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joke on the road (20160828)

the street runs through
a good, quiet neighborhood
though cars drive too fast
zipping through crosswalks
where stop signs should stand

amusing themselves
two boys took an orange cone… 125 more words


TMRD-761 The Interview VOL 150 Came Also Your Place Women Toka Ma Girls Toka Dojoyaburi

Atena Eizou, Athena, Documentary, Electric Massager, Humiliation, Kanou Aya, Miyamura Nami, Prank, rape, TMRD-761, Tomino Iori, Yoyogi Tadashi #AtenaEizou, #Athena, #Documentary, #ElectricMassager, #Humiliation, #KanouAya, #MiyamuraNami, #Prank, #Rape, #TMRD761, #TominoIori, #YoyogiTadashi… 12 more words

So The Whole Cricket Lady Story Was A 'Prank'

NYPost: The woman who caused a massive panic on a crowded subway train by releasing a swarm of crickets admitted to The Post on Friday that she orchestrated the disgusting stunt in an attempt to go viral on social media.  254 more words


SCOP-406 And Try To Send A Gal Professional Deriheru At Home there This Child Have Seen Somewhere

Beautiful Girl, Creampie, Gal, Genius Hiza, Humiliation, K.M.Produce, Prank, Prostitutes, SCOP-406 #BeautifulGirl, #Creampie, #Gal, #GeniusHiza, #Humiliation, #KMProduce, #Prank, #Prostitutes, #SCOP406
Watch Jav Online http://javmobile.net/censored/k-m-produce/scop-406-and-try-to-send-a-gal-professional-deriheru-at-home-there-this-child-have-seen-somewhere.html

The Present Wrapping Prank

Hello Earthlings!! Now, this is a really fun prank to do if you’re going to a birthday or Christmas party were presents will be opened in front of a lot of people. 374 more words

Why I wanted to abandon my little cousin?

So the reason why I wanted to abandon my cousin and leave him was because of how he drinks. A few years ago on Lunar New Year, I took a bunch of my cousins out to 7 Leaves (boba shop) close to my house. 464 more words

[Listen] Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Please Leave A Message

[cbs-audio-player title=”” artist=”The J Show” download=false image=”https://cbsb96radio.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/march-28-2016-1.png” url=”https://cbsb96radio.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/carmen-8-26.mp3″  station_name=”Carmen’s 7am Crank Call” station_logo=”http://cbsb96radio.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/logo_b96-140.jpg”%5D

Carmen is calling to leave a message for her boss’ girlfriend. 19 more words