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A Little Confession of a Pastor

There are two places in life that you dread going into but you always leave feeling satisfied: gym and prayer meeting.

My church has a prayer meeting on Monday evenings where you’ll see some God-hungry people flock in to pray, worship, meditate and intercede for others. 490 more words

A Call to Prayer

The urge to write this post has come unbidden to my mind so frequently in recent days that I believe it is God’s idea.  So I’m doing as I’ve been told. 766 more words

What to do when you get life changing news

Life doesn’t always go as planned, that’s a given, but sometimes you get news that changes your life forever.

Here’s what to do when that happens. 395 more words


3 Benefits of Being Single

Hi All,

The single life, some love it some hate it but it’s important if you are someone struggling to find their purpose before entering into a relationship. 38 more words

I hope you will consider attending the Aspire conference in Austin.  This should be an amazing night!


Speaking of God

When I was a pastor some people addressed me as “pastor.” Others called me “Pastor John.” Some called me “Preacher” and a few referred to me as “Reverend.” If they asked what I preferred, I usually said, “My friends call me John.” But what about God? 571 more words

When you pray for rain - you'll get a flood.

This may be ironic considering North Carolina’s position with the current weather lately; however, this is perfectly relevant to us, and what prayer looks like. How many of us have just PRAYED so diligently for something to happen whether it be big or small? 524 more words

The Life Of Ich