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This tragedies of this past weekend had me reflecting on how much pain there is in the world. Sadness and brokenness is an everyday occurrence. My students feel the weight of that. 603 more words


The Power of the Media

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

On the right of this picture are five helmets provided by the landlord of this house as a safety measure in the event of any earthquakes that may occur, since my family first bought the house. 757 more words

Maailm on hulluks läinud

Ilmselt nagu miljonid teised inimesedki, olen ma praegu väga segaduses ja hirmul. Iga nädal, kui mitte iga päev, tuleb aina uudiseid erinevatest õnnetustest, plahvatustest, sõdimistest ja tapmistest. 719 more words

Prayers for More

This writeup came out: Our Mourning is Broken: Paris and Privilege.

I cannot be so bold to agree with him that “the world’s call for collective mourning is due to our obsession with the preservation of whiteness” 414 more words

Personal Space

HUMANS LACK HUMANITY - After Paris massacre, the world turns blue, white and red for France

Before becoming a Muslim, a Hindu, A Sikh or  A Christian let’s become a human first – Guru Nanak Dev  

So here we are, a day after the Paris attacks were 129 died in the suicide terrorist bombings.

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Finally on my knees

Dear Lord,

Let the Spirit groan on my behalf, for I don’t know what to ask of you. Bereft of words, I’ve searched my brain, my heart, my gut, my vocabulary, looking for a familiar feeling, a reason, a thought, just something familiar, to start making sense of this bemoaning world, but I’ve only found incapabilities.  368 more words


L'amour vaincra la haine.

Listen to L’origine Nascosta by Ludovico Einaudi

Suicide bombings in Baghdad and Beirut. Earthquakes across Mexico and Japan. Terrorist bombings in Paris.

The world is in a state of despair, and all I can manage is to feel. 56 more words