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To the college freshman

“There should be a Hunger Games-style cannon each time a freshman drops out of pre-med.”

I remember reading this somewhere just before I started my first year of college.

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First Week as a Medical Student

This week, I felt like a future doctor and every once in a while it would hit me, that I’ve made it.

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내가 의대를 포기한 이유

“Why I became a computer scientist instead of a doctor”

주인공은 Sam Sinai는 하버드 대학의 컴퓨터 공학 박사 과정 학생입니다.

제가 2007년에 의과 대학을 관뒀을 때, 저는 스무살이었고 이란의 테헤란 대학 의과 대학 2년차를 마친 뒤였습니다. 17 more words


Changing Majors Senior Year of College

At four years old I’d curl up in front of the television set and watch local news anchors. Seeing them sparked something in me, I’d become a reporter. 528 more words

College Majors

"Are you pre-med?": How I eventually found my path

Biology, more specifically molecular biology and immunology are currently the two things that I’m most interested in. Yes, I am a nerd; I can’t help it that I find science so intriguing. 375 more words


There really isn’t much to say. I have taken several days to gather my thoughts. I’m greatly saddened by the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, but not at all surprised. 557 more words


The Thirteen Core Commandments

So, a new crop of core clerks (third year clerks) are about to start, or perhaps have started already. And if you’re reading this post, you might be one of those clerks making the exciting and scary transition from classroom to hospital. 742 more words

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