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Become a Selective Mute

Okay, so picture this. A young lady parks her vehicle in the middle of traffic while waiting at the red light, gets out with a metal club in hand, and proceeds to go after a peanut vender all the while exchanging very ungodly words with him. 443 more words


March/15: Pray for

Points to pray for this month

Networks to be creative in preparing for June Mission.

The Marriage Course in May, for the right people to come and find support and encouragement.

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Feb/15: Pray for

Points to pray for this month…

Children’s Weekend Away
Pray for the group of Explorers that are going away for the weekend to explore God, connect with each other and have lots of fun!

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Pray For...

Be Encouragers of God’s Messengers

The Holy Bible (The Contemporary English Version – 1 Thessalonians 2:2-6): God gave us the courage to tell you the good news about him, even though many people caused us trouble. 888 more words


Pray For ...

If u have a safe place to sleep be thankful. There is someone tonight with no place to call home that wishes they were in your shoes. 170 more words


Autumn/14: Pray for

Points to pray for this month…

Our Networks to reach out and find people to invite to church this term.

The stewards and welcome team…

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We grow through our struggles, pray for the strength to carry on.