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How great is your credit score?

Your credit report is a vital part of your financial profile. Not only is it used to determine if you qualify for the best mortgage rates… 928 more words


The Right Way To Buy A Condo

A condo or condominium is one of a group of housing units where each homeowner owns their individual unit space, and all the dwellings share ownership of the common areas. 888 more words


Mortgage Insurance Changes: Downpayment

You may have already heard about the upcoming rule change affecting the minimum downpayment on insured mortgages. I want to break it down so it’s clear how this new change affects your current and future mortgage financing options. 316 more words


Should I rent or buy? Take the quiz now

All you have to do is write down the letter that best describes your current financial situation and then count how many of each letter you have. 843 more words


Where there's smoke, there's fire

A fall fire in the back yard reminded me of an old phrase that can apply to credit ratings, which is always a hot topic in the mortgage industry. 739 more words


I Now Pronounce You Happily Mortgaged

Okay, maybe that is not the first thing that comes to mind immediately following engagement. If you have marriage on your mind, it’s more likely that you’re probably also thinking about where you’re going to live when you begin your life together. 814 more words


6 Ways to Build Your Credit From the Ground Up

Limited or no credit? You’re in good company.

One in 10 adults in 2015 is “credit invisible,” meaning they have no established credit with a nationwide reporting agency, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 1,289 more words

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