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Book Review: The Rossettis in Wonderland

Author: Dinah Roe

Year of Publication: 2011

Number of Pages: 412

Publisher: Haus Publishing Ltd.

Genre: Nonfiction

Sub-Genres: Biography

As you might have guessed by now from my profile picture or my list of “Blogs I Follow,” I sort of have a thing for Pre-Raphaelite art. 914 more words


Mythology On Canvas: Mythological Model (2)

The early Pre-Raphaelites allegedly had a fancy for using working class women as models and taking them on as their mistresses. I find myself asking “why this socio-economic group?” Perhaps it had to do with economic vulnerability and the likelihood of compliance. 615 more words



One of my favorite Shakespearian plays, Hamlet is beloved for Hamlet’s sharp wit, visceral melancholy, and famous  “To be or not to be” speech.

BUT Poor Ophelia, caught in the arms of Hamlet in her grave, he swearing by forty-thousand brothers, all too late. 446 more words


Mythology on Canvas: Mythological Model (1)

Maria Zambaco is one of the most (perhaps the most) recognizable models of the Pre-Raphaelites. She sat for some portraits by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, one of the founding Pre-Raphaelite painters. 274 more words



Captive, held in a cage of dreams

reflecting streams

in mirrored eyes,

she’s cursed, she sighs,

mirror-gazing, she sings a song,

wonders how long

she’ll sigh and sing, 109 more words


Fanny Eaton, Pre-Raphaelite muse

Fanny Eaton
I have known of Fanny Eaton for some years, having pondered on the black Victorian lady who appears in many well known and highly regarded Pre-Raphaelite works of art. 1,349 more words

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