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Surveillance Infrastructure Novel

As weird as it sounds, that’s what “The Watchers” is, but it is also written by Shane Harris who has something of an academic/journalistic background, which the subtitle “The rise of the American surveillance state” clarifies. 128 more words

Pragmatism ... the All-American philosophy?

Robert Talisse on Pragmatism.  “Pragmatism is a philosophical movement that has dominated philosophy in America from the early 1900s to the present day, argues the philosopher and political theorist. 7 more words

P0: Philosophy In General


Hello everyone out there in the blogosphere!  For the Americans out there, I wish we could bring back the old Republican Party. I don’t recognize this one. 849 more words


Biblical Discernment in a World of False Teaching – Part Six


“How is your church doing?”  It is a common question asked among Christians.  I have found that what people usually want to know when asking this is, “How are the churches ABC’s (attendance, buildings, and cash flow)?”  Unfortunately, too often man will use these measures to gauge success.  762 more words


Truth and Pragmatism

If you ask any American why the Civil War was fought, you would get a variety of answers. It would be interesting to compare a survey of Northern and Southern states. 393 more words

Book Review