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Alvls (ew)

I’m sure many of you can empathise with me here. I hope, anyway.

I am literally so tired I can throw up any second. If there is anyone who has ways to make A-levels bearable then please, enlighten me. 178 more words


St George's

So a couple of days ago I went to an open day at St George’s, University of London and I absolutely loved it there – even the lecture theatres amazed me and the fact that you just see people rushing around like in an actual hospital. 337 more words


Liebster Award :)

So, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award :)

Didn’t think I’d get to use this again ;)

Now I’m not great at knowing what to do with this sort of thing, but apparently there is a list for people like me, so that’s good!   569 more words

Medical School

My Internal Monologue Throughout My First Cadaver Experience

-This is gonna be so cool
-I’m totally not gonna get grossed out. I’m like the grossest person ever.
-Seriously, I love gross stuff.
-I was one of the only kids in my fourth grade class who didn’t puke when we made compost jars. 725 more words


The 3rd Week Cram or the Semester Struggle?

Time and time again my friends and I discuss what school would be like if we all obtained easy A’s. One thing that is for certain is that our GPA would be perfect. 343 more words

Current Student

Wise Fools: Extracurriculars at Brown

Hello all! I’m Christy Le, an enthusiastic but slightly sarcastic goofball who will be your second-year blogger for Wise Fools. Follow me on my tumultuous journey as I awkwardly stumble through my Sophomore year and courageously battle the vicious beast best known as “the Sophomore Slump.” 618 more words

Wise Fools

Ohey world

I’m currently a A-level student on my way to getting into medical school – I’ve so far received offers from UCL and St George’s (and two more interviews at King’s and Barts) but I think SGUL is really the place for me. 185 more words