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Horny? Titty Fucking Is A Lot Of Fun! #Tits #TittyFuck #PearlNecklace

Hmmm do I have a hot story, for you!! Follow the link and get ready!

If You care to share with me, your story…please feel free to do so, at ANY time! 6 more words

Phone Sex

Sweetie 3.14

I know what BDSM stands for but not YMCA and I went to that hell hole for years. What in the blue fuck… priorities.

And if I hated anything it’d be ketchup pre cum. 108 more words


Does Madhee (thin white viscid fluid) invalidate Sawm?

Question: One Ramadaan day, I sat beside my wife for about half an hour while we were both fasting. We were having fun with each other. 151 more words


Wednesday, 28th May 2014

I’m confused by an online advert for ‘natural lube’. Where on earth do they obtain that from? They can’t be farming it, surely.


A Welcum Messenger: virtually cumming together

Post dodgy threesome Schmuck and I lost our sexy mojos. For the first time I can remember, the two days after the dastardy deed, I hadn’t woken up with an ache in my pussy that needed to be sated. 846 more words

Every Day Thoughts In The Affair

Who said romance is dead??!!?

The things I have to do to get into ‘Fuck’s’ Elle MacPherson’s these days. OK. So we did romance on Friday night. Well a few Peroni’s in TW10. 234 more words

Every Day Thoughts In The Affair