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The Return of Healthcare as an Issue

Incredibly, both the Democrats and the Republicans wanted to talk about the same subject yesterday. No, not the Barr letter. They wanted to talk about healthcare. 441 more words


Paging George Orwell

During the 2018 midterms, the Republicans hit the campaign trail claiming they were totally focused on making sure that there would no erosion in the requirement that health insurance companies cover people for their pre-existing conditions. 760 more words

An Open Letter to Congress about Rare Disease Research

Dear Congress,

Today (the last day of February) is Rare Disease Day. All over the world, people with rare diseases are coming together to spread the word about our illnesses and recognize our suffering. 622 more words


Existing Barriers To Accessing Affordable Care In The Post ACA Era: The Impact of Barriers To Care on the Underinsured Accessing Affordable Health Care.


Barriers are a fact of life for most Americans. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, there have been stark political and public discussions about its success and failures. 142 more words

A Closer Look at President Trump’s Vision for Lowering Prescription Drug Costs: Real Substance or Vague Proclamations?

I cannot in good conscience talk about the health policy agenda proposed by President Trump in the State of the Union without first countering his persistent promotion of divisive fear tactics related to immigrants depleting the social safety net. 616 more words

Health And Human Services

It is SO good to be in the majority!

What do the Democrats stand for? If you’re tired of hearing that from people, give them this list. These are the issues the Democrats are tackling first now that they have the majority in the House. 280 more words


Insuring Health Insurability

The latest blow to Obamacare went down just before the holidays when a federal judge in Texas ruled that the individual mandate was unconstitutional. The decision will be appealed, so it will have no immediate impact on the health-care law or insurance markets. 1,142 more words