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YouTube: BF VS GF

As a result of my boyfriend’s YouTube habits, I have now become SO obsessed with YouTube. It’s gotten to the point that I am more interested in YouTuber’s lives than the lives of my friends (if my friends could condense their day into a 3-5 minute video with a lot of nifty camera angles then I’d be equally as engaged!) ANYWAY, I’m always talking to people about YouTuber’s that I’m interested in so I thought I may as well start blogging about some of my favourites! 251 more words

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The Band-Aid Prank

In the past I’ve written about mixing fake cat vomit, leaving incriminating liquor bottles around the house, and bringing horror-food to life, all in the name of mankind’s oldest pastime– pranking. 469 more words

In Poor Taste

The “Me” No One Knows is absolutely Hilariouz!

I am a prankster and a full blown comedian! I know right, who knew?

Once a stranger spends a few minutes in my presence -their reaction is alwayz…You’re funny! 100 more words



Rickrolling people is one of my favourite hobbies, so I decided to write about it. Go check it out at Cultnoise! Look, here’s a link to make it easy; 105 more words

Georgia Can't Shut Up

"How to Design a Magical Life," from Atlas Obscura

I found this via Twitter today. It’s not about roleplaying games, exactly, but it’s really easy to see connections between this kind of thinking (and pranking) and games, particularly larp. 193 more words

Roleplaying Games

Daft Punk - Back Once Again

Just when you thought that the horse was dead and had been flogged beyond a bare semblance of a carcass…we get Daft Punk. At the trash fence. 184 more words