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Other Men's Flowers

Or women’s, as it happens to be the case, but I simply love the phrase. One of the most distinguished British military commanders of the Second World War, Lord Wavell, published a popular… 1,538 more words


Three Days, Three Quotes - Day One

I have been nominated for the «Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge» by the beautiful Harriet from A Ballet of Life. I have never been nominated for anything before, so of course I’ll do it! 594 more words


9 Reasons Why 2016 was a Good Year, Monster-Wise!

Game Changing Monsters

Frankenstein; Or, the Modern Prometheus

My Review

Why I Loved it:

This is the book that launched a thousand books! Written at such a young age, I find it amazing how Mary Shelley changed the world of sci-fi forever. 448 more words



Fantasy is something we all use to help us escape the world around us. In our minds, we can create a world different from what we live in but also one that we recognise and control, making everything around us something somehow familiar yet different. 289 more words


Piekło Pocztowe

Terry Pratchett pisząc “Going Postal” zapewne nie spodziewał się, że gdzieś na ziemi istnieje miejsce, w którym rozgrywa się akcja tak bardzo przypominająca tę z jego książki. 506 more words


Happy Hogswatch! The problem with Fantasy Holidays.

Happy Hogswatch – the problem with Fantasy Holidays.

Fantasy holidays, by which I don’t mean a month in the Seychelles, but a holiday set in a fantasyland, can be quite trick. 321 more words

A Writer Gets A Word In

Directors Blog: A Monstrous Production - The five things I learnt about filming

Evening all!

So, Saturday morning (early, way too early) we congregated at the Uni to make the trailer for Monstrous. I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve been involved with filming anything. 604 more words