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Funny Books

When last week I mentioned P.G Wodehouse and his writing, especially the Jeeves novels, it got a little worm running round my brain. Essentially: what is a funny book? 803 more words


Mirror's Edge - Faith Connors

Yeah, I know, another game-based character… but ya’ know – they are my thing. Games.
And dolls.. And being nerd ;-)
BTW – did you know, that… 451 more words

Mattel OOAK Dolls

Couch Potato Consumes Media #4: Night Watch

Today’s is the traditional book for late May and inarticulate sadness. Night Watch, like any number of Pratchett’s early and mid-series novels, is an alternate fictionalisation of canonical literature, in this case… 1,111 more words

Couch Potato Consumes Media

The Man in the Golden Hat

While my favorite Terry Pratchett stories are those following the Night Watch and Sir Samuel Vimes in particular (because of the themes they explore and the cast of characters in each of them), my favorite Pratchett character is Moist Von Lipwig. 795 more words


Overwriters -v- Underwriters

First of all, let’s just be clear: there should be no negative connotations for being either an Overwriter or an Underwriter. These are not criticisms of style, but rather indications of the starting point of your writing process. 1,547 more words


Series Review - Discworld

Discworld is a wonderfully funny disc shaped world carried on the back of a turtle. It is a wacky, weird, hilarious fantasy world. If you like Douglas Adams you’ll love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld! 11 more words


A Physical Resurrection

Easter Theology

In the back of our rationalist mind there’s an uneasiness about Easter. A certain voice echoes back there, the one that says “Jesus didn’t really, physically rise from the dead, that’s just stupid.” Folks call it a “powerful metaphor.” Marcus Borg even describes it as a “wonderful idea” but the whole “physical Jesus rising in a physical body from a physical grave?” Oy, the things these simpletons believe! 943 more words