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An Outpouring of Gratitude (Or, Skaði Throws Me a Bone)

This past week, my meager savings account was reduced to zilch, thanks to the unforgiving way the self-employed are taxed.

Every last bit of money I had managed to set aside from… 1,239 more words


prayer 4.12.15

What Will Be Word And Thought From AB this morning… i sit, waiting in quiet to see Emergence, Arrival, Showing Forth In Outpouring Of LIFE. soft rains cascading gently in forest, covered in green. 1,115 more words


Out of the mouth of a child...

It’s a wet, rainy Friday night and I’m sitting in the living room by myself.  My oldest just called to check in from College Station, my youngest daughter is at a friends house, and my sweet boy is playing on his computer in his room.  428 more words


Study: Prayer does nothing.

Your factual Hellbroke Lucy treat for the night.

The most extensive prayer study was held at Harvard and was sponsored by several by several large churches, with the conviction that they’re ideas of prayer would be justified by scientific study. 131 more words


One, Two, and Three...

I’m in bed, as usual, typing this entry to you all. However, I am exercising while doing this entry, too. :) I’m doing leg lifts. I’m trying to take it easy as I do them because the stitches are still in me and I don’t wanna pull them out before Wednesday. 106 more words


Sadly, we must share that Cardinal Francis George took his last breath this morning after enduring a long battle with cancer at the age of 78. 22 more words


Backwards Prayer Request

Dear Lord,

I just got back from the meeting. The other two members of “the Jesus trio” really touched my heart this evening. They pulled me aside and told me that they wanted to pray for me. 261 more words