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Over this past year, I worked as an MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) tutor. The MCAT is the most dreaded test of all for pre-med students. 806 more words

research vibes

medical school is ruthless. as an undergraduate student, it’s hard to fit in time to study and have a social life, but throw in pre-med requirements and you have a whole different ball game. 352 more words


The Adventure Begins

Well, after successfully completing my sophomore year at ETSU as a pre-med student (and only changing my major once), I am about to begin an entirely new kind of adventure: my first experience with studying abroad. 257 more words

Atlantis Project

Day Thirty: 7/18/16

I came in around 9am this day to analyze my (what I thought was failed) data with my mentor before re-running it all. As it turns out, my data was usable! 163 more words

Day Twenty Nine: 7/15/16

Today was a fairly quick day. I ran flow cytometry on my data but without anyone around to help I made some crucial errors. Luckily for me, since I preserved my cells I’ll be able to run them again next week and my 6 hour experiment will not be for naught!  39 more words

Day Twenty Eight: 7/14/16

I performed a large assay today, with 40 total tubes. It was originally to be 45 total tubes, but due to an error in the middle of the assay, it became 40. 109 more words

Day 1: Housekeeping and Sorting

… well it must be MORTEL

Day one was full of orientation and housekeeping items. We got our email addresses, took pictures for our ID badges, sat through a lot of presentations, oh, and we got sorted into our societies (houses).

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