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Culture shock: clubbing in Berlin

Exeposé Features online (16 August 2015)

Okay, we should probably stop speaking English now,” my friend muttered.

It was getting close to 3:30am, and we were about to reach the front of the queue for Tresor, one of Berlin’s infamous underground Techno clubs.  810 more words



August means summer, sunshine and of course MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Woohoo getting older and older but that doesn’t mean I have to grow up.

This year I decided to get creative with my birthday and have a 90’s themed pre-drinks party before heading to… 141 more words

66. Maybe it's because I'm boring?

Last weekend, I got together with one of my oldest friends (with whom I used to party regularly), & due to the impending nature of her 25th birthday… We decided it would only be fitting for us to engage in some nostalgia, & rip it up like the good ol’ days. 494 more words


Top 10 pre drinking songs

Whether you’re with some mates before the big night out or even having a full on party, there are certain songs that NEED to be on your playlist. 322 more words

Prinks anyone?

‘Down it, down it, down it!’ The members of flat 5 chant as Sarah realises she has turned over the last king in the deck of cards spread across the table during a game of Ring of Fire.   1,533 more words

The essentials for Pre Drinks

So you’ve got a great night planned, you’ve chosen your outfit and that Tesco value vodka is chilling. What’s better to start the evening off, than with prinking (meaning pre drinking.) This list will ensure that you have the best pre drinks and you may not even want to leave. 306 more words

Five ways to make new friends

Making new friends at University is quite a scary thing. You don’t know anyone so where do you start? Well here are my tips to help. 447 more words