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God is the same wonderful God of both the Old and New Testaments. His character has never changed.  Some people however, have a misconception that the God of the New Testament is more loving than the God of the Old Testament. 3,406 more words


Prayer|For the sick

Father God we’re coming to you right now believing that you’re going to send angel in each and every room of the sick right now.Lord we know that you are a healer.We know you are a healer because some of us was sick just this week and you brought us through surgeries and through our illnesses.Connect every broken bone,mend the hearts of those who has had a cardiac arrest,heal those of diseases that doctors said they couldn’t be cured of Jesus,heal the mentally ill right now Jesus!
In Jesus name

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Embarrased by the Supernatural?

Here is a good critique of the anti-supernaturalism that is so much rampant among Western churches, denominations and theological traditions.


African Theology

Ministering to Surgical Patients

According to one doctor, if you think the surgery is minor, consider that any time the surgeon picks up the knife, and the anesthesiologist is called, it is serious. 86 more words

Heaven Touches Earth

Ministering to Young Adults and Adults

Note that when ministering to young adults as well as adults it is often easier for women to express their feelings and for men to ignore or stuff their feelings. 95 more words

Heaven Touches Earth

There is Power in the Word of God

The Bible is an inspiring, encouraging, and reassuring resource when dealing with sickness and suffering. There is power in the Word of God. Albeit we don’t understand, God has a purpose in allowing sickness and suffering. 156 more words

Heaven Touches Earth

PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant ...March 4, 2015

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(I am a) Magnificent Mess


I am a sinner

Likewise, a saint

Can be a winner

Also an “ain’t”

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