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Hey all!

My name is Rads & Roses, I’m a twenty something year old current intern and future radiology resident. I’m a shameless homebody with a love for warm cups of tea, late-night target runs, French pastries, fluffy animals, pastel colored flowers, and all-day Netflix marathons. 239 more words


5 MCAT Tips & Tricks

Tip #1:  Register for your MCAT exam on the 1st Day Registration Opens

If you plan on taking the MCAT sometime between January through July, then you MUST register for the exam by… 891 more words


Why I chose to go Pre-Med



maintaining inspiration

Wanting to go to medical school is such a huge endeavor for someone with a family, and requires so much work and small moments of sacrifice that I often hit moments when what I need is a hit of inspiration.    641 more words

How to make the most of your summer(s)

Congratulations to all of the recent graduates! From High school, college, various health professional schools, etc. It’s not easy. If you’re done with school forever, I definitely envy you. 619 more words

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The science classroom and women

I like chemistry, and I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of really good chemistry teachers.  This past year, if I ever struggle with the reading, I don’t worry about it because I know that the teacher will explain it in a way that I understand.  1,028 more words

How the MCAT is Scored

Although knowing how the MCAT is scored may not appear to be very important or influential when it comes to actually taking the MCAT itself, however, this information is extremely helpful to help you determine when you should sit for your exam. 592 more words