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How much does Yoga matter?

When we talk about Yoga,first man whose image occupies our mind is “Ramdev Baba”.He sort of reached each and every household through his daily TV show in the morning.He challenged the so called incurable diseases for which Allopathic treatmnt just showed its helpless face.We Indians always have the mentality that spending more money,going to a renowned doctor will surely cure our disease , but something like Yoga would cure our diseases is rather difficult to accept.How could rubbing our nails , grow hair on head or doing stomach in or out could cause miracles.It appears more like a circus,when Ramdev Baba performs on stage which can be clapped for but not tried. 726 more words


International Day of Yoga

June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin over 6000 years ago in India, aims to integrate the body and the mind. 1,456 more words


ethu verum vakku alla oru manusheyinte manzilum sugantham parathunna oru manusmrithy athanu pranayam

Young Generation


Vira means a hero or a warrior.

Difficulty: 1


1. Kneel on the floor. Keep the knees together and spread the feet a few inches apart. 105 more words