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The wrong Pastor

Amidst the euphoria of the finding and calling a new pastor this week, the question ‘Supposing it doesn’t work out? How do we end a pastorate? 480 more words


Pray for your Pastor

The best way to support a servant of Christ is to offer prayers on their behalf. Do you pray for your Pastor?


Help Wanted

it is Monday August 3, 2015. as most of us (who work days) are heading in to work, there are men and women who wake up reeling from a spiritual high to begin the futile search of different employment. 303 more words

What do you see?

What’s the deal with these images? I see them and others like them everywhere these days. I guess it’s supposed to be a penitent man in a posture of praise. 13 more words

Pray for Your Pastor

Today I got a text from my husband who is a family pastor.  He told me that he was at the hospital with a family.  This family was losing their 16 year old child.  270 more words

5 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor on Sunday Mornings

As Christians, we know we ought to pray. But often our prayers can be pretty generic—“Lord, be with Bill.” God’s presence isn’t a bad thing to pray for. 758 more words

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Pray for your Pastor

Just a simple reminder to #prayforyourPastor :) pray for the vessel that your pastor is opening up himself to be , that God uses him to deliver His Word. 81 more words

The Most Important - God