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Election Day Matters for People with CVS

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, November 6 is an important day for America. In order to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, the framers of the Constitution gave most US citizens the solemn duty of voting. 436 more words

The Fallacy Of ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’

What is a pre-existing condition? This is strictly an insurance term that was created to characterize a particular health condition a person applying for insurance may have. 129 more words

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Poll: The ACA’s Pre-Existing Condition Regulations Lose Support When The Public Learns The Cost

Days before the 2018 midterms, 60% of Americans say that health care is very or extremely important to how they plan to vote in this year’s elections, according to a new… 74 more words

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Vote on Tuesday

I’m not one who generally speaks out publicly about my political thoughts. I have discussions with family and friends but never with the whole world (or those who are now reading my blog), but I felt moved to speak out now. 1,002 more words


What Is On My Mind Today? Jeff Johnson For Governor!

A few weeks ago the Star Tribune published my letter about living with cancer and mean people. I know for fact that Jeff Johnson is not one of those mean people. 481 more words