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Watch "these pranks make you laugh" on YouTube

Super funny pranks check it out I hope it makes you laugh.


Buckeyes fan mows 'Ohio' onto unsuspecting Michigan fan's lawn while he's out of town

College rivalries know no bounds – even when a neighbor agrees to lend a hand – and this Michigan fan is going to learn that the hard way. 129 more words


DED: Donut Email Dongle (part 1)


In many offices (my own included), leaving your computer unlocked when you aren’t using it is heavily frowned upon for obvious security reasons. Responses vary from place to place (there are good posts on this by… 1,026 more words


Client pranks (part 1)

June 3, 2016 — Facebook Memories

My client just ‘accidentally’ sprayed me right in the face. Shower nozzle hit me twice! Pretty sure I saw a smirk on her face when she did it too. 12 more words


First Camp is Going to be Hard to Beat!

We knew we would like the campers at our first camp of the year when 4:00pm rolled around the first day and no one was there yet. 338 more words

A new generation of pranksters is born

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written several days ago, but I’ve been slacking pretty hard recently and didn’t see this until now.  Let’s just call this a special post-Father’s Day article.   197 more words

My Top 10 Favorite Youtubers!

Hello Hunnies,

So in todays blog I was inspired by Julia – The Honey House blog post she did a little while back on her favorite 10 youtubers. 958 more words