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Christian, don't have a 'quiet' time

Christians shouldn’t have ‘quiet’ times … Make it a noisy time where you really get verbal and tell your Heavenly Father the stuff that you can’t say in front of any other soul. 22 more words


Benefits of Praying the Psalms

I am always praying the Psalms and encouraging others to do likewise, as this short, succinct article discusses (see below) …  

1. If you wish you prayed better, with more heart, with words worthy of God, learn the psalms. 740 more words


July morning

July morning
and praying the Psalms . . .
bird songs

in loving memory

for Irma Alice Brandt
September 4, 1916 – July 11, 2016

by Ellen Grace Olinger


Pastor Haydn’s Devotion – When Worshipping God 'Makes' You Groan (17th of July 2016)

One of the best things about the prayers in the Psalms is that they do not hold back, and the person praying is able to unload onto God how he really really feels in all brute, ruthless honesty without pretence or ‘cherries on the top’.   847 more words

2016 Devotions

How Long, Oh Lord? (Psalm 6)

Not long now and every enemy will be put to shame. You, Lord,  will smite them with the sword of Your mouth and cast them into outer darkness and eternal suffering. 377 more words


Praying the Psalms (Psalm 5) (We Pray to You)

Where shall I direct my prayers? Only to you, Lord. Only You understand. You hear and you do right. Not only do you hear my prayers, but even my cries. 461 more words


Praying the Psalms (Psalm 4)

O Lord, will you answer me when I call to you?

My sins were like crimson, but Jesus washed me anew. My good deeds done in the flesh were as filthy rags to you, but your reconciled me through the blood of the cross and my works, now done in the power of the Spirit, are a sweet aroma unto you. 392 more words