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Pre-Production Paperwork

As wordpress has a tenancy to mis-organise images and lower the resolution I have put my pre-production paperwork in a Google Drive folder that can be found below:

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Pre-Production Paperwork

Costume and Props List:


  • Leotard (Either in a neural skin colour or white)
  • Dance Shoes (Depending on the dancer)
  • Translucent Tights


  • Mirrors (Full Length to make a mirror maze)
  • Speaker or CD player
Pre Production PaperWork

Equipment List:

  • Still Tripod
  • Tripod with wheels
  • 2 DSLR Cameras
  • Projector
  • SD Cards
  • 2 Lenses (1 for extreme close-ups and 1 for long shots)
  • LED Panels (Large)
  • Camera Chargers
Pre Production PaperWork

Meeting Minutes:

  • Talked about booking Dancers and a dance studio.
  • Best days for dancers are Thursdays and Fridays.
  • lighting Studio has been booked for the 10th November.
  • 80 more words
Pre Production PaperWork