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God Revives Me

Chronic fatigue and illness have permeated all aspects of my life. Physically I am less able, relationally I often feel less connected, and emotionally its sometimes hard to keep from being swallowed-up in it all.  718 more words

Chronic Fatigue

from Psalm 119

Thy statutes have been my songs
in the house of my pilgrimage.

Psalm 119: 54 (KJV)

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Delighting in Obedience

I haven’t mentioned my history with depression and anxiety before, but they’re as chronic as my fatigue and illness, just less prominent. Today is one of those days that I just wake up with anxiety – ugh! 631 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Our Source of Strength

Once again, I begin today exhausted and run-down, already desperate for rest. Chronic fatigue and chronic illness often leave me feeling unable, overwhelmed even. Yet I know, like the Psalmist, that God’s Word contains the power to restore. 452 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Please Don't Give Up On Me!

This week we prayed through Psalm 119:1-8, 8-16. If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to do that right now. Open to Psalm 119 and turn the words from the Psalmists into yours, one verse at a time. 647 more words

Chronic Fatigue

"Deep calleth unto deep"

Deep calleth unto deep *
filling my heart with hope
greater than my mind

* The first line of this poem is from Psalm 42: 7 (KJV).

Ellen Grace Olinger


Psalm 90: 17

And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us:
and establish thou the work of our hands upon us;
yea the work of our hands establish thou it. 24 more words