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Are The Discworld Books Overrated?

Terry Pratchett is one of the most famous British writers and his Discworld series has been read by millions. He has been praised by many as one of the funniest writers and master of the fantasy genre. 2,228 more words


Wear the lilac and speak his name 2017

12th March 2015 – the year we lost my favourite author Sir Terry Pratchett. In one of his books his characters pay tribute every year to a disaster that happened by “wearing the lilac”, something akin to wearing a poppy every year to remember World War 1. 46 more words


Status Update #7

Hooh boy. There’s a lot to catch everyone up on so let me just jump right into it.

My research advisor recommended that I take a look at the introduction to the introduction of Sarah Vowell’s  491 more words

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Status Update #4

Originally, after finishing The Wee Free Men, my plan was to start Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber and begin to sift through more scholarly materials. 757 more words

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Status Update #3

The Wee Free Men:

If nothing else, I want to incorporate the first three chapters (60 pages total) of this book. I think that it poses interesting questions relevant to the class about what makes a witch and how people’s perceptions and prejudices often cloud their judgment. 220 more words

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Other Men's Flowers

Or women’s, as it happens to be the case, but I simply love the phrase. One of the most distinguished British military commanders of the Second World War, Lord Wavell, published a popular… 1,538 more words