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Thirty Years Later

Last night was one of those nights where the stars aligned.  I’m sure it had happened before and it will happen again. The feeling is similar to scoring an “A” on a test or project where a serious investment in time was required. 706 more words


running with llamas

Once in a while, on a Sunday afternoon, you need to run in back pastures with leggy llamas. You need to race the wind across an empty prairie, golden grass underfoot and wind in your face, and everyone watching and cheering and laughing. 168 more words


What's For Lunch?

So, I probably should have been doing work/reading/exercising/doing something moderately productive, so of course I was on the Internet, but look at what I found. Written in 1916 by a teacher named Nellie Wing Farnsworth in Valley City, North Dakota, it is an instruction book on everyone’s favorite subject in school… 256 more words

Ressurecting My Father

In the prairie where dinosaurs have laid their bones, so too are the bones of my childhood. And yet, I admit, I have more knowledge about the past of the dinosaur than I do about my own. 600 more words

Falcon Lake: Whiteshell Provincial Park

August 10, 2014- My 2 year olds love to swim. I brought them to the pool when they were 5 months old and they were both a natural.  113 more words

The Wonderful World of Cisterns

A long time ago people used to think of ways to conserve water, thus helping the environment and the sustainability of the earth.  Groovy huh? :)  And we thought recycling was a new concept!! 581 more words

Small House