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"Another Day in the Frontal Lobe" by Katrina Firlik

As I promised many months ago, here is a short review on one of the books I received for Christmas. I’m not sure if I completely specified back then, but my wish list consisted primarily of books. 527 more words



I’m Type A. There, I admit it. If there’s a way for me to do something faster and better, you can bet that I’ve figured it out (and that I’m still looking for an ever faster and better approach).  779 more words


I'm alive!!!

So yeah, apologies for the period of radio silence there.  I needed a little time to clear my head and sort out my wellness issues, and then an exam crept up and sucked out my time and my soul (as they do). 955 more words

Medical School

Vocab time with the DR.

My goal this summer is to become more articulate. With this goal in mind, I’ve noticed that the doctor that I scribe for is very articulate and an overall great communicator. 241 more words


sharing life

So here I am, starting a blog! I haven’t done this since I was an undergrad, so it might take a bit to get this rusty writer going full-strength again. 208 more words


3 Tips to Help You Succeed In General Biology at Rutgers

Students who take Biology at Rutgers will find that while the course takes you on an incredible journey through the origin of life, it does not fail to overwhelm you with a ludicrous amount of information along the way. 496 more words


How I'm preparing for the new 2015 MCAT

I finally registered for the last MCAT date of 2015! Now comes the hard part, figuring out an effective study plan. Le sigh.  I think I’ve mentioned before in my blog that I have been a long time lurker of SDN. 1,483 more words