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Costume and Props List:


  • Leotard (Either in a neural skin colour or white)
  • Dance Shoes (Depending on the dancer)
  • Translucent Tights


  • Mirrors (Full Length to make a mirror maze)
  • Speaker or CD player
Pre Production PaperWork

Equipment List:

  • Still Tripod
  • Tripod with wheels
  • 2 DSLR Cameras
  • Projector
  • SD Cards
  • 2 Lenses (1 for extreme close-ups and 1 for long shots)
  • LED Panels (Large)
  • Camera Chargers
Pre Production PaperWork

Meeting Minutes:

  • Talked about booking Dancers and a dance studio.
  • Best days for dancers are Thursdays and Fridays.
  • lighting Studio has been booked for the 10th November.
  • 80 more words
Pre Production PaperWork

Shot List

Song: XO  by The Eden Project


Shot (description of sound & action) Shot size Angle Movement 1.     Mid Close up – Performer looking at camera, lip syncing the beginning of the song (counting in) 159 more words


Song title: Ain’t nobody business

Production company : Diana media pro

Director: Andrada Diana Bacrau

Contact email : diana.bacrau@yahoo.com



General concept:  My music video will be a narrative-performance based  video which will show the love story of two teenagers.The general feel of the music video will fit with the lyrics of the song .The lyrics of the song includes elements of romance,affection and a strong connection  between the women and the man ,therefore I will include visual elements in my own music video that will represent and show these emotions to the target audience.As the song is in the pop genre , I will also be including conventions of pop music videos such asdance moves, bright editing to show the good things in life and designer clothes. 1,060 more words

Pre-production Paperwork