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Why I Chose UMass

Junior year of high school I was taking all honors and advanced placement classes, in National Honor Society, and doing everything I could to solidify my acceptance into a “good” college. 482 more words


How to Study (and Dominate) Finals Week

It’s Day 6 of the Shape-Up Challenge! And like I promised yesterday, I’m dedicated to posting everyday even if it means I get up an extra hour early! 1,712 more words


Shape-Up Challenge Day 2

Hey everyone! It’s been 5 days since the start of the Shape-Up Challenge and I am sooooo sorry for not posting each day. I know that was one of my goals and I failed! 604 more words


50 Things About Doing Research as a Pre-Med

Ah yes the eternal question for pre-meds “do I need to do research?”

Technically, no you do not need to do research. Most schools do not require research experience, though if you look at stats, most people who get accepted to medical schools have done it. 1,300 more words


Why Being Type-A Is Actually a Good Thing

I have a bone to pick with all you type B-ers out there. You’ve labeled us type-A’s as too competitive, too high strung, too schedule-oriented, too impatient, too controlling, too this, too that, blah blah blah. 500 more words

Premed/Med Stud? I Cry With You.

Photo by site.psu.edu

I have been a pre-medical student for three years now under the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)/Medical Technology program, and I have different practices and techniques that kept me going on.

1,465 more words

Day 1 of the Shape-Up Challenge: Failing, BCAAs, and Saying No to Gelato

Hey everybody! It’s the first day of the shape up challenge and it’s been pretty weird for me because I’m still traveling!

I woke up this morning around 8am at my aunt’s house and had some steel cut oats with frozen blueberries and a Chobani Greek yogurt. 1,264 more words