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Why I Quit Being Pre-Med.

Oh the joys of pre-med.

I started college convinced that I was going to be a doctor. I love helping people and I love science, so being doctor seemed like the perfect way to fulfill both of those passions…. 1,838 more words


First Midterms of the Semester Done!

I completed two science midterms (biology and chemistry) yesterday. They were…easy.

But I should stop there before I get my results next week and find out I failed one or both of them. 171 more words


The OSCE (dun dun dun)

So, the OSCE was Wednesday.

Ok, so it was two days ago.  I took me a while to come back from my adrenaline crash!

But yes, our first OSCE was Wednesday.   743 more words

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Cooking: a work in progress

So, in the interest of something a little less polarizing (there was a premed 101 discussion that just got me all fired up – the rant has passed, I promise!), I’ve also been trying to actually learn how to cook this last month.   297 more words

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A Moment Like This

Yesterday, I got to go into The Ohio State College of Medicine cadaver lab with my neuroscience class. So cool and so fun! I held and observed brains, spinal cords and dissections. 309 more words


Biology Class Begins...Life Conflicts Immediately

I’m glad to be in class, but the semester hasn’t exactly started smoothly…

As a reminder, Biology I class has began for the semester. I have classroom from 6pm – 9pm on Mondays, and Lab from 6pm – 9pm (or so) on Wednesdays. 670 more words

My Junior Year Course Schedule

When it comes to picking classes at Rutgers, I’m extremely careful about my course selections. If I opt to take a class, I have to have (or find) a reason for wanting to take the class so I can sustain my motivation to learn throughout the full duration of the semester. 560 more words