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I Aten't Dead. I'm Mostly Dead. Mostly Dead is Still Alive. And I Will Survive!

Granny Weatherwax isn’t known as a spelling bee champion. Not at all. But her spelling abilities were enough to keep herself from being buried alive while she traveled outside her body.  136 more words


How to be good at the end of the world and other musings (A January of books)

I spent the first month of January steeped in books and words (yes, even more than usual) with my first Jaipur Literary Fest experience providing the added impetus and inspiration. 1,991 more words


The Color of Magic - TV Mini-Series 2008

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The hubby and I watched The Color of Magic last night.  Having recently read the book, I was better able to compare it to the movie.  361 more words


So, what would YOU do about education? Part 2

This is a brief mention of possible alternatives to what we have done with education. As usual, I do not claim to be an expert. 519 more words


The Shepherd's Crown - Terry Pratchett

I thought I was ready to read this book, more than a year after Pratchett’s death.

It turns out I wasn’t as ready as I thought. 343 more words


Susan Sto Helit Costume

I went to Sheffield Film and Comic Con in 2014 and revamped my Susan costume ready for it. Unfortunately, the scythe we had before had a little accident with the floor and I’d been meaning to make it more canon, so I took the opportunity to hurriedly upgrade the scythe. 367 more words


The Official Death of Rats Plush

I promised I’d show off the new Death of Rats plush when it arrived, and here he is, enthroned on the book shelf. He’s really nicely made, and I love the manic grin. 67 more words