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April: The Untold Heroism of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Ma

I finished a reading challenge! *Pats self on back*

Then again, this month’s challenge asked me to pick a book from my childhood, and Little House on the Prairie‘s target audience is, what? 1,482 more words

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Do I Have to Do Laundry on Mondays?

I did not grow up on a typical northern prairie farm.  My family has always lived out in the country in “the hills.”  My husband (from here on called “Farmer”) calls us “hillbillies.” 791 more words

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Surviving -40*C

It has been well over a week since the temperature outside was anywhere above -20 degrees Celsius. On Christmas Day, Winnipeg was colder than Mars, colder than the North Pole, colder than you can even imagine (unless you’ve lived it, that is). 548 more words

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First Snow! + my fav sugar cookie recipe

Yesterday was our first day of real, here to stay, snow!

Normally, I am not jazzed about receiving this much snow in one day. On a regular day, it happens over night, and it means waking up to cleaning off the car, praying it will start, and fighting off a panic attack all the way to work. 393 more words

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If you're S.A.D and you know it, clap your hands

You know that absolute gut-wrenching feeling you get while coming down from a really fun night out? It is a mix of nostalgia for the fun you were having just an hour ago, a home-sickness, and a panic that the sun is starting to come up and you are going to feel awful, very soon? 420 more words

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YVR->YWG: One Year Later

The start of August marked one whole year of living in Winnipeg again. In that time, my partner and I acquired a second pup, a REAL house (not a condo!), some cross country skis, a second car (that I actually drive to and from work every day), some new friends, new neighbours, and new neighbours that turned out to be old friends. 858 more words

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