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A nice surprise :)

I got my hands on a few pre-owned volumes of Discworld, and among them:

Looks authentic, here’s a link to official discworld.com and signatures look the same. 10 more words


A response to Graeme Whiting, the fantasy-hating headteacher

A number of the national UK newspapers have reported on a particular blog post from Graeme Whiting, the head teacher of an independant school in Gloucestershire, called… 1,458 more words


I've Got to Say it, Or I'm Not Human: Soul Music

SINCE STARTING THIS PROJECT, Anne and I have spoken frequently and enthusiastically about Pratchett’s depiction of women in Discworld. True, we looked somewhat askance at some of his early female characters, such as Bethan and Conina, who despite intriguing, even subversive set-ups often failed to fully deliver on that initial promise. 1,274 more words

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Stocking the bookshelves

I had to buy myself some new bookshelves. Actually, I spent yesterday’s evening putting together three bookcases, because I’m running out of space. Quickly. 648 more words


Death Never Misses An Appointment

But not being Death, I do…

Amid finals, planning Ph.D exams, and baking my way to successful procrastination, I may have slightly just a bit sort of missed the deadline and not had an image ready to go for  61 more words

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A vital ingredient of success

It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you’re attempting can’t be done.
— Terry Pratchett


Effort and Load: Rereading Reaper Man

“The Death of the Disc was a traditionalist who prided himself on his personal service and spent most of the time being depressed because this was not appreciated.

1,151 more words
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