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Pre-Raphaelites on Paper at Leighton House

The current show on at the glorious Leighton House is entitled Pre-Raphaelites on Paper: Victorian Drawings from the Lanigan Collection. Organised by the National Gallery of Canada in Ottowa, this exhibition offers visitors the chance to see over one hundred delightful Pre-Raphaelite drawings, sketches and watercolours not previously exhibited in England before.   3,753 more words


Pre-Raphaelites Beauty and Rebellion

This exhibition runs at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery from 12 February to 5 June and I was glad to get the opportunity to see it. Anyone who has ever visited any of the galleries in Merseyside will have had the chance to see many of the most famous Pre-Raphaelite pictures and this exhibition brings many of them together, and more, and develops their story in the context of the wealthy patrons of the artists, many of which were Liverpool merchants. 950 more words


Random writing inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings

Other bloggers I’ve noticed do this thing of getting random photos off Pinintrest (whatever that is) and writing about them. I love this idea but have two reasons for not being able to do exactly that – one is that I have no idea how to use this ‘pinintrest’ thing – two, that it is illegal to use other people’s photos. 2,873 more words

Creative Writing

'Poetry is painting that speaks'

Poet Bethany Rivers, who is interested in ekphrasis and how poetry and painting are mutually inspirational, gave a reading and talk for the penultimate Reading Art lecture. 112 more words


Aesthetic Dress as Performance

Last week we had a fascinating talk as part of the project by Louise Chapman, Lecturer in Design for Performance at Birmingham City University. Louise discussed how ‘aesthetic dress’ isn’t all that it seems: while it was ‘oppositional, anti-fashion and sub-cultural’, it was adopted slowly and often with a hidden secret (hidden internal corsets!) The muted colours, drapery and medieval styles of the dressed in paintings such as  99 more words


The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the revolutionary band of brothers bound by the quest to revive the dulling art culture in the 19th century. Art in their era had fallen into a classical lull of Mannerist artists, who adopted the style of predecessors such as Michelangelo and Raphael. 406 more words

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood