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Series Review - Discworld

Discworld is a wonderfully funny disc shaped world carried on the back of a turtle. It is a wacky, weird, hilarious fantasy world. If you like Douglas Adams you’ll love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld! 11 more words


Chapter 1 - The Sulphurous Stone

If you stand on the hillside just north of the idyllic village of Riverhome, you can just about make out the dread citadel of Xaos. It resembles a nightmare shard the colour of dried blood which rises from the ash-blackened ground in teetering layers. 2,414 more words


A Physical Resurrection

Easter Theology

In the back of our rationalist mind there’s an uneasiness about Easter. A certain voice echoes back there, the one that says “Jesus didn’t really, physically rise from the dead, that’s just stupid.” Folks call it a “powerful metaphor.” Marcus Borg even describes it as a “wonderful idea” but the whole “physical Jesus rising in a physical body from a physical grave?” Oy, the things these simpletons believe! 943 more words


Some Damn Good Omens

I very rarely recommend anything I haven’t completed, whether it be a movie, TV show, book, etc. But I’m gonna today. On my way back from Nashville, I bought… 368 more words


I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett

Oops, someone has massively procrastinated and is behind on her reading. But, I’m on Easter break now so I’m gonna catch up!

Week seven was ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’, the penultimate Tiffany Aching novel. 478 more words


Fun read of the day

I’ve gone through quite a strange transformation when it comes to what I like to read, and I am still occasionaly surprised by what I end up enjoying. 401 more words