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The Choosing cross stitch chart


‘Choosing’ by George Frederic Watts.

This delicate yet sensuous portrait shows the seventeen-year-old Ellen Terry choosing between the camellias, which despite their luscious appearance have little scent, and the violets in her hand which are far humbler in appearance but smell sweeter. 76 more words


Fifteen years

In my tour of my previous homes in London last year, I left one out: the first. The student house in Bloomsbury where I passed the first six months of what I had no inkling at the time would turn out to be a sojourn in London that, although somewhat broken up by moves to France and the States, has now passed the ten-year mark. 2,812 more words


The Parables of Our Lord, Illustrated Edition

The illustrated edition of The Parables of Our Lord was a six year project by John Everett Millais and the Dalziel Brothers. The intention was for Millais to produce thirty drawings which would sit alongside biblical parables (as wood-engravings) as taken from the King James Bible. 1,716 more words


All Saints' Church

I was walking up Jesus Lane the other day, and All Saints’ church was open. This Victorian pile was, for a long period in my Cambridge life, locked and threatened with demolition. 1,220 more words


Simeon Solomon, Infamous Jewish Pre-Raphaelite

On the 14th of August 1905, English Pre-Raphaelite painter Simeon Solomon died in London. He is famous for his dreamy paintings with subjects which often included scenes from the Hebrew Bible and genre paintings depicting Jewish life and rituals. 670 more words


Sunday Morning --- Victoriana of the Week

John Collier is probably best remembered as a portraitist. During his long and productive life (1850 – 1934) he painted Lord Kitchener and Charles Darwin, Rudyard Kipling and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, the Duke of York (later George V) and the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII), 80 more words


Pre-Raphaelites at the Fogg Museum, Harvard University

It is difficult to find substantial collections of Pre-Raphaelite art outside the UK. The largest is at the Delaware Art Museum, which I’ve had the pleasure of… 1,387 more words