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A Ray Of Hope: Live a life

We indulge in our same & busy lifestyle every day whether it is enjoyable or not. Perhaps, life has become so monotonous. So, we must do either some different things or some things differently, those could be apart from our daily usual workings so that ultimately we can understand, what is life exactly ? 159 more words


Covid-19 Vaccine Development Cycle

Vaccine Development Lifecycle: Prayaas-ek pahal

Covid-19 Vaccine development cycle is in process. Here is a look about the complete process of developing vaccine so that to aware ourself for trying to cope up with its affects during this time period and remain our efforts to resist it effectively. 12 more words


Prashn Manch: Lockdown Support For Students

Prayaas-ek pahal

Its an initiative to help students from all walks of life, we put an effort to provide them a helping hand.

प्रश्नमंच, A Question forum, 59 more words


Mother's Day: A ray of love

Mother’s day is the celebration of mother of the family and the power of motherhood. It’s a celebration of honoring our mother for each and every efforts she do for the benefit, success, happiness and so many other things for the family. 161 more words


Back to home - Lockdown:

In this pandemic situation, there are lots of problems which are being faced by a common man of country. In addition to the fear of covid-19 disease, country man is facing lots of challenges and living a struggleful life. 177 more words


Result of corona awareness photography contest:


Friends !!! “Prayas-Ek pahal” social institution started mobile photography contest based on theme “Corona awareness- using props” on 20th April 2020 and deadline of this contest was 30th April 2020. 136 more words


Humanity during covid-19 lockdown:

Our health is on their priorities in this pandemic situation. So we must not do any violence, exploitation or any kind of harm to any volunteer and public property involved in prevention of this pandemic situation. 80 more words