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Finger Labyrinth: Prayer Project Weeks 10 and 13

(For more on my Prayer Project resolution, go here.)

A few weeks ago, I printed out a handy-dandy finger labyrinth from The Labyrinth Society.  If you need to keep little fingers busy and minds calm during a service or prayer vigil next week, this is a great resource! 414 more words

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Answered Questions About The Prayer Project

In a story you shared in “The Prayer Project”, you called job hunting an ungodly practice. Why?

I was in my twenties, living at home, and I had to find work. 578 more words

Allen White

Hand Prayer: Prayer Project Week 4

After a few weeks of prayers that were a little more intensive in the project department, I wanted to focus on a way of praying that was more “portable.” I was kind of floundering but then, while sitting in prayer pose in a yoga class, I was reminded of the hand prayer. 403 more words

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Prayer Chain People: Prayer Project Week 3

I remember begging my mom to make me a people chain.  It was unbelievable to me that she’d cut out just one person then unfold the paper to reveal a whole chain of people holding hands.  361 more words

Gratitude Jar: Prayer Project Week 2

Have you ever taken a walk and looked around, only to gasp with amazement at the beauty around you? You know, when you suddenly feel a little disoriented because you’re sure that you have walked right into someone’s watercolor painting, a stunning landscape of crisp golden grass against frosty earth? 846 more words

Epiphany: A Prayer and a Storm

On the 12th day of Christmas…

I had a great plan for an Epiphany prayer. I wrote the prayer, I set up candles around the nativity and I waited anxiously for it to get dark.  759 more words

Prayer of the Heart

matterofprayer blog post for Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prayer of the Heart

I have been visiting, thinking about, and praying for several members of my congregation. 409 more words