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Staged as a Group.

Having a theme as a group this week of ‘All the world is Staged’ has been nothing less than challenging. Forming our ideas around appropriation of work, by making ourselves both the discoverer and inventor of the images we made, we explored the divide between staged and the decisive moment photography. 310 more words


A 21st Century Pre-Raphaelite.

The image below is John William Waterhouse’s ‘The Lady of Shalott’ painted using oils in 1888 its arguably one of his most iconic works. Focusing on the beautiful woman he uses a composition that alludes to her isolation. 605 more words


Mary Moore on Damien, the narrative, life with Henry and digital art

Came across this interesting article in the Guardian yesterday. Mary Moore, daughter of the sculptor Henry Moore gives us her views on a few issues notably on digital art (in bold). 537 more words

Digital Art

Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers falls well within the theme of ‘All The World Is Staged’ as she stages her photographs under water. A notion which is expected as she grew up in Hawaii so its almost natural for her to be drawn to water. 361 more words


All the World is Staged.

Arguably the most important phrase of 20th Century photography is ‘the decisive moment’ the idea of capturing instantaneous moments. How the world seems to present itself to the camera. 540 more words


Sunday Morning -- Victoriana of the Week

She’s Circe, and she’s up to no good.

In Waterhouse’s picture, Circe, the enchantress who turned Odysseus’ crew into swine, prepares a potion to transform her rival Scylla into a monster. 22 more words


Frocks, Locks and the School of Hard Knocks: the Irresistible Magnetism of Maudlin Maidens to Every Teenage Girl, Ever.

When you return to a novel later in life something interesting happens. You retrace your steps through familiar landscapes and re-acquaint yourself with characters like old friends. 320 more words