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My Faith in Action

People will see the title of this and assume that I’m trying to cram my religion down their throats. That is definitely NOT the case. Yes, I’m a Christian but I’m the type of Christian that doesn’t like when people try to force me into liking things, especially other Christians! 649 more words


Praise Band - June 6, 2015

Yesterday I was approached by the lead guitar/singer of the Praise band.  He sat down at my table at chow and said, “You are going to lead 3 songs this week.”  I was like, “What are they?” and he told me. 199 more words

Eddie Paul

A friend of a friend-Carlton Mansfield-Larry Pittman-June 7

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for June 7, 2015. 914 more words

A Friend Of A Friend

Lights, Sound, Holy Spirit.

One argument I often hear used to condemn something in the church is the idea that the Holy Spirit doesn’t need __________ to move and work in people’s lives. 280 more words


An Objective Look At Organs

This is pretty much a direct response to another blog which I won’t bother linking because it’s not important. The only reason I bring it up is to clarify that these are not original thoughts. 907 more words


But Where Will They Serve?

One argument I’ve heard for churches to keep their choir and not switch to a praise band is that when the choir isn’t there, those choir members will no longer be able to serve by leading worship through singing. 423 more words


Traditional Hymns vs. Contemporary Praise Choruses

Recently a college classmate friend of mine and I were discussing the positives and negatives of traditional worship and contemporary worship. Our conversation reminded me of this story: 506 more words