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It’s just Tuesday.

No one ever cares about Tuesday, really. As far as the week goes, Tuesday is pretty much a wash, a blip, a get-through day. 658 more words


"A Boy's Guide to Making Really Good Choices" by Jim George

Here’s a great book geared toward pre-teen boys.  In it, boys are challenged to make not just good choices, but the best choices.  And the author is right in telling boys that it’s THEIR choice whether to choose to do things their way, or God’s way.   129 more words


Pre-Teen Boys . . . Comparing Themselves to Others

Don’t we want our kids to be happy with themselves just the way they are? Aren’t we just a little disheartened when we see them comparing themselves to others . 328 more words

Notice any changes in your pre-teen son, lately?  Sleeping later than ever?  Still awake at his “regular” bedtime?  I don’t know about you, but these days, my son is tucking… 116 more words

The not-uptight parenting award of the year goes to…

…Randy and Theresa Mariner of Dover, Delaware, who had ten preteen boys (including mine) at their house for a sleepover last night, even though they are moving to Virginia TODAY!!! 237 more words

Scheir Madness

Of Hobbits and Tooth Fairies

I have a Hobbit living in my house. If you aren’t a Lord of the Rings fan, let me explain. It is a small man with huge feet and an even bigger appetite. 239 more words

J. R. R. Tolkien

My (last) Minute Man

BabyBoy (hmmm, maybe we see why she calls him her baby brother?) will graduate from grade school tomorrow -He came out tonight just before 10:30 announcing he needs a white shirt and dark pants for the ceremony (because, of course, I hadn’t asked him several times this week what he was supposed to wear). 102 more words