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med sisters series: Anjum, OMS3

The Med Sisters Series is a series of interviews of women in various stages of their careers in medicine: pre-med, medical school, residency, fellowship and attending physicians. 1,954 more words


The Year of Reinvention - Part Two: Emergency Medicine and Phlebotomy

In the last post, I gave you a little bit of insight into what my past looks like. It’s not the most attractive set of circumstances to put on a resume, but it’s mine, and I’m trying to  547 more words

Undergrad + Pre-Med

Helping People

“My dream is to be a doctor. It’s good money and I want to be able to help people.

I’m going for my pre-med. I have 7 or 8 years until I’ll actually have the title. 57 more words


Pre-med Survival Guide

Recall the moment you’re about to get on a roller coaster and you look calm and collected to everyone else you’re with. And maybe you are at times. 504 more words

Future Doctor

I'm going to be a doctor!

I was accepted into UT Houston McGovern medical school on February 1st! I was absolutely ecstatic! I wanted to pass along some wisdom to any hopeful pre-med student that might stumble across my blog! 615 more words

Medical School

How pre-med degrees misuse college The problem with the mindless repetition associated with medicine

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~

If you ask a pre-med student why they want to become a doctor, you’ll probably get a variety of answers. Some might say they want to help people, others might say because their parent did it and many might honestly tell you that they don’t know. 668 more words

Opinions & Editorials

The ideal med school pet

So, I like pets.  I’m not an pet crazy person, but I do like animals, and I especially love the companionship that a pet brings.  Living alone in a difference province without my family has really emphasized how much companionship matters, so a pet has kind of always been on mind. 349 more words

Med Student