on lion’s claws.  So be it, and so be with me now as I venture down to the lake with my Canon PowerShot for a shot or two of that fog that former Harbert resident Carl Sandburg fancied so.   109 more words


Shore Shots

(Harbert, Michigan) The Lake they call Michigan, she is a changing’, and one need only visit daily to witness the amazing melt-down: 31 more words


Polar Patrol

(Harbert, Michigan) The Breach/McKelvy Polar Expedition set out from Dune Road Sunday and hiked over dune and more dune to reach the partially frozen lake.  However, it must be reported that one member of  113 more words