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Clothing and Casting

The Protagonist
The Protagonist is a rebellious British teenager with a drinking habit. Our idea was to show him as someone who hides their true lonely personality metaphorically using a plain white mask. 338 more words

Production Diary

The Look


– Black & white t-shirts with band logos

– Skinny jeans

– Trainers

– Hoodies

– Mask

Apart from the mask, all of the above are acknowledged conventions of rock/indie music videos… 250 more words

Pre-Production Paperwork

'Hopes and Dreams': Music Video Treatment and Detailed Shotlist

Treatment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o4zWm2a8gQE7Tl4QPtsNCRVWy9usWKTf88gJwgUa3BY/edit?usp=sharing

Shotlist Video: To get a better understand of how the shots would actually be edited into place in the music video, I constructed a video presenting the shot type and description of each shot along side the song ‘Hopes and Dreams’ I felt that creating this would give us a better understanding for having enough shots when we are editing as well as for helping people visualize our video.


The Scenery - PUB

For our music video we decided to recreate the pub scene from lock stock and two smoking barrels’. however for this we needed a pub. 96 more words

Pre-Production Paperwork

Photoshoot discussion

I now realise that my original plan of shooting the pictures for the digi-pack and magazine ad at Gabriel’s Warf pier, albeit a beautiful location, sadly it cannot be used for these products due to it not being featured in the video means that their will be no coherence between the three products. 69 more words

Pre-Production Paperwork

Band Questionaire - Best Of Enemies

1.) What sub-genre of Rock would you consider yourselves to fall under?

2.) Are there any artists/bands you aspire to be like?

3.) Who is your target audience? 70 more words

Pre-Production Paperwork