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11 Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

#ApriFoolsDay. My sister and I teamed up with this tradition at a young age tiptoeing around the house in an attempt to plan the perfect prank on our parents. 699 more words


John Oliver Asks Everyone To Take His No-Prank Pledge Because April Fools' Day Is Terrible

April Fools’ Day — especially on the Internet — is awful, and somehow everyone sticking the apostrophe in the wrong place has very little to do with it. 150 more words


April Fool's Day ideas

So, I am leaving the Harry Potter memes for a while.

April Fool’s Day is coming and it is the day we play pranks on each other. 91 more words

April Fool's Day

April Fools Day

When my Father and Uncle were alive, April Fools Day was a perilous time.

You had to taste the sugar because it could be switched with salt. 289 more words

Life In General

Organised Chaos: Week 8 of DTS

What a busy week! From snake killing, to brownie making, to a proposal, to face painting, to lectures on the Levitical covenant… It’s been hectic! 617 more words

Gapyah 2014-15

Review: The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson

Saving the school — one con at a time.

Jackson Greene has reformed. No, really he has. He became famous for the Shakedown at Shimmering Hills, and everyone still talks about the Blitz at the Fitz….

423 more words