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Desire not damnation for anyone

You might not like the way some people act in life. You might not approve of their sins. That’s fine but don’t wish damnation for them. 469 more words


Reading the news for prayer needs

When reading the news be it in print or online, you may come across various bad things which happen. Though you believe in Christ, remember that you live in a fallen world which is in rebellion against the principles of God. 933 more words

Prayer Tips

Prayer for Persecuted Christians

O Lord God we come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your only begotten son. We thank you for every blessing that we receive from you. 533 more words

Prayer Tips

Pray to God in good times too

It’s good to pray to God in desperate times. And it’s even better to remain prayerful in good times as well. Do not forget the Lord Jesus who gives you salvation and grace. 1,029 more words

Prayer Tips

When in desperation pray

What is your reaction in desperation? Are you so overwhelmed by the problem that you panic? What about your faith in God? Do you pray to God in such cases? 233 more words

Prayer Tips