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Pranksteurgh not prankstars

It’s humor at its most basic form, I won’t pretend that I have a bloated sense of humor I enjoy the occasional fail and face-plant. But damn, these social media pranksters sicken me… 116 more words

Pranking People on Facebook with Song Lyrics

Pranking people on facebook with song lyrics
Hey guys!
Over the last week I have been pranking people with facebook names that match song lyrics. 57 more words

Pushing the Envelope – An Appreciation of YouTuber Vitaly

It’s the era of technology which means it’s the era of pranks and pranksters. Everybody who’s anybody with at least one account of social media is pretty much aware of how much fame pranks tend to bring youtube stars like… 474 more words


PR-team Adventures

Since finding some sweet deals for you can be quite hard in Vancouver, we are changing our blogposts a bit. We are still aiming to find great offers for you with the Smart Saver Vancouver, but we will only post the blogposts every other week from now on. 337 more words


April Fools' Day: Survive A Prankster's Prank!

It’s that time of the year again when all your Prankster friends come to life! From the pits of their mischievous lair, they’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes; rest assured you’ll be one of their targets. 575 more words


April Fools Day Ideas!

April Fools Day is the one day in particular, when you should not believe everything you hear! Instead of trying to fool all you lovely people, this year we have decided to give you some inspiration instead. 241 more words

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