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Thinking of buying a property, but don’t know where to start?

Thinking of buying a property, but don’t know where to start?


Step 1

In these uncertain times, I believe it’s important to get all parts of the process working together.   561 more words


Who is the MortgageGirl?

Who is Jackie Woodward the MortgageGirl?

Jackie began her career in the financial industry over 35 years ago where she started as a Bank Teller with one of the big 5 banks. 414 more words


Can I still buy a home if I have bad credit?

YES! You can buy a home- even with bad credit.

Your Credit Report is one of the most relevant items a financial institution will use to determine the risk level of lending you money. 438 more words


What is a rate hold?

A rate hold is the length of time your interest rate is held for, it’s used to protect the borrower from rising interest rates. 

If rates go up before your rate hold has expired, you are entitled to the original lower rate that was held for you. 470 more words


Wait....a Pre-Approval??

SO you are in the talks for a new home or maybe even your 1st home!

How exciting!

You are out riding around one day and see the perfect home for sale…..(calling realtor now)! 554 more words

1st Steps

Read This Before You RENT-TO-OWN

The new mortgage rules may have some borrowers exploring home ownership alternatives, one being a “rent-to-own” option. You may have heard about doing a rent-to-own for furniture, appliances or electronics, well, it applies to home ownership too. 938 more words


Unravelling The Mortgage Challenges Of Going From Pre-Approval To Approval

Pre-approval and approval are terms we hear thrown around a lot in real estate, and yet all too seldom do homebuyers know what’s necessary to secure one in the first place. 945 more words