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On romance, pink earrings and literal translations

Some Friday morning thoughts…

mi amour

my love

en kathale (Tamil)

I wake up trying to translate this into Malayalam. Doesn’t work – something is amiss. 601 more words

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Pranav pranayam

Pranav pranayam is the last seventh pranayam.In this you have to concentrate on your breath inhale and exhale.this is one kind of meditation.

Pranav pranayam should be practices in early morning with empty stomach.Any age group can perform this pranayam. 83 more words

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Udgeeth pranayam - Chanting Breath

Udgeeth pranayam is most easy and simple pranayam.you should do this after all pranayam (Breathing exercise).In this pranayam you have to take deep long breaths inwards and chant “om” while breathing outward.it is also called as chanting breath techniques.the inhaling and exhaling duration should be long in this pranayam. 199 more words

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How Your Nostrils Can Bring You Happiness

Try something with me. Take a compact mirror or your index finger and place it underneath your nose. Breathe normally. Hold the mirror or your finger under your nose for at least ten seconds. 463 more words


Bahya pranayam - External Breath

Bahya pranayam (External Breath) is named from Sanskrit word Baahya mean external and pranayam mean breathing technique.

In this you have to breath in and breath out than kept breath out side during the process.therefore this pranayam called as Bahya pranayam(external breath or external retention). 270 more words

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Kapalbhati pranayam - (Shining Forehead Breath)

Kapalbhati pranayam is most popular and better benefit pranayam at all.

Kapal mean forehead and bhati mean light or shine.it rise glow in your face.In this you have to focus only on breath out activity. 312 more words

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