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On the concrete hardness of Learning with Errors

Together with Rachel Player and Sam Scott (both also from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London) we finally managed to put our… 378 more words


Database of journals/publishers' copyright policies (RoMEO)

Academics and other people interested in peer-reviewed research are often frustrated about paywalls and publication delays, and confused about what’s allowed in terms of sharing drafts and published articles online. 254 more words

Improved Parameters and an Implementation of Graded Encoding Schemes from Ideal Lattices

Our paper (with Catalin Cocis, Fabien Laguillaumie and Adeline Langlois) on picking parameters and implementing GGHLite just hit eprint. Here’s the abstract:

We discuss how to set parameters for GGH-like graded encoding schemes approximating cryptographic multilinear maps from ideal lattices and propose a strategy which reduces parameter sizes for concrete instances.

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FSIs Still Holding Strong For Newspapers

“As the push to digitalize many aspects of traditional print media continues, the free-standing insert, or preprint, is holding steady in its original form.

Free-standing inserts (or FSIs), which include coupons and retailers’ circulars, have historically made up 35% to 40% of newspaper annual advertising revenue, according to Nancy Lane, president of the  21 more words


Defining pre-print and post-print in publishing

As Open Access (OA) publishing has evolved, a more-or-less technical language has developed to define the basic concepts that are necessary to understand it.  I think that OA is important, and that researchers need to have a fair grasp of these concepts in order to make informed decisions about the ways that their research products are shared.   727 more words

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Lattice Stuff

We – with Jean-Charles FaugèreRobert Fitzpatrick and Ludovic Perret – managed to finish our work on the cryptanalysis of all proposed parameters of the public-key encryption scheme proposed at PKC 2012 by Huang, Liu and Yang. 280 more words