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Why I unsubscribed from The NY Times

I normally steer clear of politics on my blog posts but some injustices have to be addressed. While reading Tim Ferriss’ “Five Bullet Friday” an email I get every Friday, one I highly recommend, I came across the story of Bari Weiss @BariWeiss on twitter. 597 more words

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Глава 2029: Truth, Really?

“Speak freely,” he said,

as if it was an option.

Truth versus freedom.

(To be continued…)



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pravda deep state #1

It is obvious that UFOs brought COVID-19 to our planet. But leaders choose to ignore this clear fact because it better serves political instincts to blame China. 67 more words

Slobodan Milošević ni(je) pod lipom

Srbija je imala Slobu. Od kraja osamdesetih pa do pred kraj 2000. većina ga je volela. Znala su ga deca, mame, tate, bake, deke. Stariji su kasnije, promenili mišljenje o njemu, pa su ga u grob pod lipom u dvorištu kuće u rodnom… 380 more words

On This Day (January 28)…The Hammer (and Sickle) Drop on Shostakovich

Today in 1936, Dmitri Shostakovich opened Pravda, the state newspaper.

Pravda logo. Retrieved from here.

Within it was an article titled “Muddle Instead of Music”, a scathing criticism of his opera… 255 more words

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