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21 Tricks That Took Phone Pranking To A Whole New Level

Don’t beat the troll. Be the troll. 1. The “Literary Aficionado”. Jake Lambert @LittleLostLad Follow A fun game to play, is to text a friend asking where they are, then text them as though you’re telling someone else. 120 more words


Apparently, I have been the target of Anonymous…

So I’ve read up a bit.

Well, that explains a lot. For example, teenagers can be excused for having the type of reasoning that seemed to be behind the attacks or whatever you want to call the silliness flung in my direction and the complete blindness to consequences. 378 more words

TechLegalWoman's Opinions

Best Pranks Ever!

Hey wonderful people!

Feeling that you are liking to prank someone? Or need some source of entertainment? Pranking is the best way to have fun and shame other people. 64 more words


The young and the foolish

Young and foolish, isn’t that what they say? Being young doesn’t allow us the wisdom that comes with age, but who is to say that every decision a young person makes is far from wise?Making choices is hard I guess when you are young and just about every thought and emotion you experience, makes you feel that you need everything now or it feels like it’s going to be never and when you can’t get what you desperately think that you need, everything feels like you’re facing the end of the world. 4,502 more words

Fridge Prank - Girl Sneaks Out and Scares the Crap a Friend

This is a personal favorite. This hilarious prank is too good. A girl smooshes herself inside of the fridge and awaits her friend. He opens the fridge and she pops out – scares the crap outta him! He falls to the floor!


Laughter, Medicine for Life - Gags at P&G

Life is short.  We all need to laugh.

Written about in several stories, (like one of my favorites here), I like making people laugh and I’m not above pulling a few pranks on people I like to get those laughs.  3,034 more words


Dad Prank - Father's Day -- Scare Cam!

In the Spirit of Father’s Day…!

Hilarious Dad Prank, Caught On Camera. “ButtHead”