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Prashant Bhushan snubs rumor mongers. He tweets "I am fine - Abusvie crowds can't deter me form public duty"

It is people like Prashant Bhushan that make us Indian proud. In a era of in justice, corruption at every level, in times when it is hard to assess who is who and what is what, where we lead and where we are. 306 more words

Swaraj Abhiyan Offers to Build "National Farmer's Memorial at Race Coarse on August 10th" Urdu Media Coverage and SA Press Note.

Press Note, July 30

Jai Kisan Andolan offers to build National Farmer’s Memorial at Race Course on August 10

Farmers from all over the country will converge at Delhi for the Jai Kisan Rally on Monday, August 10. 1,372 more words

Yogender Yadav.

Why Tharoor and Bhushan are wrong about Memon's hanging

Shashi Tharoor says state-sponsored killing reduces us to murderers, hinting that the decisions of the president on mercy petitions are, in effect, taken with inputs from the government.

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Swaraj Abhiyan Leaders Protest at Delhi Race Coarse. PM served notice - Demanding Delhi Race Coarse be converted to Farmers Memorial. ( urdu media news )

Urdu Media coverage of Swaraj Abiyan Notice to PM Modi and protest at Delhi Race Coarse on 26 th of July 2015. Senior leaders of Swaraj Abhiyan on move on a mission to get rights to the suffering farmers who at the verge of getting cornered by anti people anti farmer Land Acquisition Bill of Modi Govt, which in all reality is worst than British Land Acquisition act of British Raj of 1894. 174 more words

Join us in our Tractor March from 1st to 10 th Aug "No rest till we get justice for our Farmers" Yogender Yadav - Jai Kian Andolan ( View 5 Videos )

Are you ready to show your concern and help farmer fight his battle for survival. We at Swaraj Abhiyan have taken a oath we will not rest till we ensure the farmer is taken care he gets minimum prize for his produce, compensation for loss of crop in event of natural calamities and no one dares to take the land of the farmer with out his wish and with out getting right worth of his land. 744 more words