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Don't Mess With The Nurse!

Southern California. A sunny afternoon.

A tiny life ring bobbed at the far end of the pool, where a cluster of children splashed and played. 1,883 more words


The Ghost Calls: A 1.5 Year Prank

I live with five roommates in the back half of a three-story house. We have been living here for three years, and about a year and a half ago, these weird phone calls began to occur. 730 more words


The worst April Fool's Joke Ever

First, I have to address the fact that I truly feel that Jesus is smiling down on me with all of the pop culture goodness that has been bestowed upon me this week.   488 more words


In honor of this year’s April Fools’ Day, I would like to share a prank I did on my mom! I basically tell her I’m doing an all mayonnaise diet in order to eat healthier – I love her reactions and always have fun teasing her! 88 more words

April Fool's Day - "Pretty Little Liars" inspired prank

Big thanks to Maqdus – my prankee – for being such a good sport!

April Fool’s Day, 1:52am.
I am tired. And cold. But I have to do this. 369 more words


Phillips Phunny: Pranking A Company That Scams Seniors

A guy prank called a company that scams senior citizens.

Jack Vale runs a YouTube channel called “Jack Vale Films”, where he posts prank videos. And his newest one is pretty good, because he pranked someone who actually DESERVED it. 130 more words


Does this Happen to You?

 It happens everyday.

Seventy-seven percent of all students get bullied either physically or verbally. 282 more words

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