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Esto no es lo que quería escribir hoy. Pero tampoco quería que mi pollo picante lo fuese tanto, así que… 1,140 more words


Ottawa ComicCon Day 2: Pro Photos

Day 2 of Ottawa ComicCon (Saturday) I went as Death from the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels. In these novels, Death is an anthropomorphic personification that is generally regarded as a male skeleton, with glowing blue eye sockets, in black robes, who is about seven feet tall. 221 more words


Staggering Stories and Fantastical Fiction

Storytelling is what makes us human. It allows us to make sense of our world, to verbalise the unknowable and explain our place within it.  The power of stories comes from their irreverence. 918 more words


President of the Rings - politics and fantasy

Just so you know: there’s politics in my fantasy world, because there’s politics everywhere.

To which you might well reply:
“We’re overrun with politics now; can’t we have a break please? 371 more words

A Writer Gets A Word In

The Genome Wager - scenes from an Italian restaurant.

There is something quite remarkable waiting, biding its time, in the cellars of the UK’s Wine Society. Actually I’m sure there are numerous remarkable things in the cellars of the Wine Society and sure as Alan Sugar, I’m not going to taste any of them! 1,003 more words

A Writer Gets A Word In

Yet another Pratchett post

(It’s almost starting to feel like we have a little bit of an obsession, isn’t it?)

Night Watch, first published in 2002, was written during what I think of as Pratchett’s Golden Era. 320 more words


15 Quotes that'll make you want to pick up Good Omens, asap!

500 points to everyone for visiting this because i’m feeling generous today :P 9 more words