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Side-Effects of a Vegemite Challenge - the loss of ones eyebrow... (with video)

Not the usual quality of my posts, but none the less could be funny…

Supposed to do a Vegemite Challenge, been pretty crook lately and have not be able to do it, this was the punishment… 11 more words


13 Effective Possible Ways to Prank a Blogger

1. Split Personalities

First of all choose your victim. The best type of victim is the one you motivate a lot with positive comments.

Next, create a different account. 127 more words


This July 4th fireworks prank shows why you should be careful around things that go, Boom!

As night falls, some will break out the fireworks, and this video, while a prank, has a good message — be careful.


Youtube, Hiburan Baru Yang Kekinian | Buat Yang Bosan Nonton TV

Tidak dapat dipungkiri kalau siaran pertelevisian Indonesia terutama pada jam-jam prime-time hanyalah itu-itu saja alias monoton. Didominasi sinetron, ajang pencarian bakat, semua stasiun televisi berlomba-lomba saling tiru sana sini. 220 more words


Guys eagerly volunteered to practice CPR on these hot beach girls. See why they were sorry.

If a couple of good looking women asked a guy to practice CPR on them, the answer would be obvious — absolutely. The guys that eagerly answered yes were pranked. Check out their reaction.