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Trump Administration Move Imperils Pre-Existing Condition Protections

The Justice Department has announced it will not defend the Affordable Care Act in an ongoing lawsuit brought by 20 states that challenge the legality of core pillars of the law. 66 more words


The Justice Department Abandons the Law, the Constitution

❝ A continuing challenge of covering the three-ring circus that is the Trump administration is not letting the outrageous antics and statements of the president and his allies distract attention from the outrageous policies being implemented on his watch.

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The Death Knell of the Affordable Care Act

The current administration announced Thursday that it will not defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA) against lawsuits from a number of conservative states.

Texas, among others, has brought a lawsuit against the ACA challenging the constitutionality of aspects of the law which protect those with pre-existing conditions. 291 more words


Unbelievable: Trump DOJ Refuses To Defend ACA In Court

Pre-existing Conditions Protection Will Be Taken From 130 million Americans.

Do you feel like you are at war? The current government is doing all it can to make your life painful all in the service of giving tax breaks to the wealthy.  726 more words

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Random Thoughts from a Bouncing Mind

There are so many truly horrifying news stories today, most of which have some connection to Donald Trump, that I didn’t know where to even begin this morning as I sat down to write my afternoon post.  863 more words

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Dear House of My Killers

Dear House of My Killers,

Sometimes in the midst of being sick, there are days when where the sadness takes over. Sometimes on those days when my hands hurt too much to type, and my legs hurt too much to get out of bed, and my stomach is too sick to want food, I start to wonder if maybe it’s time to let go. 1,431 more words

India Network Visitor Health Insurance Announces Special Visitor Insurance Plans

Dr. KV Rao, Founder President, India Network Foundation says, “Visitors should stay away from health insurance plans that have pre-existing condition coverage with acute onset definition if they have pre-existing medical conditions. 628 more words

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