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Haiku Quintet: As Usual, Republicans Love Smoke And Mirrors

“Replace Obama – care with Single Payer; keeps – promise, solves problem”

“If you have a pre – existing condition, say – ‘Thank you, John McCain'” 52 more words


Uh oh! The preexisting conditions!

Here are just a few of the preexisting conditions for which you could be denied health insurance, if Republicans succeed in repealing Obamacare protection.

Basically, we are mighty sure just about everyone in America will have one of these so-called conditions…

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GUEST COLUMN: Graham-Cassidy is a Category 5 catastrophe for Florida's families

GUEST COLUMN by Tim Heberlein

Hurricane Irma may be over, but Florida’s families will face the storm’s aftermath for months to come. Those with the greatest barriers and least resources before the storm will face the greatest hardships in recovery, especially low-income women and families who have suffered injury, lost wages, and displacement. 633 more words

Health Care

Stevieslaw: Someone Else

Stevieslaw: Someone Else

Now that patient’s rights groups, health insurance companies and the American Medical Association have lined up against the Graham-Cassidy health bill, Republican leaders have been assuring their constituents that any negative fall-out from the bill will only affect “someone else.” 94 more words


The Face of Obamacare

The bones inside my body look like swiss cheese. My brittle hip and lower back vertebrae are riddled with holes. Although I am only in my mid-40s, I have severe osteoporosis. 1,433 more words

Let's Talk Vomit

My first (and only) successful pregnancy was rife with complications from the get-go.  I lost more than 20 pounds in my first trimester because I developed this awful rare condition called… 562 more words

High Risk Pregnancy