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Growing up, my brother was a bit of a practical joker and loved scaring me. But not only did he prank me, but he often pranked my mom. 199 more words


Fun With Henchmen

This story directly follows on from Flab and Glob.

For my sixteenth birthday, I asked for nothing but money. I daydreamed about what I was going to spend it on during the days leading up to my birthday but when I received the money, I suddenly had no idea what I was going to spend it on. 1,357 more words


'ONE OF THE BEST SENIOR PRANKS': Cops praise Wisconsin students who pretended to crash car into principal's office

CUMBERLAND, Wis. — Police had praise for students who created an illusion for a senior class prank that appeared to show a car had crashed into the principal’s office. 84 more words


Eew: Four Teens Face Charges For A 'Prank' That Involved Cupcakes & 'Bodily Fluids'

I don’t know what’s going on in Connecticut, but four high schoolers in the area took a prank so far, I’m questioning their emotional and spiritual well-being. 323 more words



Have you ever had something happen to you that was so insane it couldn’t be by accident. Like all the forces of the universe conspired to have you in a certain place at a certain time. 832 more words

How To Liven Up Grocery Shopping - Or NOT..

I had a lovely long conversation with Titselina Bumsqueak who reminded me of several ‘Things I Have Done’. Honestly, sometimes it feels like she just doesn’t appreciate the lengths I go to and the depths I plummet for her benefit. 584 more words


Prank Call: Roy Wood Jr. Makes A Man Mad Enough To Get His Gun [EXCLUSIVE]

Roy Wood Jr. has met his match. He spoke to a mechanic and blamed him for causing trouble to a ladies car. Roy mentioned that she needs her money back and he’s coming form it. 241 more words

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