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Watch Jason Mantzoukas Talk About His Astonishingly Mean Failed Prank Show

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The aughts were a weird time for television, man. For every Joe Millionaire or Simple Life, you had dozens upon dozens of copycats. 220 more words


The Parent Trap

It’s good to break a child’s brain at such a young age.

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Dude Throws Live Alligator In Drive Thru Window

LOVE this one. A Florida (obviously) bro (24) was arrested for literally hurling a live, three and a half foot alligator into a Wendy’s drive thru window. 576 more words

Suns veterans filled rookie Devin Booker's car up with packing peanuts

The old “fill a rookie’s car with something” prank claimed another victim.

Suns rookie Devin Booker was the unfortunate soul this time around. His veteran teammates loaded his car with packing peanuts. 160 more words


Into Thin Air

Julian Dauphin is a magician. Making people wonder what the fuck is happening is his end game. Magic is lame, but this isn’t.