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Down to the River

There comes a time in life when one’s goals or dreams or wants or desires are put under scrutiny, much like a very drawn-out 2km race. 1,301 more words


Studying for the MCAT: Part 1

The MCAT is the Medical School Admissions Test for those just starting out. It is a lovely 7 hour test that you should set aside 3 solid months with endless nights studying, stressing, and worrying. 833 more words


Cup Full of Dedication, Brimming with Joy.

I took my first test in medical school!

To be completely honest, I felt awful for the majority of last week. My racing thoughts were filled with anxiety and stress, doubting myself and my potential to succeed in medical school. 345 more words


Post-Bacc Application Progress

Now that the applications for the Bryn Mawr College pre-med post-bacc program has been open for a couple weeks, I’ve been working through that. I don’t think I’m going to apply to very many post-bacc programs, but with the various linkages and the one year completion time of the Bryn Mawr program, it seems pretty well worth the effort. 575 more words

Lesson of the Day

Four year schools are very different from Community College. I had expected the classes to be more difficult than at a Community college but I did not expect to walk into the first class not knowing anything or not actively working on the material in the last two years. 37 more words