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Psalm 119:153 - 176 | Part 20 (Resh), 21 (Shin), and 22 (Tau) / 22

Resh: Verses 153 – 160

Father, we thank You, that You are our Redeemer and our Deliverer. Father, we ask You to do a reviving work in our lives according to Your Word. 376 more words


Psalm 119:121 - 152 | Part 16 (Ayin), 17 (Pe), 18 (Tsadde), 19 (Qoph) / 22

Ayin: Verses 121 – 128

Father, we come to say, “thank You,” for another glorious day! Father, no matter if it is raining or snowing, You are still Abba, and we choose to glorify You no matter what the people have to say. 426 more words


Nun and Samek | Psalm 119:105-120 | Part 14 and 15 / 22

Nun: Verses 105 – 112

Father, we thank You, that Your Word is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. Father, we ask You in the Name of Jesus by Your Spirit to help us to keep our feet upon the path called righteousness lest we should stray and wander into unknown territory. 363 more words


Lamed and Mem | Psalm 119:89 - 104 | Part 12 and 13 / 22

Lamed: Verses 89 – 96

Father, we are eternally grateful to You for who You are. We are a thankful people who believe that Your Word is forever settled in heaven and that Your faithfulness endures to all generations. 368 more words


Yod and Kaph | Psalm 119:73 - 88

You” Verses 73 – 80

Father, we thank You, that You formed and fashioned us with Your holy hands. Give us understanding, Lord, that we may come to know and learn Your ways. 292 more words


Heth and Teth | Psalm 119 Part 8 and 9 / 22

Heth: Verses 57 – 64

Father God, we thank You, that Your are our portion in the Land of the Living. Father, we choose to obey Your voice which is Your Word and we pray You would grant us Your divine favor since our desire is to seek You with every fiber of our being. 385 more words

Praying The Psalms

Waw and Zayin: Psalm 119:41 - 56 / Part 6 and 7 /22

Waw: Verses 41 – 48

Father, we praise and worship You for Your  mercies and for being the saving strength of our salvation. Father, we will place our trust in Your Word which is Your Voice. 460 more words