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Pranks Vs. Harassment

(Warning: Some strong language ahead.)

Everyone loves a good prank, right? They can be quite a laugh sometimes and all in good fun. I mean, that’s what April Fool’s is all about! 658 more words


Phillips Phunny: Chris Evans Pranks Fans As Captain America Doll's Voice

Watch Chris Evans prank some people with a “talking” Captain America doll.

“Captain America” star Chris Evans had some fun recently pranking comic fans as a “talking” Captain America doll.


Kiss/hug and run

Where do people get ideas of fun from? What’s viral in India is a guy kissing/hugging women and running away. It’s a prank, apparently. Other popular videos seem to be those where young boys scare women into thinking they are going to touch them. 352 more words

This Woman's Hilarious Prank On Her Muslim Mom May Have Backfired

There’s a fine line between pulling off a great prank and having one blow up in your face. When you’re pranking someone you love it’s really easy to cross that line and when you’re pranking your own mother, well… 260 more words


They Were On A Date When His Crazy Ex Suddenly Shows Up, THIS Is What Happens Next…

There are people who can’t get over with their ex and that’s a reality. What if you have a date and your date’s crazy ex suddenly shows up? 92 more words


The Guardian - 'Chamber of Rats': Mexican parliament renamed in Google Maps prank

Apparently pranking Google Maps is just a regular thing now. From The Guardian: ‘Chamber of Rats’: Mexican parliament renamed in Google Maps prank. “Pranksters changed the name of Mexico’s lower house of Congress to the ‘Chamber of Rats’ on Google Maps on Tuesday in the latest dig at the political class during a testing start to the year for the country’s government.”

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