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Rama - the simplest form of Pranayam

Today is Ramnavmi, the birthday of Lord Rama. The idol of baby Rama is being worshipped by Hindus all over the world.

It is known that Lord Rama was born in the Satyuga (golden age) and he was an avatar of Lord Vishnu, a great king, idealist and lover of mankind. 388 more words

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Thank you AJ

I’ve been in semi retreat mode amidst the chaos of everyday life, happy to be quiet. There’s a fullness in this silence and it would be very easy to slip away when no one is looking. 213 more words


പറയാൻ മറന്നത് ....

അതായത്, പ്രവേഗം=ദൂരം/സമയം
“മനു, മനസ്സിലായോ?”
പാതി മയക്കത്തിലായിരുന്ന ഞാന്‍ ഞെട്ടലോടെ പറഞ്ഞു, “മനസിലായി സര്‍”
ഒന്‍പതാം ക്ലാസിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ട്യുഷന്‍ ക്ലാസായിരുന്നു അത്.എന്താണെന്നറിയില്ല ഒരു തവണ മാഷ് നമ്മടെ
പേര് വിളിച്ചാല്‍ പിന്നെ ആ ക്ലാസില്‍ ഉറക്കം വരില്ല.എന്തായാലും ഫിസിക്സ്‌ മനസിലാവുന്നില്ല,എന്നാല്‍

Kapalabhati Pranayam

According to Baba Ramdev Kapalabhati is “Sarva Rog Nivarini” meaning it kills all diseases.

I started doing Kapalabhati Pranayam along with the other Pranayams to shed some pounds. 168 more words



Lately I have seen posters of “Yoga for abs”, ” Hot Yoga”, “Power Yoga”, ” Go-to Yoga”….

I wonder what they do in these sessions. I once went to one of these sessions, for purely investigational purposes. 203 more words


Pranayama to increase haemoglobin

Following is a Pranayama Program to increase haemoglobin in the body:

1. Kapalbhati
Begin this breathing exercise with 100 strokes. Increase 100, each weak, till 600 strokes. 159 more words

Importance of Yoga- Recently Narendra Modi requested to declare Yoga divas in UN

People do lot of investment on life insurance in order to get financial stability after any accidental illness or financial stability for family after death. But it is said by Mahatma gandhi “It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver “, it is your good health which make your mind very clear and keep it calm. 146 more words