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MD Anderson Externship Reflections

It’s weird being back home in banal, lifeless Laredo after spending 5 weeks at MD Anderson Cancer Center shadowing some of the world’s best head and neck surgeons. 1,013 more words


On Creating Your Own Path

Their smiles were contagious. As the hot Ghanaian sun blazed above me, I could not stop thinking about how I could influence these children to live healthier lives. 640 more words


Still alive

Hi all – haven’t been on here for a while! It wasn’t due to me being busy though, I’m too lazy to be busy. In fact, I’ve been too lazy to update this blog for the past month, so I’ve been procrastinating from carry on my other source of procrastination (wow). 143 more words


Are You a Strategic Pre-med?

While attending medical school in Kansas City, I also completed business school. I realized that many business principles can be applied to aspects of life outside of business, like being pre-med! 262 more words


Student Submission: The Life of a Pre-Med Horned Frog

Pre-med is not just a college track that prepares you for medical school. It is a lifestyle. It is a journey. More importantly, being pre-med can be the biggest decision you’ll ever make in college. 713 more words

Doing What You Love vs. Doing What is Familiar

Recently I have been in a bit of a pickle when it comes to what I want to do with my life (see previous post). I have been stuck between doing what I’ve always thought I would do and what I am actually good at and enjoy. 347 more words


Austin College

Austin College (Visited 3/2/15)

Austin College, despite the name, located in Sherman, TX, about 45 minute north of Dallas near the Oklahoma border, NOT in the city of Austin! 992 more words

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