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A Sixth Grader Was Forced To Write This Apology Note After 'Deez Nuts' 911 Prank

One of the sad casualties of our modern technological era is prank phone calls. Once a hilarious way to send unwanted pizza to your neighbor’s house or make local cable access call in shows infinitely more entertaining, prank calls are now a relic of bygone times being that¬†everyone has caller ID, if they even answer their phones in the first place. 178 more words

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That Rural Drive

I see a lot of things on my daily drive to work. My drive consists of the bustle of a college town, the insanity of an interstate highway, and the sheer senselessness of winding back roads. 941 more words


Your Condoms Have Arrived At CVS otherwise known as "How Not to Prank Call an Exorcist"

Dinner is my favorite time of evening. This is because I enjoy eating food after lunch but before the following breakfast. When I am able to prepare dinner for my family in the relaxing circumstances of a clean kitchen while watching the Travel Channel, I feel happier than a Hindu pilgrim reaching the Ganges on bathing day. 861 more words

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Don't Mess With Fanny!

A few people…too many people…have heard about me now. ¬†Whether it was from the news coverage about the little girl that got away, the unfortunate incident with my husband, or the books written by… 96 more words

Italian Man Hangs Up Twice On Pope Thinking Its Prank Call... We've Got 3 Solutions To Prevent This In The Future...

Yahoo News Digest reports that an Italian man hung up on the Pope two times because he thought they were prank calls.

The man had been selected for calls from the Pope because he wrote a letter to him, and apparently the Pope answers mail. 153 more words


4/11: Today I Learned

The only time a private number calls to make strange noises in your ear is when you’re being prank called. Still, my girls made my night <3


PhoneNumber.us.org Thinks It's Hilarious Michael Jackson Used To Prank Call Russell Crowe

In general, PhoneNumber.us.org is against crank calls. In fact, one of the reasons why people use the PhoneNumber.us.org database is to avoid them. But sometimes it can be fun to be a little naughty, which is why the PhoneNumber.us.org staff is amused by Russell Crowe’s complaints that he used to be angered by prank phone calls from Michael Jackson. 257 more words