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Travels with Charley: Fountain Delight

(Indiana Dunes State Park) The stars aligned Thursday for a wondrous bike ride to this “primitive, beautiful, historic and amazing landscape” where I camped as a member of Boy Scout Troop 607 so many moons ago.   393 more words

Lake Michigan

Fun with Photography

(Harbert, Michigan) Thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Sue Krusack, I can now operate my Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS digital camera to greater effect.   132 more words


Impressions of Winter

(Harbert, Michigan) One could easily see a situation in which one could get the impression that winter is impressionistic.  Meaning, one should grab one’s water colors and brushes and paint some impressions of winter. 17 more words


Winter Walker

(Harbert, Michigan) There was enough snow and cold Friday afternoon for a walk on my Winter Walker snowshoes down to the beach and back.  And, yes, as Sue Krusack reported, the ice shelves have returned.   142 more words