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Quote of the Day 8-30-16

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

-Terry Pratchett


Introducing "Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents"

First Published in 2001 • #28 in the series • #6 in the Death story arc

Maurice is not your average cat. Behind that cool feline gaze is a brain that an encounter with magic has rendered…rather human. 353 more words


"Printers have persecuted me without a cause"

I’ve been aware for a while now of the existence of early Bibles with interesting errors or errata, but I still find them fascinating. I first heard about them in high school, when I read Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s… 480 more words


New Adventures

The IFLA tour went well, we got lots of complements on our branch. Our management team survived long days at the conference. We’re getting into the swing of the school year, our Homework Help Center is already going strong. 575 more words


Olympic Weekend

Spent most of the weekend with my parents watching the Olympic Games in their Air Conditioned hotel room. Yay, A/C. It was fun, I remember watching the olympics and other sports with them when I was growing up, it was a good time together. 142 more words


Firsts: 'Small Gods' by Terry Pratchett

TW: mentions of post-trauma and mental health

Slight spoilers ahead

To many people, reaching the age of 21 and not reading a Terry Pratchett may be a genuine surprise. 709 more words